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Photo: Inez
Photo: Inez

SocietyDecember 10, 2020

Frame: Every day I put things in the right place

Photo: Inez
Photo: Inez

Inez is a funny, kind, smart 11-year-old kid. But life for her has been very difficult in a way that will resonate with a lot of families.

Inez is part of Frame, a series of short documentaries produced by Wrestler for The Spinoff.

Inez wakes up at 6:30am every day, but some mornings she’s still late to school. Her routine involves a few more steps than most other kids her age, like arranging the soft toys on her bed in a particular order and making sure the chair she brushes her hair on is exactly five carpet squares from the mirror.

It also involves a lot of reading. Inez says she’s read more than 1,000 books over the last two years – along with playing with her family’s dog, Baxter, it’s one of the best ways to relax when things get overwhelming. Figuring out what works like this has been important when there’s no real road map to follow.

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Frame is a series of short, standalone documentaries produced by Wrestler for The Spinoff. Watch more here.

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