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Contemplating the end of Three

MediaWorks’ CEO asks us to imagine a world with only government-owned TV news.

The two big resignations which have everyone in NZ television talking

Commissioners are among the most powerful and coveted roles in television. Suddenly, after years  of little movement, there are five vacancies.

Revealed: TVNZ’s plan to become a not-for-profit while it turns to face Netflix

The state-owned broadcaster has quietly announced it sees no prospect of returning a profit in the 'foreseeable future'

Meet the minister in charge of a media teetering towards end times

Kris Faafoi sits down with The Spinoff's managing editor to discuss all that bedevils a rowdy sector with big problems and high expectations.

One chart which reveals NZ’s incredible 30 year decline in public media funding

While researching NZ on Air for a recent history, Duncan Greive noticed a shocking 30 year trend.

What you learn about TV from five years of ratings for The Block and Shortland St

They’re the two most important shows for TVNZ 2 and Three. And their ratings are changing radically, writes Duncan Greive.

Kids shouldn’t be watching Love Island (and not because of the bikinis and sex)

The latest season of British reality show Love Island is set to hit TV screens at the unconventional tea-time hour of 5pm. Jihee Junn explains why the decision is troubling. 

Love Island NZ is Three betting its house on epic reality TV

Love Island has smashed streaming records all over the world and Three’s purchase of the global rights, along with pricey a local franchise, will complete a radical transformation of the channel.

Our breakfast shows are back and the banter is weirder than ever

Alex Casey woke up at 6am this morning to flick between the first episode for 2019 of both The AM Show and Breakfast. Here are some of the highlights.

MediaWorks in 2018: is the toughest kid in the media finally going to be released from private equity prison?

The home of Three and radio stations like The Edge has been owned by private equity for 10 years now. Duncan Greive talks to anonymous executives to find out whether it might be close to getting an owner that really wants it.

Mike McRoberts, Matilda Rice, and a lot of dead fish: What’s coming to Mediaworks 2019

Mediaworks launched their 2019 slate today. Sam Brooks has the lowdown on what you should be watching (and voting) for.

The data does lie: how Facebook’s fake video stats smashed NZ journalism

A lawsuit has revealed Facebook inflated its video statistics for years, inspiring the 'pivot to video' which decimated journalism. Duncan Greive looks at its impact on New Zealand.

Pilot Week: The Verdict

Three's Pilot Week is done – but how good were the pilots, and which ones should get commissioned? Sam Brooks reviews.

StuffMe is dead. Does StuffMediaworks make any sense?

Stuff-Me is dead, with the merger between media companies Stuff and NZME once again denied by the courts. A different combination now looms large as a possibility, but would it work? 

Comedy Pilot Week is upon us. Here’s what you need to know

Three's Comedy Pilot Week starts this Sunday night on Three - but what is this newfangled thing?

Your friendly reminder to watch The Spinoff TV tonight at 10.45 on Three

Because it's suffrage week, we've got ourselves a right lady-fest on The Spinoff TV tonight. 

Bow down to the retirement village queens of Gogglebox NZ

Gogglebox NZ takes a bunch of ordinary Kiwis, chucks them onto a sofa and films them as they watch television.

What’s written in the stars for Married at First Sight NZ season two?

Alex Casey crunches the numbers on the new Married at First Sight NZ contestants and returns with some shocking predictions.

10 takeaways from NZ on Air’s shocking new audience survey

We've been waiting for the tipping point, where online really surges against broadcast media. It just arrived

What will a New Zealand version of Gogglebox be like?

The hugely popular British show about people watching telly is finally getting a New Zealand version. Calum Henderson on why that's exciting, and what it might look like.

Simon Bridges backs Stuff-NZME merger, questioning ComCom’s ’19th century view’

National leader Simon Bridges went on Radio Live this afternoon and came out in favour of the NZME-Fairfax merger. Does that mean it will become a partisan issue?

The Bulletin: What now after raid of Māori King’s office?

Māori King's office raided by the SFO, disgraced TV man Matt Lauer hits back over walking access, and major case of Catholic church child abuse revealed.

Ranking the Dancing with the Stars NZ contestants based on their promo videos

With all 12 contestants now announced, Sam Brooks already knows who is going to win based on their promo videos alone. These are his absolutely correct predictions.

An Australian TV exec tells New Zealand what is (badly) wrong with its television

Hal Crawford is the head of news at Mediaworks, owners of Three and RadioLive. He has been here for two years and still has no idea why our TV is such an absolute mess.

Sky, Mediaworks and TVNZ unite to try and save television

For the greater good of television, three industry heavyweights put their differences aside for the launch of ThinkTV New Zealand.

Stan is about as raw and real as this kind of documentary can get

Candid, considered and confronting, Three's story of singer Stan Walker's battle with cancer transcends the famous-person-facing-adversity form, writes Sam Brooks.

The Real Pod: We are officially warming up for Dancing With the Stars NZ

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

How one dad’s emails made for a bloody charming TV show

Alex Casey watches Subject: Dad, a show that proves there's still nothing funnier or sweeter than emails from parents.