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Senior MediaWorks source emphatically denies reports Three sold to Discovery

The Herald reported this morning that MediaWorks was on the verge of selling its TV assets to US TV giant Discovery – but it appears the story may have been premature.

The Bulletin: Criticism over new ‘two-tier’ welfare payments

Criticism over new 'two-tier' welfare payments, National announces reshuffle, and a day of differing fortunes in the media world.

Stuff bought by its CEO, MediaWorks announces mass layoffs in historic day for NZ media

Duncan Greive assesses an extraordinary morning for New Zealand’s media.

Why Australia’s plan to make tech giants pay for news won’t work

Holding Facebook and Google to account might be a great idea in theory, but the proposed code is based on false assumptions.

Review: A slow and strange start for Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry

Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry marks the controversial presenter’s return to primetime to talk about New Zealand after Covid-19.

Journalism in crisis: NZ media bosses at the Covid-19 committee

The media at the Covid committee on the state of NZ journalism, in their own words.

Paul Henry is returning to TV, and is basically woke now

Worrying about inequality. Excited about electric planes. A huge Jacinda fan. What the hell has happened to Paul Henry?

The next Bauer: What is the rescue plan for NZ’s devastated media industry?

There’s a desperate scramble to stop more major media companies failing. What’s going on – and how might it play out?

Bauer’s shocking fall reveals the government’s poisonous media dilemma

The shockingly fast collapse of Bauer presents the government with a momentous choice. Does it save the media industry, or concentrate on its own?

The Fold podcast: Covid-19 is smashing NZ’s media just when we need it most

The Fold podcast returns for March into a media world transformed by the impact of Covid-19.

Crisis upon crisis: Covid-19 and the NZ media

What does the virus mean for an industry already in crisis?

Hannah Tamaki and the limits of controversy as publicity

After days of rumours, Mediaworks have removed Hannah Tamki as a cast members for the 2020 season of Dancing with the Stars. Sam Brooks reflects on the past two days of controversy.

Podcast: analysing a very chaotic month for RNZ

Host Duncan Greive is joined by The Spinoff editor Toby Manhire to discuss the dramatic events surrounding RNZ this month on The Spinoff's media podcast, The Fold.

The RNZ/TVNZ merger is on. The rest of the media should be very afraid

Why the merger of TVNZ and RNZ could spell the beginning of the end for the private sector media in New Zealand.

Newshub’s Hal Crawford on Mark Weldon, Paul Henry and the TV rating circus

Duncan Greive conducts an exit interview with Hal Crawford, the departing news boss at Mediaworks. 

A New Zealand media health check

In the wake of the shocking revelations about Three, Duncan Greive assesses the health of New Zealand’s six big media companies. This story was first published on 20 October, 2019. Winston Peters …

Decade in review: How reality ate NZ television

Alex Casey looks back at 10 years of reality television in New Zealand, a genre which reflected both our viewing habits and the good, bad and ugly sides of our national character. 

The VNZMAs were pure chaos and an extremely good time

13 moments that prove the music awards are so much > than all other award shows

The Bulletin: Pivotal party moving beyond Winston First?

NZ First holds crucial party conference, roving AOS trial sparks concerns, and Mediaworks facing dramatic days ahead.

New Zealand media: a health check

Three is for sale and could easily disappear. The forces disrupting it are impacting all our media – we assess the health of New Zealand’s six big media companies.

What made – and still makes – Three different

With the future of Mediaworks’ TV business hanging in the balance, Al Jazeera news presenter Kamahl Santamaria reflects on what the imperilled channel meant – and still means – to him.

Why the MediaWorks crisis is bad news for journalism

News broke this morning that MediaWorks will be selling off or closing their TV division, potentially meaning the end for a huge number of journalists.

MediaWorks quits television: Three will be sold – or closed

MediaWorks’ owners have called time after years of losses from its TV division. Sources say the company will announce it is for sale – if no buyers emerge, it will close within months.

The Bulletin: Unions demand government keeps promise

Pressure on government from unions, mosque attack victim widows turned down for residency, and another Nat eyes safe Botany seat nomination.

MediaWorks wasn’t bluffing: NZ Today and MAFS NZ cancelled, 7 Days faces huge cuts

It’s the end of an era at Three as MAFS NZ and Guy Williams’ new show cancelled and 7 Days cut to bone

Review: the new Vodafone TV is the last box you’ll ever buy for your telly

Vodafone TV is yet another damn thing to plug into your television – but one you really should take a look at.

‘Google is our biggest competitor’: CEO Kevin Kenrick reimagines TVNZ for the digital age

Facing streaming giants with multi-billion dollar budgets, the state broadcaster has announced it expects a big 2020 loss. Duncan Greive goes to find out why TVNZ CEO Kevin Kenrick is still smiling.

10 ways The Block NZ could be better

It's the grand finale of The Block NZ: Firehouse, but after a snooze of a season some fans are past caring. Long time Block NZ fan Tara Ward has a few ideas on how the show could get its mojo back.