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On the Rag: Where is it OK to get your boobs out?

In our latest episode, Michèle A’Court wrestles with the eternal question – how much boob is too much boob?

On the Rag: When your body feels like a hotel room

In the latest episode of On the Rag, we asked three people from the transgender community to share how their relationship with their chests has changed over their lives.

On the Rag: It’s time to stop being a boob about boobs

Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden in the latest episode of On the Rag as they examine the topic of boobs from every possible angle. 

We found the miracle cure for imposter syndrome

On the Rag has been hard at work trying to come up with a foolproof method for overcoming imposter syndrome. This is what it's come up with.

Five successful New Zealand women on how they deal with imposter syndrome

Dame Patsy Reddy, Chelsea Winstanley, Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Angella Dravid and Jennifer Ward-Lealand on how they work to conquer imposter syndrome in their own lives. 

On the Rag: What is imposter syndrome and how do we destroy it?

Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and a lineup of incredibly successful Kiwi women as they confront their imposter syndrome once and for all. 

I wanna be like Sue Bradford

Activist and former politician Sue Bradford has been called an 'angry radical' most of her life. Leonie Hayden caught up with her to find out how she uses that anger for good.

On the Rag: Why aren’t women allowed to be angry?

Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden as they go on an odyssey of women’s rage, and find out how we can channel our anger into good. 

The green fairies at the forefront of New Zealand’s fight to legalise cannabis

On the Rag meets two women advocating for the legalisation of cannabis to hear why they're voting yes in this year's referendum.

On the Rag: The need for weed

Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden as they find out what exactly we’re voting on in next month’s cannabis referendum, and discover how weed is a women’s issue.

We fixed Lord of the Rings and more iconic New Zealand films

Are you sick of that moment towards the end of a film when you realise that not a single woman has spoken to another woman the whole time? Turns out you can test for that. 

A time of reckoning: Racism and representation in media

Why it's time for everyone to get on the bi-cultural waka. 

On the Rag: Let’s talk about media representation 

Our feminist webseries On the Rag returns to dissect representation in the media and who is still being left behind when you turn on the telly. 

On the Rag: The murky world of wellness and influencers

Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden are back for a second season of On the Rag, and where better to start than with the mysterious, exhausting world of wellness?

On the Rag: Some cool tips on how to cope with the chaos

The On the Rag team meet one more time to talk about how the Covid-19 crisis affects women and what you can do to cope. 

On the Rag: Victories in the courts and dramas over shorts

The On the Rag team assemble to dissect the previous month in news, media and feminism. 

On the Rag: Vagina candles, climate angst and the power of Lizzo

The On the Rag team assemble to dissect what feels like the longest month in human history. 

A guide to The Spinoff’s podcasts

The Spinoff promises there are only 11 podcasts currently worth listening to (please don't ask anyone else). Here they are. 

Decolonise your body! The fascinating history of Māori and periods

A lot of knowledge has been lost about traditional Māori attitudes to menstruation, but some extraordinary Māori women are making sure it's not lost forever, writes Leonie Hayden

Watch every episode of On the Rag this International Women’s Day

Based on the podcast of the same name, Alex Casey, Michele A’Court and Leonie Hayden set out to jelly wrestle with every issue under the sun.

The Spinoff presents SUPERPOD 2019

Join the hosts of various The Spinoff podcasts as we look back at the car crash that was 2019.

On the Rag: the climate is effed. Or is it?* (WATCH)

In the latest episode of On The Rag, Michele, Alex and Leonie go looking for hope amid the climate crisis.

An exclusive interview with a dude who yells at women from his car (WATCH)

In this hard-hitting episode of current affairs show OTR 24/7, lady journalist Leonie Hayden comes face to face with one of society's most elusive figures.

On the Rag: We made our own safety video for women (WATCH)

In the latest episode of On The Rag, based on the podcast of the same name, watch as Alex Casey, Michèle A’Court and Leonie Hayden get real about women and safety.

Gloria Steinem, in her own words

Gloria Steinem speaks to On the Rag about what she has learned from over 50 years of feminist activism. 

On the Rag: Scrambled brains, bad cartoons and the Freddy Krueger in the room

Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michèle A’Court tackle the past month in women, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

I went to a sex toy party and I learned some things

For the Sex Positivity episode of On the Rag, notorious prude Alex Casey enlisted the help of sex toy expert and pleasure therapist Teddy Curle.

Kura Forrester’s guide to having the perfect one night stand

For our sex positivity episode of On the Rag, comedian Kura Forrester schools us on how to have a safe one night stand.