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Kita Mean’s wildest dream just came true

She's a winner baby! RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under winner Kita Mean stops by The Spinoff Studio to reflect on her journey to the crown. 

Review: Popstars reboot is more flop than pop

It might have the same name, but Popstars is nothing like the original show. And that's a problem.

TrueBliss react to their most iconic Popstars looks

Ahead of the return of Popstars next week, we asked Megan Alatini and Erica Takacs from TrueBliss to take a walk down memory lane. 

The 10 most bonkers things that have happened on MAFS Australia so far

If you don’t have six hours a week to devote to deplorable people yelling at each other across a dinner table, The Real Pod is here to help. 

Every NRL team, ranked (plus all their latest scandals revealed)

The NRL is all about drama, and if the off-season is anything to go by, expect 2021 to be another rollercoaster year of soap opera-level escapades.

Kia ora kuīni: Meet the contestants on Drag Race Down Under

The 10 Australian and New Zealand competitors on this year's local version of RuPaul's Drag Race have been revealed.

Holey Moley might be TV’s weirdest reality contest yet

Everything you need to know about Three's new 'extreme mini golf' reality show.

Here for the right reasons: Two Bachelor US fans chew over the new season

Even as a pandemic rages, love (and reality TV) finds a way.

The Kiwi bloke who ended up a reality TV star in South Korea

How does a dude from Wellington end up as one of South Korea’s most beloved TV personalities?

WTF is The Masked Singer NZ?

The Masked Singer NZ is the bizarre, top-secret singing contest that’s hitting our TV screens next year. What can we expect?

Is Renters the Cops of 2020?

Is there still a place for a show that portrays property managers as housing market heroes?

Deepest cut: The barber helping men face up to themselves

Barber Peleti Oli-Alainu'uese is using his story of overcoming a background of sexual and physical abuse to inspire others to tackle their own issues.

Farmer Wants a Wife’s Harry on his search for love: ‘I’ve never been so exhausted’

Tara Ward chats to Farmer Harry, one of the Australian bachelors looking for love on reality series The Farmer Wants a Wife. 

What happens on Love Island USA does not stay on Love Island USA

Grab your Factor 50 and put all your eggs into someone else’s basket, because a new season of Love Island USA just landed on Neon. 

Hopes, hearts and hornbags collide on the new season of The Farmer Wants a Wife

It might be the most bonkers reality show of all, but Farmer Wants a Wife is back for 2020.

Back to bum dance, back to reality: Rewatching the first-ever episode of Big Brother Australia

A new season of Big Brother Australia starts tonight, but where did it all begin?

Power ranking the diary room chairs of Big Brother

With a new season of Big Brother Australia underway, Tara Ward looks back at the show's history through a single object: the diary room chair. 

Emily Writes: In celebration of Soft TV

Emily Writes celebrates wholesome shows and the rise of cosy television.

A blind ranking of the lucky souls on The Amazing Race: Australia

Let’s meet the brave Australians who threw caution to the wind in search of $250,000 and a free trip around the planet. 

I paid $60 for a Black Cap to give me a pep talk on Cameo

In the throes of a full-face rash, I paid two of the country's top sportspeople to send some positive vibes my way via video-sharing site Cameo.

Why is everyone so obsessed with Love is Blind?

The Netflix reality show has been a smash hit in New Zealand, but what the hell is Love Is Blind and why is it so good? Alex Casey and Tara Ward discuss and instant classic. 

The Real Pod: The Bachelorette NZ lads have found love… with each other

The Real Pod reassembles to dissect the second week of The Bachelorette NZ with special thanks to Nando’s.

The Real Pod: Art Green dissects episode one of The Bachelorette NZ

In this very special episode of The Real Pod, host Art Green joins us to yarn about The Bachelorette NZ premiere.

What the heck is Flirty Dancing, the dating show taking the world by storm

Its the British reality show that sees singles meet their potential partner on the dance floor. But what's the special sauce that's made Flirty Dancing go viral?

The Real Pod EXTRA: A chat with the winners of My Restaurant Rules NZ

In this special episode of The Real Pod, brought to you by Nando’s, we chat to the champions of My Restaurant Rules NZ 2019.

Drag Race UK recap: Sew much drama!

Sam Brooks recaps the third episode of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, and wonders why some of these queens don't know how to sew.

A definitive ranking of all 162 Lip Syncs on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Every single Lip Sync For Your Life/Legacy, ranked.