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Exclusive poll: Seven out of 10 back NZ sticking with elimination strategy

And a growing number are concerned about opening up too quickly.

Exclusive poll: Only one in four wants trans-Tasman bubble reopened this year

Plus: the sentiment on New Zealand's vaccination roll-out and contact tracing.

Exclusive poll: Resounding popular support for decision to take NZ into strict lockdown

The verdict on: the government response; the National Party response; and the decision to go into level four lockdown.

Exclusive poll: two-thirds think NZ on right track for ‘opening up’ after Covid

Plus: views on the elimination strategy and the state of the economy.

Exclusive poll: What does NZ think of the vaccine rollout?

The positive response on the overall government response: 69%. On the vaccination programme, it's less than half that.

Exclusive poll: How has support for NZ response to Covid-19 changed, 18 months on?

The latest in a series of polls by Stickybeak for The Spinoff shows positive sentiment at its lowest level yet.

Exclusive poll: Do New Zealanders back the tough border rules?

Plus, how we feel about housing affordability and the state of the NZ economy compared to the world.

Exclusive poll: One in four New Zealanders would refuse Covid vaccine. Can they be persuaded?

We asked: Are you just ‘hesitant’ and awaiting more information, or more strongly opposed to vaccines in general?

New poll: How many New Zealanders have seen Covid conspiracies online?

Plus: What is Facebook’s impact on NZ society?

We asked New Zealanders: Are you complying with the Covid alert level rules?

Compliance has dropped compared with the last time New Zealand was in a lockdown, a new poll shows.

Exclusive new poll: How have testing issues and the new outbreak affected public confidence?

Plus: What is the public view of the National Party response?

Exclusive: Poll reveals public impact of failures in NZ Covid quarantine system

The popular assessment of the government response to the Covid-19 crisis is at its lowest level yet.

Exclusive new poll: public support for Covid response remains sky high

Fifth survey by Stickybeak for The Spinoff shows support for the government response solid as we enter level one.

New poll shows 16% of New Zealanders don’t want to be Covid-19 vaccinated

Almost 16% of us would say no to a Covid-19 vaccine. Could that affect our recovery strategy?

Exclusive: New poll offers hope for devastated tourism industry

Widespread appetite for domestic tourism, while public support for the alert level two shift is high.

Exclusive: New poll shows support for level four extension despite economic pain

The number of people who say we're staying in alert level four too long is smaller than you might expect.

Exclusive: New poll shows rising support for government handling of Covid-19

David Brain compares the latest results to our first opinion poll two weeks ago to see what's changed and what hasn't. 

How is the govt handling Covid-19? The first opinion poll since NZ locked down

As New Zealand entered national lockdown, The Spinoff commissioned social media polling company Stickybeak to measure the mood of the nation.