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On the Rag: Why aren’t women allowed to be angry?

Summer reissue: Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden as they go on an odyssey of women’s rage, and find out how we can channel our anger into good. 

First published September 15, 2020.

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Have you ever been called a bitch? Hysterical? Stroppy? Do you find yourself suppressing warranted anger to appear more likeable? Mad as hell and don’t want to take it any more? This episode of our feminist webseries On the Rag is for you, because it’s 2020 and there is plenty to be rarked up about.

In this episode, Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden allow themselves an angry rant or two before exploring how we can turn all of our white hot rage into action. Because, surprise, surprise, there are whole industries dedicated to calming women down and buying scented candles can’t always be the answer to our problems.

Leonie Hayden travels to meet three women who have all got things to be angry about. Speaking to lifelong activist Sue Bradford, kickboxing champion Baby “Pitbull” Nansen and musician Fiona Campbell, they share their relationships with anger, the ways that society has perceived their anger and how they have channelled that anger into power.

Finally, if none of that advice works for you, you can always create an angry wrestling persona and live out your rage fantasies in an imaginary wrestling ring.

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