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BooksOctober 7, 2016

The Friday Poem: ‘Welcome to your new sky’ by Kate Camp


New verse by Wellington writer Kate Camp.


Welcome to your new sky

It is impossible to build
an unhackable computer.

That’s why the US Navy
is equipping its ships with sextants

and teaching their crews
to navigate by the stars.

You can’t hack the stars.

All in all though and on balance
I am in favour of the world today.

Welcome to your new Sky
my appliances say

and they tell me I am running low
on memory.

Nothing could be further from the truth!
I am a billionaire of memory

I am the one

But I appreciate their concern.
When I buy a new watch strap

the woman says
let me see the model

ah yes,
it’s a small Irony.

And she applies it to my wrist
like a bandage.

Keep going!