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BooksSeptember 11, 2015

The Friday Poem: As it Happens by Brian Turner


As it Happens

In Queen’s Crescent off Malden Road
one’s not likely to meet
many once famous men and women,
or current nearly-notables
in with a chance of becoming
household names in Britain.

‘There comes a time,’ an old geezer
told me, ‘when you realise
you’ve gone about as far as you
can go.’ And I’m thinking, I know
what you mean, mate, and it won’t
be long before it’s up and away

back down south where skies are
less cloudy most days, and you’ve
a niche of sorts, so it’s said by those
who know about such things where
I happen to live, for better or worse,
in the so-called middle of nowhere.

Brian Turner

Photograph by Mike White

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