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BooksJune 23, 2023

The Friday Poem: ‘Generosity feels like a weapon’ by Eliana Gray

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A new poem by Ōtepoti poet Eliana Gray.

Generosity feels like a weapon

I turn you over
in my hands like a precious object
Been told
if a crystal becomes warm when you hold it
it’s meant for you

If something becomes warm
it’s because of my body
All the trapped heat of living
looking for an escape

I’m not stupid
I know about physics
I know we’re all made
out of the exact same shit
just different shapes

What I think they really meant was
not everyone can accept your heat
Some people will melt, some will ignite

Yes, I fill in the corners of a circle when I can’t see it
I think of answers before you’ve asked me a question
because I’m always assuming you want something from me

I’ve been talking with my therapist about trauma responses
the difference between rose quartz and amethyst
How you nicked my finger yesterday
when I was turning you over


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