(Photo: Matt King/Getty Images)
(Photo: Matt King/Getty Images)

BooksAugust 24, 2018

The Friday Poem: ‘Constructive Criticism’ by Michael Hall

(Photo: Matt King/Getty Images)
(Photo: Matt King/Getty Images)

It’s Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day! All week this week we’ve presented new verse on the delicate subject of fucking; today, we present a poem of much greater significance and importance, by Michael Hall of Dunedin.


Constructive Criticism


Awww come on ref

The guy’s clearly offside


Aww come on ref

That’s not a penalty


Aww come on,

For fuck’s sake, ref


That was forward

It was right in front of you


Ref, you couldn’t even officate

A blade of grass


Ref, my 6 year old can ref

Better than you


Why don’t you run off

And marry your whistle, ref


You’re a joke, ref

You’re embarrassing yourself


Ref, you can stick that whistle

Up your big fat hairy arse


Michael Hall, 2018

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