Dead rats, a mystery lab, and the very curious antics of the anti-1080 lobby

The anti-1080 lobby last week released ‘lab tests’ purporting to find the poison in the vermin that washed up in Westport. But do their claims stand up to scrutiny?

Why I had to quit teaching to get science into primary schools

Every week over 8,000 primary school students around the country are doing science experiments in their classrooms, many in te reo Māori, thanks to the House of Science.   

It’s time to get rid of the BMI test once and for all

Body Mass Index is particularly flawed as an indicator of health in children and ethnic minorities. So why do we still use it?

Highly contagious mumps outbreak hitting Auckland gyms

Last year saw the largest mumps outbreak in two decades across Auckland. Now a new outbreak suggests the disease may be back on the rise.

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Prince Charles shakes hands with trees. Here’s why that makes a lot of sense

Laugh if you like, but the heir to the throne might just know something you don't.

More young people are taking antidepressants – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Rates of antidepressant medication dispensing are on the rise among young people. What can this tell us about NZ's prescribing habits and the demographics missing out?

Cheat sheet: NZ’s environmental reporting is falling short

The outspoken parliamentary commissioner for the environment has released a tough new report about the lack of good environmental data.

How paywalls are poisoning public-interest research

Taxpayer funded research that could be improving the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders is being locked behind paywalls, thanks to a profit-focused approach to academic publishing.

Cheat sheet: New Zealand is launching the climate change effort into space

The government will put $26 million towards a partnership that aims to measure global methane emissions from space.

How to make solar electricity cheap? Move light sideways

Vanessa Young visited Dr Nathaniel Davis's lab to witness the concentrated capture of the sun's energy.

GM could be decisive: An open letter to the Green Party from young NZ scientists

More than 150 scientists under 30 have signed a letter to the Green Party urging a reappraisal on regulation of genetic modification. Here's the full text.

After decades of service, the lithium-ion battery has won a Nobel Prize

Justin Hodgkiss celebrates the slow and steady speed of technological developments.  

Bitumen, plywood and straw: on the aflame SkyCity Convention Centre roof

Construction sites are always at risk of fire, and the SkyCity Convention Centre is no different.

Four ways to talk with vaccine sceptics

It might be tempting to yell, but there are more effective ways to talk to doubters about the value of vaccines.

Could an uber-moose take over Fiordland?

Ten moose were upended into the Dusky Sounds in 1910. Now, their descendants are getting their day in the sun.

Cheat sheet: A call to arms on New Zealanders’ abuse of the ocean

The actions of New Zealanders on land are increasingly harming the ocean's ability to sustain life.