How to get rid of Covid-19 from surfaces the right way

Things that lots of people touch are a playground for coronaviruses. Here's how to nuke 'em.

Covid-19 is going nowhere. Here’s what every New Zealander can do

If we truly have a robust plan for Covid-19, there are three ways to take it to the next level.

A glance at the global spread of Covid-19, beyond China

Which places have the largest number of coronavirus cases outside mainland China?

Can you catch Covid-19 from someone without symptoms?

The latest confirmed case in NZ is an important reminder that we should be mindful of our behaviour.

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Covid-19: How do you contract the coronavirus, and who is most at risk?

A new report on the Covid-19 outbreak has some important insights into the way it has progressed, and underscores why we should take it seriously.

Covid-19: How close are we to a vaccine for the novel coronavirus?

NZ has confirmed its first case of COVID-19. As the virus approaches global pandemic status, what progress is being made in developing a vaccine?

Coronavirus has arrived in New Zealand. What happens now?

New Zealand's first case of Covid-19 has just been confirmed. Here's what we know so far.

A practical guide to dealing with the arrival of the coronavirus in New Zealand

Do not panic. But do prepare. Here's what you need to do.

Bad news: Humans are pumping out way more methane than we thought

The amount of methane created by humans could be up to 40% higher than thought. What does that mean for the fight against climate change? 

Hinemoa Elder: The world is splitting open. We are telling the truth about our lives – and taking our place in science

No matter how you measure it, science remains systematically biased against women – and ethnically diverse women even more so, writes Dr Hinemoa Elder.

As we prepare for Covid-19, generosity and respect must trump stigma and fear

The conversation around how we prepare for coronavirus here needs to be guided by a sense of our common humanity.

How does the Wuhan coronavirus make you so sick?

We know that coronavirus is dangerous, but what does it actually do to your body? Epidemiologist Allen Cheng explains.

Cheat sheet: Just how bad is the big drought getting?

Increasingly large swathes of the country are getting bone dry, and it's starting to cause serious problems.

We got one book into every high school in NZ, and it might just change the world

Laurie Winkless on the campaign to place Angela Saini's Inferior, a book that disproves many dangerous, incorrect, gender-based stereotypes, into secondary schools.

How would New Zealand cope in a global catastrophe?

The coronavirus outbreak is testing New Zealand's emergency plans, but public health experts warn there are much bigger threats to prepare for. RNZ's John Gerritsen investigates. 

As NZ bans arrivals from China, has the coronavirus really infected 100,000?

The WHO has declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Here's the latest news and the latest science.