Why the Delta variant is such a worry

It’s more infectious, probably causes more severe disease, and presents more of a challenge to our vaccines.

Herd immunity for Covid-19 requires 83% vaccination, new NZ modelling shows

And if it's the delta strain, then it's a lot higher than that, according to a paper out today.

Siouxsie Wiles: Why the Covid-19 weekend in Wellington is so serious

How did we get here, why is the alert level change necessary, and could this all have been avoided?

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Exclusive: We found out what nature is gossiping about

What's the forest goss? We have our ear to the ground (and the skies).

The NZ Covid-19 vaccine and side effects – explained

Don't be alarmed. Do be informed.

In sports, major consequences from years of ‘minor’ knocks to the head

There's a growing body of overseas evidence that repeated small blows to the head can lead to chronic brain injuries. Is that true in New Zealand too?

Rule changes on embryo use could lead to improvements to IVF success rate

The stage is set for New Zealand to allow more research into infertility and better IVF treatments.

How will artificial intelligence change the way we work? There’s good and bad news

Job loses caused by automation may grab the bulk of the headlines, but more of us may be affected by changes to recruitment and worker surveillance.

Can we save the planet by paying animals, plants and bacteria – and getting them to spend?

An 'interspecies currency' is being touted as a way to give nature some financial power.

Snakes! Snakes on a beach!

New Zealand beaches have seen three snakes in two weeks. Is this unusual?

Scientists are too easily seduced by beautiful plants. Time to love the ugly ones, too

There's a clear researcher bias towards visually striking plants, and it's not good for the ecosystem.

A giant piece of space junk is hurtling towards us. Here’s how worried you should be

A Chinese rocket is set to soon crash-land somewhere between North America and New Zealand. So what happens when space debris falls to Earth?

Your mobile phone could soon warn you of earthquakes. How does it work?

Google is launching its Android Earthquake Alerts System in NZ, but what information does it draw on, and how useful will it be in an quake-prone country?

How the weird slimy thing that makes kombucha could help clean up NZ’s rivers

New research has revealed the power kombucha's active ingredient can have on drastically reducing E coli levels in dairy effluent.

‘I fell off the cliff’: Meeting Michael Baker – and the man who plays him

'That moment, I was feeling absolutely at my low point. It's the first and last time that I couldn’t finish an interview.'