Weed is going out of fashion and Māori kids are leading the way

Research shows young New Zealanders are stubbing out cannabis – and Māori more than most.

Family First rebuked for ‘non-fact based activity’ over cannabis psychosis claims

Otago scientists say the lobby group has misrepresented the research.

Health Sci dropout: What happens when would-be doctors change their minds

Each year, thousands of students embark on a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, the first step in a number of challenging healthcare careers. But what happens when you realise Health Sci isn't for you?

Bee positive: How Auckland is doing its bit for the world’s pollinators

From a school for budding beekeepers to a street-side garden growing produce for locals, Auckland’s abuzz with projects making the city safer for pollinators.

Science Archive

One small step

Today (NZT) is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the first spaceflight to land humans on the Moon. Astronomer Richard Easther looks back.

Hundreds of native mudfish have died needlessly and we should all mourn them

Imagine if we treated our native birds with as little care as we do our precious fish stocks, writes ecologist Stella McQueen.

How to juice your brain for joy after watching the Black Caps lose

The Black Caps' World Cup loss at Lord's this morning has much of the country feeling pretty shit. From massage to mindfulness, here are five ways to feel just a tiny bit better.

How satellite images of New Zealand farms can help fight the filth

A team of Kiwi scientists is using pictures taken by satellites in orbit to enable farmers ti spot pollution on their land.

Meet the secretive and fearful anti-5G campaign

Scientists say that 5G is safe, but a small, vocal group of people insist it causes cancer.

Seven excuses for ignoring climate change, debunked

Gareth Shute runs down the most popular arguments for ignoring climate change and finds them wanting.

The real enemy: Why blaming NGOs for climate inaction is stupid

There really are people worth blaming for inaction on climate change, and not a single one of them works at Greenpeace.

An apology from an environmentalist

I have worked for the last 15 years or so as a professional in various parts of the environmental movement. And I’m sorry.

On infertility, we’re drowning in research. Time to decide what matters most

For too long people confronting infertility have been overlooked in setting priorities.

Electric car or solar panels: which reduces your carbon footprint the most?

If you want to do something to reduce your carbon footprint, you'll probably consider both an electric vehicle and installing rooftop solar panels. But which is more effective?

Converting nitrates: science’s alternative solution for clean drinking water

Concern about nitrates in Canterbury municipal water supplies emphasises the need for new ways to solve the nitrate problem, and Dr Anna Garden might be the scientist to do it.

A barren underworld: Why Pacific locals are raging against the death of coral reefs

Climate change and a warming ocean are putting immense stress on coral reefs in the Pacific. But some locals are refusing to passively accept the death of such vital ecosystems.