Weed and woo: Separating facts from fiction on the health benefits of cannabis

As someone with a severe chronic illness, Hannah McGowan has a vested interest in getting to the bottom of what cannabis can and can't do for her health. The reality, she discovers, is complicated.

Cheat sheet: World Cup games cancelled as super typhoon looms over Japan

The organisers of the Rugby World Cup have made the unprecedented decision to cancel two of the final pool games, citing safety concerns as a super typhoon threatens Japan.

Bringing memory loss to life through theatre

There's a lot of confusion around the symptoms and effects of dementia. Now, neuroscientists are partnering with playwrights to give a voice to the research.

Inequality in dental care is a Treaty issue

Gabrielle Baker went along to the Oral Health Equity Symposium to see how the best in New Zealand's dental sector are hoping to tackle inequities in New Zealand's oral healthcare.

Science Archive

What if climate change was purple?

James Renwick explains why he's investing prize money from a PM's science award into bringing artists and scientists together, and how you can be part of it. 

Seas could rise by 20 metres, NZ research into ancient era reveals

The loss of Antarctic ice sheets will likely cause a sea-level rise of 20 metres in coming centuries, a Victoria University-led study says.

Cheat sheet: the state of the measles outbreak as two women lose unborn babies

An update from DHBs in the Auckland region shows the risk is still very real.

Red meat health storm as new study says little need to curb diet

A series of reviews, published today, found little evidence of health benefits from reducing red or processed meat consumption. What do NZ scientists make of it?

When treat foods become the norm: A doctor on our childhood obesity epidemic

Just a glance at our child obesity stats shows how severely inadequate our current advertising codes really are, argues public health medicine specialist Dr Michael Hale. 

For once, could we please just listen to the scientists?

A plea to politicians and the public, urging them to trust that the people who study water quality know what they’re talking about.

Predicting the future of New Zealand with the rising sea

Ruby Porter looks into New Zealand's future when the sea level rises 10, 25 and 80 metres, and finds out how much of Auckland will be left.

Watch: a tarot card reading for the All Blacks’ first Rugby World Cup game

In this episode of our new tarot reading show Wild Card, The Spinoff's resident psychic divines the outcome of the All Blacks' opening match against the Springboks on Saturday.

Does saving the planet mean the end of the sausage sizzle?

Just how much of an impact would a shift to vegetarian diets have on the battle to halt climate change, asks Mirjam Guesgen.

More than a set of wheels: How electric vehicles could soon power your home

The release of the new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle signals a shift in the role of cars in our society. Simon Day was at the launch of the new model. 

Five of the most bizarre public submissions on the Zero Carbon Bill

We assess some of the more bizarre zero carbon bill submissions.

Putting a cork in cow burps (and farts)

More than a third of all of NZ’s greenhouse emissions come from sheep and cattle. There's no easy solution, but a variety of anti-methane methods are being developed to curb this gaseous issue.