Fighting kauri dieback with the 'super science' of cow dung? Stinks of bullshit

Artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy told Kim Hill on Saturday she has been using a bizarre ritual to treat diseased kauri. Yes, we need more research, but leave the comment to the scientists, writes Cate Macinnis-Ng

ACES: How one bold project (almost) achieved gender equality in STEM

The achievements and challenges of women in STEM disciplines were the focus of the Celebrating Women in Science conference, which closed in Auckland on Friday. Among the speakers was American chemist and physicist Cather Simpson, now of the University of Auckland, who writes here about her involvement in an intense effort to level the playing field for women at a university in Ohio.

Is Siggi Henry New Zealand's most dangerous city councillor?

She's an anti-vaccination, anti-fluoride campaigner who believes measles is a hoax and polio can be cured with vitamin C. Meet Siggi Henry, one of the most powerful people in our fourth largest city. Angela Cumming reports.