Climate change is already destroying lives in the Pacific

As the rest of the world largely ignores the gradual onset of climate, for the people of the Pacific their lives are already being drastically affected. Former President of Kiribati Anote Tong says we must act together to help his people survive climate change.

Climate change is happening – but don’t bother trying to convince a denier

Global warming is a fact, it’s caused by humans, and it’s going to change our world. Oh, and one more truth: you may never be able to convince your libertarian, climate change-denying uncle otherwise. Dave Hansford explores the psychology of denial.

If an insect goes extinct in the forest, and nobody records it...

New Zealand has a long history of introducing foreign insect predators to control crop pests and weeds. How risky is that? Thanks to a lack of long-term monitoring of our native insect populations, nobody really knows, explains the University of Auckland's Margaret Stanley.

The ETS is ready to reduce New Zealand’s emissions

So far our ETS has been deemed largely ineffectual by low-integrity overseas credits and low emission prices. Catherine Leining believes recent global and local changes mean the ETS can do its job - if we are ready to get serious about reducing New Zealand’s own emissions.