World Refugee Day: ‘I have wondered what some people might really think of me being here’

It is going to be a long journey to rebuild communities where people feel safe after the Christchurch terror attack. But if we commit to working together, it’s possible, former refugee Dennis Maang writes on World Refugee Day.

World Refugee Day: ‘Mum, I am safe in a country called New Zealand’

Wahida Zahedi’s love for Christchurch began with a postcard of the Port Hills, sent from almost 14,700km away. This World Refugee Day, she shares her journey from Afghanistan to her new home.

‘She’s my secret weapon’: the Waiheke protester taking her sheep to parliament

Waiheke Island’s favourite four-legged activist may soon be taking a road trip to protest the plans for a floating marina at Kennedy Point. Alice Burton reports.

The pram in the hallway: Why motherhood doesn’t have to spell creative death

Women are told that their artistic life ends when motherhood starts. But Anna Knox knows that isn't the case.

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Who would win in a fight: Walking Boy or Quasi the giant hand?

It’s the biggest question in public art: which of these strolling sculptures would smash the other?

Five rival electric scooter operators for NZ as 800 wheeled out in Wellington

Flamingo and the Uber-owned Jump launch in the capital begin today, with the city becoming New Zealand's fifth to see shareable e-scooters 

It is time to talk about Christchurch’s racist past, and present

With a little time and distance from the awful events of March 15 it's time to face the facts: Christchurch has long been a hub of racist hatred. Its history speaks for itself. 

The missing Māori inside the agency that investigates police misconduct

As of 2018, the Independent Police Conduct Authority had zero Māori employees. For a police system that loudly embraces diversity, that's not good enough, writes Carrie Buckmaster.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #85: Taking a dog on an Auckland train

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alex Casey borrows a dog and goes on a magical journey. 

Kim Dotcom and the seven-year itch

Seven years on from his arrest, the extradition battle between Kim Dotcom and the United States reached New Zealand's Supreme Court this week. Kate Newton went to court to find out whether anyone seems to be winning.

Patrick Gower: Our justice system helped kill Nicole Tuxford

Nicole Tuxford's death is up there with the worst failures of the justice system in New Zealand history, writes Patrick Gower. 

How I became the most powerful male Wiccan in North Dunedin

The chance discovery of an 18-year-old book of spells (for men) leads Critic's Charlie O'Mannin on a journey to the dark side.

Two greats of Auckland theatre meet in A Fine Balance

Tomorrow, A Fine Balance opens in Auckland, marking a historic collaboration between two pillars of Auckland theatre. Sam Brooks talked to two of the team – Amit Ohdedar and Ahi Karunharan – about the show.

A biblical plague of rats is terrorising Titirangi

Responding to reports that packs of cat-sized rats have taken over Titirangi, Don Rowe travelled to West Auckland to find out the truth.

Emily Writes: I came out three years ago and I’ve never been happier

Emily Writes reflects on being out and proud three years after accepting and embracing her sexuality.

The secret to living to 103

Unless we look closely sometimes we forget the important role our closest guides have on our lives. On his grandmother's 103rd birthday, Arun Jeram takes a moment to examine his grandparents’ legacy.