Five ideas to fix NZ’s completely pathetic Covid QR scanning record

Hardly anyone is using their Covid Tracer app. Something needs to change.

SuperGold or SuperWhite? A call for a more Māori gold card

The lack of Māori language or symbolism on the SuperGold Card isn't just a design issue – it's emblematic of the overwhelming whiteness of Aotearoa's over-65 population.

The Norse myths behind the tattoos worn by the Capitol riot’s ‘QAnon Shaman’

Many of the tattoos on the chest of a participant in last week's Capitol invasion and riot have been co-opted from Norse mythology to indicate adherence to far-right politics.

What I learned growing up daughter of an ‘extreme’ conservation activist

NZ conservationist Pete Bethune's daughter Danielle reflects on what she's learnt from her unconventional father.   

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Sorry: the first 12 days of 2021 prove the apocalypse is coming

From aggressive squirrels to the return of SATC, the start of the year has presented clear evidence that the end is nigh.

Unpaid internships: foot in the door or labour exploitation?

It's a common path to employment for young graduates, but being paid in experience doesn't cover the rent.

When it comes to health, we’re not all in this together

It's time for New Zealand to face up to the hard truths of how our health system is leaving people behind, and have the courage to make transformative change.

Covid-19 in New Zealand: our status in numbers

What's the latest Covid-19 data? And how does it fit into the bigger picture?

Take me back to the rainbow

Michelle Langstone as she gives in to an overwhelming urge to return to the Auckland amusement park of her youth.

I got kiss cam’d at Eden Park and it was truly horrible

Can we please stick to T-shirt cannons and on-field tug-of-war instead of watching strangers smooch?

What is the objectively correct number of tabs to have open?

This is yet another tab clogging up your browser, and that's fine.

Students, start your engines: A short history of the Undie 500

By the end it was was best known for the drunken brawls that marked its conclusion each year, but for a time the Undie 500 was a (relatively) innocent Christchurch-to-Dunedin lark.

Ranking the strongest ladies in New Zealand – our tunnel boring machines

The Spinoff ranks the most boring thing of them all: borers.

Please enjoy these savage reviews of New Zealand’s favourite landmarks

Turns out that a lot of people are very mad at a lot of our iconic tourist attractions. 

In defence of the drop kick

After last weekend's Bledisloe Cup match, Justin Latif asks why we've fallen out of love with drop kicking.