But what is old anyway? How we should rethink ageing populations

What does an ageing population actually mean in an economic context, and are we thinking about it all wrong?

Open letter claims white supremacy and ‘climate of fear’ at University of Auckland

There is a 'climate of fear' and a rising white supremacist movement on campus, say a group of students at the University of Auckland. Don Rowe reports.

What is going on with all that Julian Assange stuff?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has finally been forced out of his cupboard in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Why are universities such a magnet for sexual assaults?

There's something about universities that make entitled young men feel safe pushing the boundary between consensual sex and rape – and it has to change, writes Jai Breitnauer.

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In London, the air is a public health emergency

Living in a city polluted with dirty air is among many facts of life that Londoners pay for, not just with money but with our health as well.

But are they doing enough? Victim Support and your charity dollars

News that the family of a Christchurch mosque shooting victim is struggling financially has reignited controversy about how the millions raised in the wake of the tragedy are being spent.

Swastikas and semi-automatics: Auckland gun club neighbours speak out

Residents near NZ's biggest shooting range say they're victims of targeted harassment, including Nazi symbols scrawled on property. Police, they say, have not taken their concerns seriously.

I’m German and I live in Christchurch. Let’s talk about swastikas

When we arrived to live in New Zealand we were shocked to discover how tolerant many people were of flagrant expression of neo-Nazism

Eight simple rules for being a woman and wearing clothes in public

In the same week that a woman was told her bikini was "inappropriate" to wear at an Auckland pool, Alex Casey provides some much-needed reminders for women wearing clothes everywhere. 

Why I wrote The Vagina Bible

Dr Jennifer Gunter explains the origins of The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and the Vagina, Separating the Myth from the Medicine

Why we’re shouting about a capital gains tax

A new campaign launches today making the case for a capital gains tax. Tax Justice Aotearoa’s Louise Delany and Paul Barber explain what they’re up to

All in my head? No, doctor, it was all in my abdomen

The pain of endometriosis can be utterly debilitating. Susie Ferguson asks why so many women and girls are expected simply to put up with it. 

A quarter of a million NZ kids are living in poverty, and it comes as no suprise

For the young people affected, it's much more than just a number, writes Lorraine Taylor of Variety.

How Candy Lee is candy crushing the wrestling world

Alex Casey chats to Leilani Tominiko, aka Candy Lee, about raising trans awareness from the wrestling ring.

Growing up Chinese in a white world

Esther Zhuang on bananas, sunflowers, and a childhood in New Zealand as an outlier in two cultures.

Fixation on the hijab as ‘anti-feminist’ does a disservice to NZ Muslim women

The current discourse around Muslim women is narrow-minded and short-sighted, writes Nidha Khan.