Celebrating our vets on World Veterinary Day: The story of Daniel the cat

World Veterinary Day is tomorrow, 29 April. To celebrate veterinarians and the pets we love, here's the story of Daniel, his survival, and the very special home he has with Amy Wilson-Hughes and her wife Frith.

From Chesdale to camembert: how cheese helped shape NZ identity

A new public discussion series explores the link between primary products - dairy, meat, wine and wool – and New Zealand national identity. Victoria University's Prof Lydia Wevers introduces the series.

Here, let me help. Start by imagining your penis is bleeding

Following that Waikato Times column about blokes suffering from women's periods Michele A'Court generously proffers some empathy advice for men.

'I thought, wow, I'm going to do that when I get back to New Zealand': Michelle McCarthy on going local on an Asia OE

From Chinese 3D manufacturing to Korean soap operas to Japanese street fashion, the 21st century belongs to Asia. Little wonder, then, that an increasing number of young New Zealanders are ditching the UK OE and heading to Asia instead. In the second of a two part series on The Asia OE, Catherine McGregor talks to Wellingtonian Michelle McCarthy about her experiences living in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan post-university.