Here’s why we shouldn’t all be treated equally

Equality and fairness for all is the end goal, but PledgeMe founder Anna Guenther says first we have to make a proactive effort to level the playing field.

Shut out: private college collapse leaves students stranded with visas rejected

International students caught out by the closure of the New Zealand National College have had their lives here put on hold. Don Rowe reports. 

The prisoner who beamed into NZ’s top court seeking the right to vote

Asher Emanuel heads along to the Supreme Court to watch as Arthur Taylor takes the virtual stand to argue that prisoners should be entitled to cast ballots

200 years: How the gender gap is putting women centuries behind (WATCH)

Turns out, we're still TWO HUNDRED YEARS from fully closing the economic gender gap. So we asked some of our Spinoff colleagues to cast their minds into the future.

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Meet the retired women who refuse to stay in, dress down and fade away

Alex Casey has lunch with The Red Hat Society in Auckland, a group of retired women who don't give a hoot about growing old. 

The charity fund supporting the dreams of girls, brought to you by NZ women

A renewed focus on women’s and gender issues around the world has provided a backdrop for New Zealand’s first charitable women’s fund, writes Auckland Foundation CEO Dellwyn Stuart, who launched the fund last November.

The spirit of Kate Sheppard demands we raise our voices in 2018

As New Zealand prepares to mark 125 years of women’s suffrage there is plenty to celebrate – but as the #metoo movement shows, there is still much to be done, says Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy

What we know about assault in New Zealand – in graphs

What do deprivation, bar location and time of day all have in common? They all affect the rate of assault in New Zealand.

Air NZ’s investment in Antarctic research deserves to be celebrated

The controversy over Air NZ's new safety video shouldn't shouldn't take away from the airline's world-leading work to address climate change in Antarctica and elsewhere, argues NZ Antarctic Research Institute chair Sir Rob Fenwick.

Why the Health Star Ratings are a load of bullshit

After enduring years of criticism for its 4.5 Health Star Rating, Milo announced this week that it would remove the rating from its powdered products altogether.

‘One of the great tasks for our generation’: Phil Twyford talks housing

After nine years of carping about National's failure to address the housing crisis, Labour now faces the titanic task of actually making something happen. Don Rowe speaks to Minister of Housing Phil Twyford about what he has planned.

Air NZ’s Antarctica video is a grossly insensitive reminder of my father’s death

Thirty-nine years ago, Eric Houghton's father died in the Mount Erebus plane crash, along with 256 other passengers and crew. Now, he writes, Air New Zealand's new Antarctica-set safety video is dredging up painful memories.

On the Rag: The bad 60 Minutes interview and so much more

Listen to Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A’Court tackle the past month in women, news and popular culture.

The bizarre case of the NZ court case hidden from public and media scrutiny

A High Court hearing was this week shut off to everyone, including media, something even the judge calls 'anathema to the fundamental concepts of fairness'.

How many property managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Madeleine Chapman spends a long, soul-sucking day at an Auckland tenancy tribunal.

The best of David Seymour defending the mythical sexy meat Minotaur

Alex Casey rounds up the highlights from a very funny RNZ interview with David Seymour about his very stupid t-shirt.