Other people are having way, way less sex than you think they are

Research shows we think young people have a lot more sex than they do in reality – and men have a particularly skewed view of the sex lives of young women.

Yes, we can. And we can also change the way we talk about disability and sex

There are major barriers for disabled people who want to pursue sex and relationships. Yet the stigmatising tone of public conversation makes me wary

And the winner is: Don Brash, by a mile

The moot was PC culture has restricted free speech in New Zealand. But really it was about something, or someone, else.

SkyCity’s bet on offshore online gambling lays bare the crapness of NZ’s law

SkyCity want to open an online casino. What makes them any different from the sharks already here, asks Don Rowe.

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Paradox, utopia and Don Brash: on liberalism and free speech

The idea of liberalism has been thrust to the fore amid debates over free speech. Yet the biggest threat to liberalism may be the failure of elites to make its systems work for the rest of us

What’s the deal with ‘town shoes’?

If you're a New Zealand man who goes clubbing, chances are you've been denied entry at least once for not wearing leather shoes. But why? What's wrong with sneakers?

What’s still worth recycling these days?

The state of recycling in New Zealand is back in the news after China announced it will no longer take much of our used plastic. But that's no reason to give up on recycling entirely.

Why are teachers striking? It’s about a lot more than money

We look at the teacher strike next week: why are they striking and what are they likely to get?

Sorry men, there’s no such thing as ‘dirt blindness’ – you just need to do more housework

The old saw about men being less capable of noticing household dirt isn't the reason they do so much less housework than women. The truth is, it's all about gendered expectations.

Don Brash made a martyr? On the Massey University ban decision

The former National leader and Hobson’s Pledge advocate has become a fresh lightning rod in the debate around free speech and ‘deplatforming’

A very short history of the impossibility of buying a house in New Zealand

Many of today’s concerns around home ownership and urban planning were found in centuries past

It’s as legal as any other job. So why does stigma against sex workers persist?

It's time we called time on stigma and discrimination against sex workers in New Zealand, writes criminologist Lynzi Armstrong.

Why deleting Victoria from the name of Wellington’s university is a terrible idea

To grasp why the push to change has caused such a fuss, and to appreciate why it’s so muddle-minded, we need to consider how the university got its name, and what names mean to the university community

Why this tweak on THC is a game-changer for the NZ cannabis industry

We have a great opportunity to provide affordable access to people who desperately need it – let’s not stumble at the last hurdle

I saw John Minto at the fish and chip shop

The ghosts of the 1981 Springbok Tour still haunt Auckland's inner-suburb streets.

The feel-good factor doesn’t justify pouring $500m into a new Christchurch stadium

Does Christchurch “deserve” a better stadium? Should we just “get on with it”?