How to help people do drugs safely: let them know what they're really taking

For nearly 25 years Dr Fiona Measham has documented how and why humans do drugs - at festivals, nightclubs, and parties. She spoke to Simon Day about how helping people know what exactly they’re taking is making drug- taking safer in the UK.

Outside the Asylum: chapters one and two of Eric Crampton's epic essay situating New Zealand as an oasis in a weird world

Living in New Zealand and focusing on our very real social issues, it's easy to forget that there are many things we do quite well. Over the next couple of weeks we serialise an epic essay from the New Zealand Initiative's Eric Crampton, exploring what life is like in and out of New Zealand.

I studied in Charlottesville as an Asian New Zealander and racism was… selective

The horrific events of last weekend at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, brought back memories for Hye Ji 'Erica' Lee, a Korean New Zealander who studied there six years ago.

Getting your shit together: yoga as a survival tool

Getting Your Shit Together is a monthly column on everyday mental health from Auckland mindfulness educator Kristina Cavit. This month she’s talking about the effects yoga has had on her life, and the lives of the prisoners and children she has taught.

Are there any good choices when you live on a low income?

Last week ActionStation and the Morgan Foundation launched Liz and Sam’s story. Since then, the pick a path game based on the lives of New Zealand families living on low incomes has been played close to 16,000 times. Its co-creator Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw explains the two years of research underpinning the game.

My cousin Allen

Charles Arthur Allen Aberhart was 37 when he died in 1964, the victim of a gay hate crime that would later inspire the New Zealand homosexual law reform movement. His relative Nicole Skews-Poole tells his story.