New Zealand rape survivors, in their own words (WATCH)

What do rape survivors think about the New Zealand justice system? How do they think we should address victim blaming and Kiwi rape culture? In a video collaboration between Frame News, Wrestler and The Spinoff, launched today to mark Rape Awareness Week, seven rape survivors talk candidly about their experiences. Here Frame News' Kim Vinnell introduces the project.

Is fraudster Joanne Harrison's old boss really fit to lead NZ's top public watchdog?

The story of government fraudster Joanne Harrison is one of almost unbelievable greed. But in many ways as shocking, writes Peter Newport, is how her boss, Martin Matthews, ignored the whistle-blowers – and allowed Harrison to exact her revenge.

Sorry Paula, tipping sucks and we definitely should not bring it to New Zealand

Paula Bennett is reportedly keen to see tipping introduced to New Zealand. Henry Oliver explains why this is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea.

There's a simple way to save the Māui dolphin - and the government is ignoring it

If Māui dolphins are a Threatened Species priority, why won't the government act to stop their extinction, asks the World Wildlife Fund's David Tong.

I had a social studies lesson from Bob McCoskrie

Earlier this year an otherwise liberal Auckland girls' high school, where diversity is celebrated, invited Family First’s Bob McCoskrie in to talk about gay marriage. A gay student who was in the audience explains how it went down.