Stereotypes and stigma: Drug use in the LGBTQ community

Judgement prevents understanding, which in itself is a barrier to preventing unsafe behaviour. Are different approaches to harm reduction in the Rainbow community needed? 

Stripping for Monet: What it’s like to be a nude model

Caroline Moratti goes all the way undercover to discover the truth about nude modelling for artists and photographers.

The ‘promising young athlete’ cliche risks erasing the victim’s reality

What does it say about our sporting bodies that we’d even consider letting those who have admitted sexual assault compete under our banner?

Coroner says breastfeeding mums should never drink alcohol. 400 doctors disagree

Over 400 doctors, most specialising in child health, have signed an open letter to the coroner expressing concerns about a judgement which blamed alcohol in breast milk for the death of an infant.

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The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #90: Disney on Ice

Tara Ward went to the mouse-dancing theatrical spectacle Disney on Ice and found her cynicism melting away quicker than Olaf in Frozen.

Beyond Fox River: Huge disasters still likely from old dumps

Have we actually learned anything from this environmental disaster?

Interviewing the headmaster who won’t let the longhaired boy go to school

An exclusive interview with the principled principal who is leading the resistance to long-haired lads at high school.

New Zealanders’ ignorance on the Holocaust should spur us to action

A poll reveals startling gaps in our knowledge. Countering this is urgent and important, especially given the rise in division and hatred around the world.

Man’s pest friend: a brief history of rodents in New Zealand

As efforts ramp up to save New Zealand's native wildlife from invasive species, Johnny Crawford looks back wistfully on the centuries-long relationship between humans and rodents in Aotearoa.

Why I love winter swims

Want to feel better and sharper, and get a better night's sleep? The secret is very cold and wet.

We must speak out on AUT, China and threats to academic freedom

Emails released around the AUT cancellation of a Tiananmen Square commemoration send a severe chill through NZ universities.

Meet guru hunter Be Scofield, scourge of cult leaders around the world

One woman's online mission to blow the cover of false prophets around the world is becoming more and more taxing. Anke Richter talks to guru hunter Be Scofield, who is determined to bring sexual abuse in spiritual disguise to light.

Welcome to Little New Zealand, London, UK

From Shepherds Bush to Acton, Wimbledon to Wandsworth, and now even Hackney, London is sprinkled with New Zealander strongholds

The coroner was meant to explain a tragedy. Instead, he compounded it

For Carla's parents to let her walk to school and back with her older siblings was, he said, "unacceptable".

The Side Eye: The Bottles – a story about nostalgia and dog poo

Toby Morris gazes back to a time where almost every NZ yard had a plastic bottle full of water in the middle of it.

Don’t eat the rich. Just set hard limits on their greed

The tax department is currently chasing millions from so-called 'High Wealth Individuals' who won't pay up. But when inequality is spiralling, why not set a maximum level of wealth, and simply take the rest for the betterment of all?