Multiculturalism and diversity is us

This Race Relations Day, we call on all New Zealanders to take time out of their day to reflect. To stand united in mourning with victims of Christchurch

I cannot forgive the rhetoric that got us here

I want to forgive, but right now all I feel is anger, writes Lamia Imam.

The answer for gun law reform lies across the Tasman at Port Arthur

Australia has had no mass shootings since the 1996 massacre in Tasmania. Not one. New Zealand has much to learn from Australian gun laws, an expert says.

How expressions of white supremacy seep through our society

Sustaining the colonising order has depended on rich narratives that invoke racialised fears and perpetuate myths of Pakeha superiority

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The Christchurch terrorism conspiracy theories are not just false. They’re dangerous

No sooner had Police arrested the Christchurch shooter than the conspiracy theories were proliferating like pond scum. Those narratives are not just wrong, but dangerous and self-perpetuating. 

How Christchurch people are working together to support those affected

As Christchurch tries to come to terms with the atrocity perpetrated at the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques, the people who call the city home have found novel ways to help those affected.

Extremism is not a mental illness

The terrorist is clearly an extremist, but it is an unfair leap to assume we can blame mental illness for his actions, writes Shaun Robinson of the Mental Health Foundation

Mark Zuckerberg, four days on, your silence on Christchurch is deafening

In New Zealand we're waiting to see if the all-powerful Facebook boss means what he says about 'moral responsibility'

‘Be part of the solution’: NZ internet bosses demands answers from Facebook, Twitter and Google

An open letter from the CEOs of Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees to the global CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google

‘We cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage’

In the first address to parliament since Friday’s terrorist attack on Christchurch, Jacinda Ardern paid tribute to the Muslim community and pledged to deny the perpetrator the notoriety he craves

Take care of yourself too: some expert advice on feeling a little less terrible

If you're feeling down in the wake of the horrific events of Friday, you're not alone. Here are some simple ways to lift your spirits and look after yourself. 

Lucy Lawless: How to be part of the healing process

At any time, but especially as NZ's Muslim and migrant communities recoil from an inhuman attack, you can play a role, writes Lucy Lawless

Hear their words: Muslim voices on the Christchurch attacks

We highlight some of the best recent writing and most powerful messages from our Muslim community in response to the Christchurch attacks.

Golriz Ghahraman: This is not the New Zealand that welcomed me

History has shown us time and again how atrocity begins with cheap opportunistic hate speech against minorities. It has to stop now

Practical steps to protect ourselves from the scourge of hate

After the vigils, the flowers, the messages, and the grief, what happens next? Donna Miles-Mojab, an Iranian New Zealander, has a list of simple yet practical steps all New Zealanders can take.