Does Mental Health Awareness Week actually change anything for people with mental illnesses?

It's Mental Health Awareness Week so your Facebook feed is awash with encouragement to "reach out". It's important people know they can reach out if they need help – but what happens next?

A business admin course changed the lives of mums on benefits. Then it was closed down

Pallas Hupé Cotter took a part time role helping women transition from welfare dependence to paid employment. She says participants loved the course, and it seemed to be working. So why did the government cancel it?

The Side Eye: Drug Zealand

New Zealand has been talking a lot about 'kindness' in drug policy. But how far will we be brave enough to take that idea? Toby Morris takes a look at what decriminalisation might look like in NZ.

The day I wasn’t let into the Koru Lounge: my story

The Spinoff is proud to publish this harrowing and brave first-person account from a Koru Club member, whose identity we have agreed to protect.

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How on earth were you bored, Hunter?

Wellington resident-cum-vandal Hunter MacDonald claims he was bored out of his mind when he came across Len Lye's Water Whirler sculpture and broke it. How is that even possible?

How your birth date influences how well you do in school – and later in life

It's down to when you start at school - in Australia, at least.

Strategies for actually doing something about the climate change shitstorm

Despair is understandable. So is shouting about the facts. But to effect real change we need to look to psychological techniques

Vic Uni dropout: Why I quit university, for the sake of my mental health

Kate Aschoff began university with high hopes for her future. A year later she had dropped out, unable to cope with the stresses of university study while navigating her mental illness.

Crunch point on China interference: Anne-Marie Brady’s warning to Ardern

We must never be afraid to stand up to undue influence, writes the NZ academic whose publications about China led, she believes, to a break-in at her home

Frickin’ Dangerous Bro review white people things: wearing shoes indoors

Comedy group Frickin Dangerous Bro – Jame Roque, Jamaine Ross and Pax Assadi – overcome one of their strongest fears

How to use your hatred of children to boost your business in just three easy steps

Looking for a bit of publicity for your small business? Just stir up anti-kid outrage and watch those dollars roll in, says The Spinoff's marketing expert* Emily Writes.

That time Sir Edmund Hillary went in search of the yeti

Hamish Parkinson investigates one of our great nation's least-known foundational moments: Sir Edmund Hillary's ultimately fruitless 1960 expedition to Nepal to look for the yeti.

How much do we really know about female bisexuality?

Tara Pond reveals what she's discovered while studying sexuality and gender.

Here’s what will happen when you are a functional alcoholic

After almost 20 years with a drinking problem, newly sober Mike Metcalfe knows a thing or two about the lies you tell yourself as a 'functional' alcoholic.

Universities’ pitiful response to gender inequality isn’t good enough

The chair of Universities New Zealand appears to think that training programmes alone will solve the gender imbalance in the academic workforce

The war on drugs is killing Kiwis – we must choose a different approach

We need to find an alternative to the dangerous enforcement tactics of the global response to the drug trade, or people will keep dying.