How much will 5G transform New Zealand business, really?

In a world where we're already conditioned to expect near-instantaneous speed from our mobile internet, what kind of change can we actually expect to see from 5G?

A compelling NZ academic argument to end cannabis prohibition – from 1975

Later this year New Zealand will vote on whether to legalise cannabis, but it's far from a new idea.

The NZ tourism industry cannot afford to ignore the elephant in the room

While New Zealand may continue to prosper from the tourist dollar for a decade or two yet, there is the very real prospect that the climate crisis will drive international tourism down.

What’s the deal with Snus – the smokeless nicotine in a pouch?

Those looking for an alternative to smoking are increasing going for the small pouches of leaves known as Snus.

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Revealed: New Zealand’s role in the new American war-fighting frontier – space

As the extent of involvement continues to grow, questions arise around the trade-offs, and the absence of public debate.

RIP Zach: Damning ruling finds ‘serious wrongdoing’ by miracle medical AI pair

The father-and-son team behind Zach, the medical AI that seemed too good to be true, have been condemned by an Internal Affairs investigation, which finds they engaged in 'serious wrongdoing'.

Renée: Te Tairāwhiti blue

In the final of a special travel writing series, playwright and novelist Renée reflects on the past and ponders the future on a road trip up the East Coast.

Was 2019 the best-ever year for periods?

From ads showing actual *gasp* blood to the mainstreaming of sustainable period products and commitments to addressing period inequity, it was a big 12 months for menstruation. When I first got …

Live-blogging the royal scandal

The Spinoff's royal correspondents report live from the thick of the Megxit fallout.

I’m messy and I’m done apologising for it

Some people are just untidy. Madeleine Chapman is one of them, and this year she's decided to embrace the mess.

Please enjoy these savage reviews of New Zealand’s favourite landmarks

Turns out that a lot of people are very mad at a lot of our iconic tourist attractions. 

New Zealand doesn’t deserve to be smug about climate

The horrors in Australia have had left many of us feeling complacent about New Zealand's own response to climate change. But are we living up to the inspiring rhetoric?

We all scream for sun cream: So why is sunscreen so expensive in New Zealand?

We’ve got a burning issue in New Zealand. Kiwis are being short-changed when it comes to preventing skin cancer – by supermarkets and the government, argues Julian Light.

The saffron sari

Anjum Rahman reflects on returning to her place of birth at the age of 12, and on how the history of Muslims in India is being rewritten.

Eight simple rules for being a woman and wearing clothes in public

In the same week that a woman was told her bikini was "inappropriate" to wear at an Auckland pool, Alex Casey provides some much-needed reminders for women wearing clothes everywhere. 

Three days in Singapore

Writer and actress Michelle Langstone reflects on loneliness on a trip to Singapore.