What we love matters: a unifying cultural theory to fix tech's diversity problem

In November 2016, Auckland tech entrepreneur Sacha Judd delivered a talk in Berlin which became an internet hit. It was titled 'How the tech sector could move in One Direction', and it argued that 1D fandom contains a lot of clues to the lack of diversity in tech. Last week she delivered a follow-up talk in Auckland, which we're proud to republish here.

Why cannabis reform needs to be done with Māori, for Māori

Māori are the greatest victims of New Zealand’s war on drugs, but many Māori leaders are opposed to ideas of decriminalisation or legalisation. Professor Khylee Quince spoke to Simon Day about why tikanga Māori needs to be at the heart of drug reform.

The thin line between dickishness and casual racism

It's easy to dismiss a stray look or comment as simple rudeness, but often it's much more than that. Philip McKibbin (Ngāi Tahu) presents a call to arms against casual racism.

A minority community can be its own enemy

On Wednesday Express magazine published an article about Paul Heard, confirming his resignation from the New Zealand Aids Foundation in the wake of a very racist Facebook post. The community reaction was immediate, vitriolic and hugely problematic, writes Sam Brooks.

The case for marijuana reparations

As the legalisation of cannabis edges closer to reality, some savvy entrepreneurs are getting ready to cash in. But what about the tens of thousands who've suffered mentally, physically and financially under our marijuana laws? Madeleine Holden argues the case for post-legalisation reparations.