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Local ElectionsSeptember 21, 2019

These are the climate angels and deniers standing in our local elections


Josie Adams, Hayden Donnell, and Alice Webb-Liddall read thousands of policy statements to find the people who are most committed to tackling climate change.

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One of the problems with local elections is that voters often know nothing about the candidates. Unlike central government, where potential MPs run for parties with clearly defined policy positions, many aspiring local representatives run as independents, and fill their voting booklet blurbs with amorphous, positive-sounding nonsense. It’s hard to figure out their beliefs.

That information gap is one of the main reasons people disengage from local democracy, according to research carried out by Auckland Council after the 2016 election, and that disengagement is one of the reasons we end up electing science-deniers, bigots, quacks, or Michael Laws.

Thankfully, a few organisations are trying to shed light on the real policies of our aspiring politicians. If you want to get a complete picture of the candidates in your local area, objectively speaking the Policy Local tool hosted on-site is the best place to start. Feel free to also click on other Spinoff stories while you’re there.

We’ve sifted through the Policy data to find the local election candidates who, in our opinion, have expressed commitment to meaningful action – we were looking for more than talk of resilience, but specific concrete action they’d undertake to reduce the effects of climate change.

We’ve included the handful of people that looked to us to be deniers, too – those who deny anthropogenic climate change or that action is necessary and urgent.

If you’re a single-issue voter, and that issue is trying to prevent the extinction of much of the life on Earth, this list is for you.

Because this is based on Policy data, people who didn’t respond to Policy aren’t included unless they’ve been a particularly prominent climate denier. For instance, Auckland’s Communities & Residents ticket made a unilateral decision not to respond to Policy so its candidates aren’t here.

Policy is editorially independent of The Spinoff. These assessments are ours alone, and are based on publicly available data. Listings are in alphabetical order (including community boards)

Albert-Eden Local Board

Maungawhau Ward

Bernadette Power
Linda Cassells
Yeshe Dawa

Owairaka Ward

Christina Robertson
Graeme Easte
Julia Maskill
Margi Watson
Megan Earley
Victoria Tupou

Aotea/Great Barrier Local Board

Valmaine Toki

Ashburton District Council

Ashburton Ward

Selwyn Price

Eastern Ward

Lynette Lovett

Auckland Council


Alezix Heneti
David John Feist
Genevieve Forde
Glen Snelgar
John Hong
John Tamihere
Peter Vaughan
Phil Goff
Susanna Kruger
Tadhg Tim Stopford
Tricia Cheel (although she appears to believe in man-made climate change, her environmental policies are pretty lacklustre.)

Albany Ward

Alezix Heneti
Julia Parfitt

Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Ward

Cathy Casey
Mark Graham
Mark Thomas

Franklin Ward

Bill Cashmore

Howick Ward

Damian Light

Manukau Ward

Faanana Efeso Collins

Manurewa-Papakura Ward

Karin Kerr

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward

Josephine Bartley
Patrick O’Meara

North Shore Ward

Chris Darby
Danielle Grant
Grant Gillon
Richard Hills

Ōrākei Ward

Alan Barraclough
Mike Padfield

Waitākere Ward

Greg Presland
Linda Cooper
Paul Talyancich
Shane Henderson
Tricia Cheel (although she appears to believe in man-made climate change, she’s misunderstood much about it and her environmental policies are pretty lacklustre; check them out here.)

Waitematā and Gulf Ward

Pippa Coom
Will Maxwell-Steele

Whau Ward

Anne Degia-Pala
Jessamine Fraser
Ross Clow

Banks Peninsula Community Board

Lyttelton Subdivision

Reuben Davidson
Wendy Everingham

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board

Kawakawa-Moerewa Subdivision

Lucie Green

Paihia Subdivision

Steve Wilce

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Kohi Māori Constituency

Toi Kai Rakâu Iti

Mauāo Māori Constituency

Riki Nelson

Rotorua Constituency

Katie Priscilla Paul
Lyall Thurston

Western Bay of Plenty Constituency

Jane Nees
Norm Bruning

Bluff Community Board

Noel Peterson

Buller District Council


Charlie Bruning (but his policy is to move the city?! “Negotiate the rhetorics of building a new town away from untenable locations affected by climate change.”)

Westport Ward

Joanne Howard
Peter Howard

Cambridge Community Board

Cambridge Subdivision

Alana MacKay
Elise Badger
Roger Gordon

Canterbury Regional Council 

Christchurch Central/Ohoko Constituency

Alan Chow
Axel Wilke
Evan Harris
Felicity Price
Lan Pham
Nicole Marshall
Paul McMahon

Christchurch North East/Orei Constituency

Jenny Hughey
Roy Knight
Tane Apanui

Christchurch South/Owhanga Constituency

Hamish Keown
James Macbeth Dann
Rik Tindall
Vicky Southworth

Christchurch West/Opuna Constituency

Aaron Campbell
Chrys Horn
Craig Pauling
Megan Hands
Rod Cullinane

Mid-Canterbury/Opakihi Constituency

Ian Mackenzie
John Sunckell
Sarah Walters

North Canterbury/Opukepuke Constituency

Bill Dowle (“The biggest emitters are transport. Encourage a reduction in planes, cars and trucks would be a great start” is his only emission/climate-based policy, and it doesn’t seem thought out).
Claire McKay
John Faulkner

South Canterbury/Otuhituhi Constituency

Elizabeth McKenzie
Herstall Ulrich
Peter J Scott
Phil Driver

Carterton District Council


Graeme Farr
Jill Greathead


Bernard Bottrill (fudged his answer here, but confessed denier in category below)


Jill Greathead
John Fairbrother
Marty Sebire
Mike Osborne
Rob Stockley
Steffen Bertram


Bernard Bottrill (“Climate has always changed, and change will continue.”)

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council

Aramoana-Ruahine Ward

Hirani Maaka

Central Otago District Council


Tim Cadogan
Victoria Bonham

Cromwell Ward

Neil Gillespie
Shirley Calvert

Vincent Ward

Bruce Potter
Ian Cooney
Martin R McPherson
Tony Hammington (but has a very non-interventionist approach to policy: “Encourage ownership of climate change at individual level. Every citizen “owns” their impact on the Environment at home and work.”)
Tracy Paterson
Victoria Bonham

Christchurch City Council


Aaron White
Adrian-Cosmin Schönborn
John Minto
JT Anderson
Lianne Dalziel
Peter Wakeman (anti-1080 candidate)


Jim Glass (“Repeal the climate emergency resolution and sack all those councillors who voted for it.”)
Robin McCarthy (“Any climate change takes place slowly over a long period, so there is no need to put in place any additional policy.”)

Burwood Ward

Glenn Livingstone
Phil Mauger

Cashmere Ward

Joe Sullivan
Lee Sampson

Central Ward

Jake McLellan

Coastal Ward

James Daniels

Fendalton Ward

David Benson

Halswell Ward

Anne Galloway
Paul Lonsdale

Harewood Ward

Scott Franicevic

Hornby Ward

Jimmy Chen

Innes Ward

Cam Parsonson
Mark Wilson
Pauline Cotter

Papanui Ward

Nathan McCluskey
Peter McDougall

Riccarton Ward

Anthony Rimell
John Connelly

Spreydon Ward

Melanie Coker
Scott Esdaile

Clutha District Council

Bruce Ward


Paul Hanlon (“Accept climate change as a natural event. Our planet has had Ice/desert ages since time began. Carbon dating and core sampling proves this.”)

Coastal-Burwood Community Board

Burwood Subdivision

Bebe Frayle
Greg Sugrue

Coastal Subdivision

Cathy Sweet
Soozie Bragg

Cromwell Community Board

Shirley Calvert
Werner Murray


Robin Dicey (“Do not try to engage in a greenwash action.”)

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board

Ian Revell
Jenn Mckenzie
John Wood
Michael Sheehy (Focus on adaptation rather than mitigation)
Paul Cornish (More concerned with individual efforts than changing council policy)
Trish Deans
George Wood
Iain Rea

Dunedin City Council


Aaron Hawkins
Carmen Houlahan
Christine Garey
Jules Radich
Mandy Mayhem-Bullock
Rachel Elder
Richard Seager
Robert (Bob) Barlin
Scout Barbour-Evans


Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle (“Abandon the climate emergency. There is no climate emergency.”)


Aaron Hawkins
Carmen Houlahan
Chris Staynes
David Benson-Pope
George Morris
Hugh Forsyth
Jules Radich
Mandy Mayhem-Bullock
Marie Laufiso
Neville K Jemmett
Peter MacKenzie
Rachel Elder
Richard Seager
Robert (Bob) Barlin
Sarah Davie-Nitis
Scout Barbour-Evans
Sophie Barker
Steve Walker
Christine Garey


Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle (“Abandon plans to be CO2 neutral. Climate alarmism has become a form of mass hysteria. There is no climate emergency.”)

Eastbourne Community Board

Belinda Moss
Frank Vickers
Virginia Horrocks
Bruce Spedding

Eketahuna Community Board

Terry Carew

Far North District Council

Dave Bear Hookway
Harko Brown
Monty Knight
Tania Mcinnes (Marginal)

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Ward

David Clendon
Harko Brown
Jane Ellen Johnston
Kelly Stratford
Mike Stevens
Rachel Smith

Kaikohe-Hokianga Ward

John Vujcich
Lily Rawson
Marara Rogers
Moko Tepania
Rhonda Zielinski

Te Hiku Ward

Jason Kerrison
Lillian Karaka
Lyle Painting
Sacha Kearney-Yanke
Sue Bradford

Featherston Community Board

Claire Bleakley

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board

Fendalton Subdivision

Bridget Williams
David Benson

Harewood Subdivision

Scott Franicevic
Zahra Hussaini

Fiordland Community Board

Ben Killeen
Nigel Humphries
Ryan Murray

Foxton Community Board

John Girling
Tricia Metcalf

Franklin Local Board 

Pukekohe Subdivision

Amanda Kinzett
Logan Soole

Wairoa Subdivision

Amanda Hopkins
Ani Stace
Jesse Cleave
Lance Gedge
Malcolm Bell

Geraldine Community Board

Jan Finlayson
John Jensen
Rhys Taylor

Gisborne District Council


Meredith Akuhata-Brown
Rehette Stoltz

Gisborne Ward

Alice Kibble
Amber Dunn
Andy Cranston
Courtenay Waikari
Debbie Gregory
Josh Wharehinga
Larry Foster
Mary Liza Manuel
Tony Robinson

Golden Bay Community Board

Grant Knowles
Robert Hewison

Gore District Council

Gore Ward

Glenys Dickson

Grey District Council 

Eastern Ward

Jackie Farrelly
Karen Grant

Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board

Adele Geradts
Andrei Moore
Ross McFarlane
Jolene Eagar
Mark Peters
Al Aitken


Luke Chandler (A denier? Well, he answered “Curb rapidly rising rates,” when asked for climate change policy)

Hamilton City Council


Angela O’Leary
Paula Southgate
Jack Gielen
Louise Hutt


James Casson

East Ward

Anna Smart
Brad Hills
Margaret Forsyth
Maxine van Oosten
Kesh Naidoo-Rauf
Meleane Burgess
Rob Pascoe
Tim Young


Gary Mallett (“Accept that climate has always, and will always, change. Rarely is extreme climate change a consequence of human (ie people) activity.”)
Ryan Hamilton (Functionally a denier)

West Ward

Chris Davis
Dave Macpherson
Ewan Wilson
Louise Hutt
Martin Gallagher
Matthew Small
Peter Harry Bos
Sarah Thomson (Gold star: Sued government for not meeting climate change targets)


Leo Tooman

Hanmer Springs Community Board

Mary Holloway

Hastings District Council


Sandra Hazlehurst

Flaxmere Ward

Paula Mihaka

Hastings-Havelock North Ward

Bayden Barber
Rebecca Burn
Rion Roben
Sayeed Ahmed
Wendy Schollum

Heretaunga Ward

Alwyn Corban
Ann Redstone (Note: Anti-1080 though)
Jason Whaitiri
Oliver Taylor

Mohaka Ward

Stuart Perry
Tania Kerr

Hauraki District Council 


Josie Anderson

Paeroa Ward

Elaine Marie Rattigan

Waihi Ward

Alan Scott
Duncan Smeaton

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Central Hawke’s Bay Constituency

Tony Kuklinski
Will Foley

Hastings Constituency

Craig Foss
Mary O’Neill
Peter Guerin
Rick Barker
Tom Belford

Napier Constituency

Martin Williams
Neil Kirton
Nichola Nicholson
Paul Bailey


John Smith (“Reverse HBRC nonsensical declaration of a climate emergency”. Smith is a particularly vitriolic climate denier.)

Ngaruroro Constituency

Guy Wellwood

Henderson-Massey Local Board

Brenda Brady
Ingrid Papau
John Riddell
Murali Kumar
Paula Bold-Wilson
Rebecca George-Koteka
Shane Henderson
Warren Flaunty
Will Flavell

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board

East Coast Bays Subdivision

Alexis Poppelbaum
Christina Bettany
Edward Benson-Cooper
Elizabeth Hall
Glen Stanton
Victoria Short

Hibiscus Coast Subdivision

Claire Teirney
Janet Fitzgerald

Horowhenua District Council


Bernie Wanden

Kere Kere Ward

Jenny Lundie
John Girling

Levin Ward

Alan Young
Ginny Williams
Iraia Peni
Leigh (Griffen) McMeeken
Mike Barker
Mike Lepper
Nina Hori Te Pa
Terisa Ngobi

Waiopehu Ward

Christine Mitchell
Judy Webby

Howick Local Board 

Botany Subdivision

Ajaypal Singh
Lance Millward
Mark Johnson
Masooma Mehdi
Mike Turinsky

Howick Subdivision

Adele White
Barry Wood
Bo Burns
Jim Donald


Matthew Sheehy (“Local removal of the Auckland Council climate emergency, which is both scaremongering and virtue signalling in the highest order.”)
John Spiller (Admits he’s a denier partly because he’s been listening to a “a lot of information on talkback shows” around 53 minutes into this video.)

Pakuranga Subdivision

Dale Smith
Katrina Bungard

Huntly Community Board

Kim Bredenbeck
Rewi Cork


David Whyte (“Given the issues that confront Huntly, and the role of the Huntly Community Board, this does not seem relevant.”)

Hurunui District Council


Peggy Burrows

East Ward

Stephen Carr
Toka Te Taua

South Ward

Pauline White
Robbie Bruerton

Hutt City Council


Campbell Barry

At Large

Ashok Neil Parbhu
Brady Dyer
Campbell Barry
Chris Norton
Josh Briggs
Joshua Peauafi
Karen (Kaz) Yung
Michael Lulich
Naomi Shaw
Phil Sprey
Simon Edwards
Tesh Kells

Eastern Ward

Andy Mitchell

Harbour Ward

Simon Monrad
Tui Lewis

Wainuiomata Ward

Anania Randall
Keri Brown

Western Ward

Chris Parkin
Margaret Cousins

Inglewood Community Board

Graeme Hamilton Sykes
Mel Cook

Invercargill City Council


Becs Amundsen
Steve Chernishov


Barry R. Stewart
Becs Amundsen
Lesley Soper
Lindsay Abbott
Nobby Clark
Russell (Judge) Tempero
Steve Chernishov
Waka Coughlan
Wayne Harpur

Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board

Brent Cairns
Daniel Huisman
Philip Redmond

Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board

Kaikohe Subdivision

Lily Rawson

Kaikōura District Council



Sharon Rayner (“Opt out of the Agenda 21 and Earthcheck policies and create a policy that better suits our environment and community.” Appears to be an Agenda 21 conspiracy theorist.)

Kaipara District Council


Jason Smith
Moemoea Mohoawhenua

Dargaville Ward

Eryn Wilson-Collins

Otamatea Ward

Anna Curnow

West Coast-Central Ward

David Wills
Joesephine Nathan
Victoria Del La Varis-Woodcock

Kaipātiki Local Board

Andrew Shaw
Ann Hartley
Anne-Elise Smithson
Cindy Schmidt
Danielle Grant
Frances Waaka
Jesse Jensen
John Gillon
Louis Hartley
Melanie Kenrick

Kaitake Community Board

Graham Chard

Kāpiti Coast District Council


Gwynn Compton
Martin Halliday

At large

Asher Wilson-Goldman
Gwynn Compton
Janet Holborow
Marcia Johnson

Otaki Ward

Shelly Warwick

Paekakariki-Raumati Ward

Bede Laracy
Sophie Handford

Paraparaumu Ward

Mark Benton
Martin Halliday

Waikanae Ward

Iride McCloy
Jocelyn Prvanov
Michael Ferguson Scott

Katikati Community Board

Christina Humphreys

Norm Mayo (“Bring common sense back to council decisions.”)

Kawerau District Council

Rae Geary
Sneha Gray
Whaiora Patrick

Kawhia Community Board

Kawhia Subdivision

  1. (Kit) Jeffries

Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board 

Central Subdivision

Clive Antony
Irinka Britnell
Michelle Lomax
Sally Buck
Sunita Gautam
Wayne Hawker

Heathcote Subdivision

Gail Patricia Woods
Tim Lindley

Mackenzie District Council

Pukaki Ward

Emily Bradbury

Makara-Ohariu Community Board

John Apanowicz

Maketu Community Board

Laura Rae
William Ra Anaru

Manawatū District Council

Feilding Ward

Hilary Humphrey (“Develop an environmental sustainability strategy.” Marginal.)
Amber Dodge (“Ensure the processes we put in place for future development are resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.” Marginal.)

Rural Ward

Alison Short

Manawatū-Wanganui Regional Council 

Horowhenua Constituency

Karen Adams
Lindsay Burnell
Michael Kay
Phil Taueki
Sam Ferguson

Manawatū-Rangitīkei Constituency

Gordon McKellar
Leslie Pillow

Palmerston North Constituency

Chris Teo-Sherrell
Darryl Cleland
Fiona Gordon
Jono Naylor
Rachel Keedwell

Ruapehu Constituency

Moana Ellis
Richard Steele (“Plant trees in dodgy places.”)
Weston Kirton

Tararua Constituency

Andrew Day
Lorraine Stephenson

Whanganui Constituency

Nicola Patrick

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board

Brendan Corbett
Christine Frances O’Brien
Harry Fatu Toleafoa
Lemauga Lydia Sosene
Tauanu’u Nick Bakulich

Manurewa Local Board

Anne Candy
Ezekiel Robson
Sarah Colcord

Marlborough District Council 


Jamie Arbuckle
John Leggett

Blenheim Ward

Deborah Dalliessi
Gerry Roodakker
Jamie Arbuckle
Mark Peters
Matt Flight
Meg Martin
Phil Skinner
Robin Sutherland

Marlborough Sounds Ward

Barbara Faulls
Rebecca Woledge
Carmen Gimpl

Wairau-Awatere Ward

Francis Maher (“Incorporate climate change impact into all Council decisions. Build climate change resilience into the district’s planning and development.”)
Philip Vink

Martinborough Community Board

Aidan Ellims
Michael Honey
Penny Hobden

Masterton District Council


Lyn Patterson
Tina Nixon (Marginal)


Brent (BG) Gare
Chris Peterson
David Holmes
Deborah Davidson
Isabella McClymont
Jonathan Hooker
Ronald Karaitiana
Sandy Ryan
Tina Nixon (Marginal)

Matamata-Piako District Council

Matamata Ward

James Sainsbury
Judith Hattie

Morrinsville Ward

Heather Morton
James Thomas

Te Aroha Ward

Caitlin Casey
Russell Smith

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

Maungakiekie Subdivision

Godfrey Rudolph
Jeanette Thorne

Tamaki Subdivision

Chris Makoare
Peter Mcglashan

Mercury Bay Community Board

Leanne Rita Petersen

Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board

Jenny Newstead

Motueka Community Board

Brent Maru
David Armstrong
Jon Taylor
Joni Tomsett

Murupara Community Board

Murupara Subdivision

April Waiarangi O’Brien

Napier City Council


Kirsten Wise

Ahuriri Ward

Hayley Browne (nee Young)
James Crow
Keith Price

Nelson Park Ward

(Api) Apiata Tapine
Chris Stewart
Maxine Boag
Sally Crown
Will Jenkins

Onekawa-Tamatea Ward

Annette Brosnan

Taradale Ward

Catherine Hawkins
Jake Brookie

National Park Community Board

Simon O’Neill

Nelson City Council


Avner Nahmias
Mike Ward
Rachel Reese


Bernie Goldsmith
Brian McGurk
Graeme O’Brien
Harry (Howard) Morris
Judene Edgar
Luke King
Matt Lawrey
Mike Rutledge
Mike Ward
Pete Rainey
Rachel Sanson
Rohan O’Neill-Stevens
Trudie Brand

New Plymouth District Council 


Bill Simpson
Irene Godkin
Joanne Kuvarji
Max Brough
Neil Holdom

New Plymouth City Ward

Amanda Clinton-Gohdes
Anneka Carlson
Bev Gibson
Bruce Gatward-Cook
Chris Manukonga (“Stop smokers from dropping their cigarette butts on the ground.”)
Colin Bell
David Bublitz
Dinnie Moeahu
Gordon Brown
Harry Duynhoven
Irene Godkin
Joanne Kuvarji
Jonathan Marshall
Katherine Blaney
Louise James
Mike Crow
Richard Handley
Sarah Foy
Stacey Hitchcock

South-West Ward

Chris Hale
Richard Jordan

Ngaruawahia Community Board

Kiri Morgan
Rongo Kirkwood

Northland Regional Council

Coastal Central Constituency

Amy Macdonald
Colin Peter Thew
Jeroen Jongejans
Maggie Buxton
Paul Dimery

Coastal North Constituency

Jocelyn Yeoman

Coastal South Constituency

David Lourie
Rick Stolwerk

Te Hiku Constituency

Mike Finlayson

Whangarei Urban Constituency

Jack Craw

Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board

Caroline Conroy
Jonathan Lovatt

Ōpōtiki District Council


Alex Dobie
Haki Mcroberts
Louis Rāpihana
Lyn Riesterer

Coast Ward

Haki Mcroberts
Louis Rāpihana

Ōpōtiki Ward

Alex Dobie
Shona Browne

Waioeka-Waiotahi Ward

Debi Hocart
Ron Findlay

Ōrākei Local Board

Isaac Mercer
Pete Williams

Otago Peninsula Community Board

Hoani Langsbury

Otago Regional Council

Dunedin Constituency

Andrew Rutherford
Bryan Scott
Gretchen Robertson
Marian Hobbs
Matt Kraemer
Michael Deaker
Rob Woodhouse
Scott Willis
Tim Mepham
Tony Hunter

Dunstan Constituency

Alexa Forbes
Gary Kelliher
Phill Hunt
Richard Bowman

Moeraki Constituency

Alex Familton
Gail May-Sherman
Kevin Malcolm

Molyneux Constituency

Andrew Velman (Note: Anti-1080)
Lloyd McCall
Robert Hamlin

Otaki Community Board

Cam Butler
Marilyn Stevens
Shelly Warwick
Stephen Carkeek

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board

Ōtara Subdivision

Apulu Reece Autagavaia
Swanie Nelson

Papatoetoe Subdivision

Dawn Trenberth
Margaret Stonyer
Tafilelea Faavae Gagamoe

Otorohanga Community Board

Amanda Kiddie

Otorohanga District Council


Doreen de Haan (“The current climate of the district is moderate in all respects, limiting the potential adverse effects of climate change.”)

Kawhia-Tihiroa Ward

  1. (Kit) Jeffries

Waipa Ward

Roy Johnson (“Promote the importance of farming businesses to our district in considering our future.” Said nothing about climate change, promoted farming concerns instead.)

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board

Ohoka-Swannanoa Subdivision

Sarah Barkle

Oxford Subdivision

Mark Brown

Paekākāriki Community Board

Holly Jane Ewens

Palmerston North City Council


Andy Asquith
Teanau Tuiono


Aleisha Rutherford
Andy Asquith
Brent Barrett
Bruno Petrenas
David Lane
Duncan McCann
Iulian Dianu
Karen Naylor
Latham Lockwood
Lew Findlay
Lorna Johnson
Nick Byrnes
Patrick (Pat) Handcock
Rachel Bowen
Renee Dingwall
Tangi Utikere

Papanui-Innes Community Board

Innes Subdivision

Ali Jones
Cam Parsonson
Emma Twaddell
Holly Chappell-Eason

Lindon (Boycey) Boyce (“Is Climate change a creation of Mankind or just Nature? Like most I am no expert so I just do the best I can for the environment each day.”)

Papanui Subdivision

Emma Norrish
Merav Benaia
Nathan McCluskey
Peter McDougall
Simon Britten

Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board

Grace Lindsay

Petone Community Board

Brady Dyer
Karen (Kaz) Yung

Pleasant Point Community Board

John Cross

Porirua City Council

Ana Coffey
Anita Baker
Mike Duncan

Eastern Ward/Pāutahanui ki te uunga mai o te ra

Jasmine Taankink
Jimmy Isaako

Northern Ward/Pukerua ki te Raki

Anita Baker
Beverley Anne Wakem
Brett Crombie
Iain Maclean
Josh Trlin
Nathan Waddle
Rabeea Inayatullah
Ross Leggett

Western Ward/Titahi Rangituhi Porirua ki te uru

Geoff Hayward
Jude Pointon
Mark Batten
Mike Duncan

Puketāpapa Local Board

Anne-Marie Coury
Bobby Shen
Harry Doig
Jon Turner
Julie Fairey
Shail Kaushal

Queenstown-Lakes District Council


Jim Boult
Nik Kiddle

Arrowtown Ward

Heath Copland

Queenstown/Wakatipu Ward

John Glover
Niki Gladding
Glyn Lewers
John Macdonald
Penny Clark
Valerie Miller

Wanaka Ward

Calum Macleod
Cherilyn Walthew
Lincoln Haworth
Niamh Shaw

Raglan Community Board

Chris Rayner

Rangiora Ashley Community Board

Ashley Subdivision

Chris Prickett
Greg Miller
Krysten Barnett

Rangiora Subdivision

Robbie Brine
Monique Fleming
Jason Goldsworthy

Rangitāiki Community Board

Pouroto Ngaropo

Rangitīkei District Council


Andy Watson

Central Ward

Fiona Dalgety
Sandra Field

Southern Ward

Bronwyn Meads
Waru Panapa

Rodney Local Board

Kumeu Subdivision

Vicki Kenny
Brent Bailey
Danielle Hancock
Phelan Pirrie

Geoff Upson (“Investigate who is benefiting financially from the ‘climate emergency.'”)

Warkworth Subdivision

Beth Houlbrooke
Steven Garner

Rotorua District Council


Stephanie (Steve) Anne Chadwick
Reynold Macpherson


Bam Whare
Dave Donaldson
Fisher Wang
Kaya Sparke
Lance Mutlow
Matthew Martin
Ryan Gray
Richard Collins
Trish Hosking
Mark Gould
Julie Kerry
John Rakei-clark
Harina Rinaha Rupapera
Conan O’Brien
Brendan Davis
Alan Tāne Solomon

Rotorua Lakes Community Board

Phill Thomass
Nick Chater

Rotorua Rural Community Board

Sarah Thomson

Ruapehu District Council


Jacques Windell

National Park Ward 

Taumaranui Ward

Adie Doyle

Waimarino-Waiouru Ward

Elizabeth (Betty) Pakai
Gary Griffin-chappel
Janelle Hinch
Vivienne Hoeta
Elijah Pue (Anti-1080)

Saddle Hill Community Board

Keith Mcfayden

Selwyn District Council


Sam Broughton

Ellesmere Ward

Shane Epiha

Malvern Ward

Kerry Pauling

Selwyn Central Ward

Calvin Payne
Jeff Bland
Sophie Mcinnes
Mark Alexander
Nicole Reid

Springs Ward

Debra Hasson
Riki Rolleston

South Taranaki District Council 

Patea Ward

Brian Rook

Taranaki Coastal Ward

Scott Wilson
Lee Alexander Hurley
Chris Young

Te Hāwera Ward

Diana Reid
Racquel Cleaver
Celine Filbee

South Waikato District Council 

Putaruru Ward

Sandra Wallace
Adrienne Bell

Tokoroa Ward

Marin James Glucina

South Wairarapa District Council


Alex Beijin
Graeme Farr

Martinborough Ward

Daphne Geisler

Southland District Council


Don Byars
Tim Hanna

Mararoa Waimea Ward

Brian Dillon

Oreti Ward

Christine Menzies
Darren Frazer

Stewart Island/Rakiura Ward

Rakiura Herzhoff

Waiau Aparima Ward

Don Byars
Karyn Owen
Ron Hibbs
George Harpur

Waihopai Toetoe Ward

Amanda Nally
Paul Duffy
Julie Keast

Southland Regional Council 

Fiordland Constituency

Allan Baird
Roger Hodgkinson

Invercargill/Rakiura Constituency

Bonnie Mager
Eric Roy
Nathan Surendran
Robert Guyton
Bruce Pagan

Western Constituency

Gemma Mcgrath

Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board

Cashmere Subdivision

Keir Leslie

Spreydon Subdivision

Calum Stewart-Ward
Karolin Potter

Stewart Island/Rakiura Community Board

Rakiura Herzhoff

Stratford District Council 

Stratford Rural Ward

Stephen Dravitski

Stratford Urban Ward

Christopher James
Laurie Gooch

Tairua-Pauanui Community Board

Anne Stewart Ball

Taneatua Community Board

Toni Boynton

Taranaki Regional Council

New Plymouth Constituency

Bob Waugh
Elvisa Van Der Leden
Charlotte Littlewood

North Taranaki Constituency

Chris Wilkes

South Taranaki Constituency

Alan Murray
Neil Walker
Michael Joyce

Tararua District Council


James Harold
Tracey Collis

North Tararua Ward

Michael Francis Long
Neil Gibbard
Paddy Driver

Tasman District Council


Brent Maru
Dean McNamara
Tim King

Golden Bay Ward

Celia Butler
Kaya Blown
Reg Turner

Motueka Ward

Claire Hutt
David Ogilvie
Paul Dixon-Didier

Moutere-Waimea Ward

Anne Turley
Christeen Mackenzie
Don Everitt
Hayden Stevenson
Julie Nevin
Richard Johns

Richmond Ward

Dana Wensley
Gary Watson
Kit Maling
Mark Greening
Peter Lynch
Stan Holland

Taupiri Community Board

Jacqueline Henry
Jo Morely

Taupō District Council


Kim Eyles
Zane Cozens

Taupō Ward

Anna Park
Christine Singer
John Williamson
Kathy Guy
Mowenna (Mo) Harding

Turangi-Tongariro Ward

John Mack

Tauranga City Council 


Jos Nagels
Kevin Clout
Rangimarie TeAmopiu-Kaa Kingi

At Large

Bernie Gillon
Buddy Mikaere
Caleb Hall
Geoffrey Brown
Heidi Hughes
Linda Munn
Suzi Paige

Mount Maunganui Papamoa Ward

Deborah Johnston
Peter Gregson
Shona Delaney
Steve Morris

Otumoetai-Pyes Pa Ward

Barry Pollett
Jako Abrie

Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward

Anna Larsen
Terry Molloy
Tina Salisbury
Waitsu Wu

Rob Poad (“Remove the climate emergency status”).

Tawa Community Board

Bronwyn Thurston
Damian Hewitt
Jackson Lacy

Te Hāwera Community Board

Celine Filbee

Te Hiku Community Board

Kaitaia Subdivision

David Senior

Te Puke Community Board

Dale Snell
Kassie Ellis
Larissa Hika
Richard Crawford
Stephen Fawcett

Tekapo Community Board

Ann-Maree Grant

Temuka Community Board

Charles Scarsbrook

Thames Community Board

Michael Brewerton

Thames-Coromandel District Council


Ben Parsons
Len Salt

Coromandel-Colville Ward

Neville Cameron

Mercury Bay Ward

Augusta Macassey-Pickard

Thames Ward

Martin Rodley
Robyn Sinclair

Timaru District Council


Janie Annear
Kari (Aj) Mohoao
Shane Wilson

Pleasant Point-Temuka Ward

Charles Scarsbrook

Timaru Ward

Anthony Brien
Barbara Gilchrist
Jock Anderson
Karl Te Raki

Hugh Perry (“I do not believe there is a climate emergency”).

Tirau Community Board

Holly Blair

Twizel Community Board

Renee Rowland
Tracey Gunn

Upper Harbour Local Board

Anna Atkinson
Glen Stanton
John Henry Glover
Jonathan Mcdonald
Margaret Miles
Nicholas Mayne
Uzra Casuri-Balouch

Upper Hutt City Council


Angela Macleod
Wayne Guppy


Chris Carson
Dylan Bentley
Glenn McArthur
Luke Cooke
Michael Hurle
Paul Thompson
Rebecca Macann
Ted Cooper
Tracey Ultra

Vincent Community Board

Anna Robinson
Ian Cooney
Roger Browne
Russell Garbutt
Victoria Bonham
Wayne Perkins

Waiheke Local Board

Bob Upchurch
David John Baigent

Waihemo Community Board

Katrina Dodd

Waihi Beach Community Board

Marilyn Roberts

Waikanae Community Board

Geoffrey Churchman
Jocelyn Prvanov
Michael Moore

Waikato District Council


Korikori Hawkins
Simon Thomson

Eureka Ward

Elizabeth Goodwin

Huntly Ward

Bill Rosoman
Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai

Ngaruawahia Ward

Rongo Kirkwood

Onewhero-Te Akau Ward

Bronwyn Main

Waikato Regional Council

Hamilton Constituency

Angela Strange
Barry Quayle
Jennifer Nickel
Peter Koizumi
Russ Rimmington
William Durning

Taupō-Rotorua Constituency

Alana Delich
Bernhard Chrustowski
Kathy White (Anti-1080)

Thames-Coromandel Constituency

Clyde Graf (nb Anti-1080).
Dal Minogue
Denis Tegg

Waihou Constituency

Bill Cox (nb Anti-1080)
Tara Jesperson
Fred Lichtwark
Pamela Storey

Waipā-King Country Constituency

Andrew Macpherson
Dan Armstrong
Stuart Kneebone

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

Andy Barratt
Geraldine Tait
Mandy Mayhem-Bullock
Rafferty Parker
Rose Stringer-Wright

Waimakariri District Council


Jay Webb
Kirstyn Barnett
Michael Joseph Bate
Robbie Brine

Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward

Brent Cairns
Philip Redmond

Waimate District Council

Waimate Ward

Fabia Fox
Michael Downes
Miriam Morton

Wainuiomata Community Board

Ellie Abel
Paul Knox
Regan Gilmour

Waipa District Council


Jennifer Takuta-Moses

Cambridge Ward

Dennis Finn
Philip Coles
Poto Davies
Roger Gordon
Steve Grounds

Te Awamutu Ward

Andrew Brown
Bernard Westerbaan
Bill Izard
Cassidy Temese
Dennis Pennefather
John Wood
Lou Brown
Michael Emery

Wairoa General Ward

Murray Olsen

Wairoa Māori Ward

Hinenui Tipoki-Lawton

Waitākere Ranges Local Board

Greg Presland
Mark Roberts
Michelle Wineera (Anti-5G)
Sandra Coney
Tony Hartnett

Waitaki District Council


Gary Kircher
Katrina Hazelhurst
Paul Mutch

Corriedale Ward

Eugen Dupu

Oamaru Ward

Colin Wollstein
Derek Golding
Devin Familton
Eden Bradfield
Hana Melania Halalele
Iain Clark
Kelli Milmine
Liz Cadogan
Melanie Jeanne Tavendale
Peter Mclellan

Waihemo Ward

Jan Wheeler
Peter Newton

Waitara Community Board

Irene Godkin
Jonathan Marshall
Josephine Moore

Waitematā Local Board

Alexandra Bonham
Glenda Fryer
Graeme Gunthorp
Julie Sandilands
Keith McConnell
Richard Northey
Tadhg Tim Stopford
Will Maxwell-Steele

Waitomo District Council


Brian Hanna
John Robertson

Te Kuiti Ward

Jacob Ngarewa

Wanaka Community Board

Lyal Cocks

Wellington City Council


Ajay Rathod
Andy Foster
Conor Hill
Jennie Condie
Justin Lester
Norbert Hausberg

Motukairangi/Eastern Ward

Bernard O’Shaughnessey
Chris Calvi-Freeman
Sarah Free
Teri O’Neill

Paekawakawa/Southern Ward

Fleur Fitzsimons
Humphrey Hanley
Laurie Foon
Thomas Morgan

Pukehīnau/Lambton Ward

Brian Dawson
Harry Smith
Iona Pannett
Lee Orchard
Nicola Young
Shan Ng
Tamatha Paul

Takapū/Northern Ward

Jenny Condie
Jill Day
John Apanowicz
John Peters
Malcolm Sparrow
Peter Gilberd
Tracey Hurst-Porter

Wharangi/Onslow-Western Ward

Andy Foster
Conor Hill
Michelle Rush
Rebecca Matthews
Richard Mcintosh
Rohan Biggs (Note: Very marginal. Advocates cutting rates as a way of reducing the council’s carbon footprint, which is questionable at best. However, he does have some on-topic proposals.)

Wellington Regional Council

Pōneke/Wellington Constituency

Alexander Garside
Bryce Pender
Daran Ponter
David Lee
Glenda Hughes
Helene Ritchie
Jill Ford
John Klaphake
Lesleigh Salinger
Roger Blakely
Sam Somers
Thomas Nash
Tony De Lorenzo
Tony Jansen
Troy Mihaka
Victoria Rhodes-Carlin

Porirua/Tawa Constituency

Barbara Donaldson
Chris Kirk-Burnnand
Jenny Brash
Phillip Marshall
Vaughn Liley

Te Awa Kairangi Ki Tai/Lower Hutt Constituency

David Ogden
Josh Van Lier
Leonie Dobbs
Peter Glensor
Bill Hammond
Mark Crofskey
Ros Connelly
Steve Pattinson

Wairarapa Constituency

Adrienne Staples
Richard L Moore

West Coast Regional Council

Buller Constituency

Glenn Irving
Laura Coll McLaughlin
Pat Wall

Grey Constituency

Paul Finlay (“Climate change Paul Finlay instigated climate change engineering at Holy Name University in Bohol. The focus is on engineering.”)

Westland Constituency

Logan John Skinner

Western Bay of Plenty District Council


Stephen Fawcett

Kaimai Ward

John Palmer
Mark Dean

Katikati/Waihi Beach Ward

Allan Sole
Anne Henry
Christina Humphreys
James Denyer
Neil Candy
Tangiwai Manihera-Palmer

Maketu/Te Puke Ward

Kevin Marsh
Monique Lints
Stephen Fawcett

Westland District Council


Gray Eatwell

Northern Ward

Jane Neale
Kim Judd

Whakatāne District Council


Judy Turner
Julie Jukes
Leslie Immink
Pouroto Ngaropo
Victor Luca

Galatea-Ururapa Ward

Alison Silcock
Jackie Te Amo

Rangitāiki Ward

Mel Rangiaho (“Adapt to climate change we have been doing this for 150 years and we will carry on adapting as it increases and always changing.”)
Wini Geddes

Whakatāne-Ōhope Ward

Neil Larking
Scott Jarrett (“Adapt to climate change will mean new directions/policy.”)
John Pullar (“That council has a clear pathway to adapt to climate change.”)
Steve Sopora (“Cost effectively increase our resilience to natural disasters, whether or not climate related, based on sound analysis of risks and impacts.”)
Toni Boynton
Victor Luca
Wayne Marriott

Whakatāne-Ōhope Community Board

Carolyn Hamill
Ged Casey
Linda Bonne
Sue Fenton

Whangamata Community Board

Helen McCabe
Tamzin Letele

Whanganui District Council

Alan Taylor (“Focus on adapting to climate change”)
Brent Crossan
Hadleigh Reid
Helen Craig
James Barron
Jenny Duncan
Kiritahi Firmin
Matthew Urry
Phillipa Baker-Hogan (“Support initiatives to adapt to climate change”)
Ray Brightwell
Vijeshwar Prasad

Whangārei District Council


Sheryl Mai
Tony John

Bream Bay Ward

Iain Robertson
Olli Krollman

Denby Ward

Crichton Christie
Shaquille Shortland
Tricia Cutforth

Hikurangi-Coastal Ward

Anna Murphy

Okara Ward

Albie Barr
Carol Peters
Melanie Payne
Nicholas Hunter Connop
Steve Capper
Tony Gill (“Make our council to do the job “once” by redoing work/infostructure more times isn’t environmental sound as well of extra costs.”)

Whangārei Heads Ward

Don Lake

Whau Local Board

Aadil Basha
Catherine Farmer
Fasitua Amosa
Jessamine Fraser
Jessica Rose
Kay Thomas
Lawrence Watt
Reuben Shadbolt
Warren Piper

This article was updated on September 27 to remove the “fudgers and prevaricators” category, which proved more amorphous and unhelpful than we’d intended.

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