Image: Tina Tiller

Gone By Lunchtime: Politics ’til midnight

Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee-Mather and Ben Thomas forget how to record a podcast over Zoom.

Most elements of life under lockdown feel a little bit easier the second time around, but not recording an episode of Gone By Lunchtime. After being held up for over an hour by a confusing tech issue (Ben’s new phone doesn’t have a headphone port), the renowned podcasting trio finally get stuck into the week’s political issues, of which there are a few.

Topics include: the election date (it’s changed), community transmission (it’s back), Gerry Brownlee, conspiracy theories, Judith Collins, why National should run a Fat Freddy’s Drop inspired campaign, and the concept of “political edging”. Ben’s a bit mean about Ashley Bloomfield, there’s a bit of Zorb chat, and a nostalgic shout out to Merv and the Bad Boys of Brexit too. Miss those guys.

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