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PoliticsSeptember 30, 2020

Which New Zealand politician has the best dad jokes?


As a comedy genre dad jokes are having their moment. In this election campaign who is best using the funny groaners to their advantage? José Barbosa investigates.

Everyone’s hitting the hustings desperate to connect to the common person in the electorates. The superweapon in this respect is the dad joke because it sends out a flare that the person telling the joke is just like you. So I sat down with hours and hours of video and went through and found the five best dad jokers in Election 2020.

It’s a video that has already caused controversy among the campaigning herd. In fact National MP Chris Penk is already rattling his sabre.

Despite this we are not done ploughing the furrow of dad jokes, but we need your help. Send in any examples you find in the wild to

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