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The Spinoff Book podcast: Toby Manhire on the helter-skelter 2017 election

In the latest from our pop-up podcast, we revisit the days of Jacindamania.

TOP down? How in-fighting is risking The Opportunities Party’s survival

Former leader Gareth Morgan says The Opportunities Party's remaining members are 'grovelling, compromising political aspirants' and that's the least of new leader Geoff Simmons' problems.

Reliving the 2017 election with Jacinda Ardern

In this bonus edition of Gone By Lunchtime, the prime minister talks to Toby Manhire at the Auckland Writers Festival

Were journalists ‘just doing their job’ in the political resignation of Metiria Turei?

Massey University's Sean Phelan and Leon Salter look at the role media played in of one the biggest controversies of the last election.

Metiria Turei: Beyond politics

In one of her first interviews since she stood down from politics, Metiria Turei talks to Waveney Russ about her new life as an artist studying at the Dunedin School of Art.  

When the wheels came off: James Shaw on Election 2017

The Green co-leader on fearing he might be the party’s last leader, why Jacinda Ardern was a boost to their electability, and the nine-dimensional chess of coalition negotiations

‘Confident but paranoid’: Bill English reflects on election 2017

New Zealanders were highly engaged in the campaign of 2017, and despite the result Bill English loved it.

‘We chose the harder path’: Winston Peters on election 2017

The NZ First leader defends his party’s approach to coalition negotiations, explains why they went with Labour and, of course, upbraids the media.

‘I remember the crunch point’: Jacinda Ardern looks back on the 2017 election

The now prime minister recounts the wild weeks that saw her catapulted to lead the Labour Party.

What now for the Māori seats?

The Māori electoral option results are in, but for now we have more questions than answers.

Summer Reissue: A visual history of the New Zealand parliament

Chris McDowall explains the origins of this epic graph view into our political history.

Summer reissue: My advice for Jacinda and Bill after playing politics simulator Democracy 3

Just how hard is it to win an election and successfully lead a government? Seems easy enough, but there’s only one way to find out for sure: simulate it in a computer game.

Summer Reissue: Nothing is different, everything is different: Clarke Gayford on his first days as first gent

When you watch your cat attempt to derail your partner's phone call with Donald Trump, it's hard to avoid the word 'surreal', writes Clarke Gayford.

National’s best chance now? The eradication of NZ First

How serious is talk of a new conservative party springing up, asks former cabinet minister Wayne Mapp.

John Key quit a year ago, and it’s been a bonfire of the leaders ever since

The last National leader buggered off before it was cool.

Nothing is different, everything is different: Clarke Gayford on his first days as first gent

When you watch your cat attempt to derail your partner's phone call with Donald Trump, it's hard to avoid the word 'surreal', writes Clarke Gayford.

The tick-splitters: how New Zealanders used their two votes, a visualisation

More than a quarter of those who voted gave their electorate vote to someone from a different party than the one they backed for their party vote. Chris McDowall breaks it down.

Tamati won Waiariki with hard work, nous, and a little help from the Māori Party

One of the biggest surprises of the 2017 election was Tamati Coffey’s win in the electorate of Waiariki – unseating Te Ururoa Flavell and ushering the Māori Party out of parliament. Campaign manager Haydn Marriner takes us inside Team Tamati’s strategy.

That Labour-NZ First coalition deal, in 150 words

Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters yesterday signed an agreement establishing a governing coalition. In the service of democracy and brevity, we’ve chiseled it, roughly, to its core.

That Labour-Green deal, in 150 words

The confidence and supply deal that Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw signed yesterday comes in at seven pages, or an appositely sized PDF of 4.20 MB (not kidding).

A brief journey through the bad Australian takes on the NZ election

Another gold medal for the green-and-gold, in the contest for the worst media opinions on New Zealand's electoral outcome. Toby Manhire reads them so you don't have to.

‘It’s about quantity and clarity’: an ex-governor-general on making MMP governments

Is it OK for the second biggest party to take the reins of power? Former governor-general Sir Jerry Mateparae answers this and other questions about post-election government-making.

Why Māori need an apology from the new Labour government

As Treaty commentator Joshua Hitchcock prepares to return home from London, he is optimistic for the new Labour government, but argues that reflecting on past mistakes will help them regain Māori trust.

We did it, now let’s actually do it – Kiri Allan on delight for Labour (and two other labours)

I’d forced myself not to think about it, but now the incredible has happened, writes Spinoff candidate diarist and new star of the Labour caucus

(WATCH) A whole bunch of men talking over women the night Jacinda won

Trigger warning: boorish dudes jabbering away

Politics podcast: A whole new government edition

The Gone By Lunchtime team chews over the new government, what it means for Labour, NZ First, the Greens and the , and how we got there. Guest starring an exciting new podcasting talent.

Kiwis of Snapchat new government poetry slam (WATCH)

What is everyone thinking after Winston Peters' announcement last night? The stars of Election 2017 tell us – in rhyme.

A government absent the biggest party marks MMP’s coming of age

Andrew Geddis assesses the shape and viability of the new Jacinda Ardern led government. And sings the praises of two individuals, one from the Greens, the other National.