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The fog of time: why the Defence Force’s Hit and Run admission really matters

A year after the publication of a book alleging civilian deaths in a botched NZ raid in Afghanistan, the Defence Force has quietly conceded its operation was in the same village depicted by the authors, and it makes the case for an inquiry overwhelming

Bill English says no inquiry into Hit & Run claims – his reasons, and Hager’s response

The PM has said there will not be an independent inquiry into the allegations around Operation Burnham, which according to the Hager-Stephenson account killed nine civilians. These are his key justifications, and the author's reaction

An inquiry into the Hit and Run claims is now essential. And there is an obvious person to lead it

The actions described in the book Hit & Run could constitute war crimes under the Geneva Convention. The case for an independent inquiry is now becoming overwhelming, writes geopolitical analyst Paul Buchanan.

‘As a nation we owe it to ourselves to find out’: former Defence Minister Wayne Mapp admits he was a source for Hit and Run

The former National MP and defence minister says civilian death suggestions are plausible, and that NZ needs to ‘find out what really happened’ in Operation Burnham.

Tirgiran locals: ‘Tirgiran is not a village, and therefore “Tirgiran Village” does not exist’

Residents of the Afghan area where NZ forces undertook Operation Burnham in 2010 say the NZ Defence Force claim it took place in Tirgiran Village is a nonsense, while Hit & Run authors have conceded they were 2km out in locating sites

Hit & Run author Jon Stephenson responds to ‘wrong village’ claim from NZ Defence Force

The Chief of NZ Defence has dismissed Hager and Stephenson's book, saying Operation Burnham took place not in the villages they identify but instead in Tirgiran Village, 2km south. And Stephenson himself said, in a 2014 report, that the raid occurred in Tirgiran Village. We asked Stephenson to explain.

Hit and Run: What are crucial differences in authors’ vs Defence Force version of events?

Following a remarkable press conference by the chief of the Defence Force, we point to the critical disputes about what took place during the 2010 NZ-led raid in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan.

The Hit & Run stakes just got even higher. Here are the rival views, from NZ Defence and Hager/Stephenson

The Chief of the NZ Defence Force has wholesale rejected Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson's account of events in Hit & Run. Hager and Stephenson have responded in turn, saying the Defence Force claim is 'incorrect and implausible'

Hit and Run is not ‘war as usual’

The government response to the revelations contained in Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson's Hit and Run have so far amounted to a collective shoulder shrug. Felix Geiringer explains why that's simply not good enough.

Hacks, devotees and cheese: the scene from the floor at the Hager book launch

Jess McAllen paints the picture from a Unity Books packed with media, activists and more, eager to discover the subject of the new book and the quality of the catering.

Hit & Run: A depressingly credible account of blunder, bloodshed and cover-up

In their new book Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson offer evidence of a botched raid that killed six civilians and led to a scramble to conceal the truth. Danyl Mclauchlan reviews Hit & Run: The New Zealand SAS in Afghanistan and the Meaning of Honour and weighs up the prospects for an inquiry.

Fatima was three. Was she killed in our name?

We appear to have been systemically lied to about what our soldiers do in our name, and that is intolerable, writes Andrew Geddis

New Hager book is Hit & Run: The New Zealand SAS in Afghanistan and the Meaning of Honour

Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson have just published Hit & Run: The New Zealand SAS in Afghanistan and the meaning of honour, which they say 'tells the story of a dark and guilty secret of New Zealand's recent history'. Here is the Q&A they have issued to press.