Brynley Stent (Photo: FIRST)

The stage show that prepared Brynley Stent for Celebrity Treasure Island

Comedian, actor and CTI dark horse Brynley Stent tells us about crushing on Munkustrap from Cats, sharing a fleece onesie with Chris Parker and more.

Anybody surprised at how good Brynley Stent has been on the current season of Celebrity Treasure Island has probably never been an up-and-coming theatre actor.

Take one of Stent’s earliest roles, for example – a production of The Three Little Pigs at Christchurch’s Court Theatre, in which she appeared alongside “dear friend” and fellow CTI surprise package Chris Parker. 

“We wore fleece onesies in the middle of the summer,” she remembers. “I had to switch costumes with Chris … so I had to take off my onesie and put on his and it was like – the inside was full of sweat. His sweat.”

This is just the type of experience, it turns out, that prepares a person for the specific physical and mental challenges contestants face every day on Celebrity Treasure Island.

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