Catherine Woulfe

Catherine Woulfe is an Auckland-based journalist

Jan 2, 2019

An eating guide for the urgently nauseous pregnant woman

Bollocks to the official guidelines – if you're expecting, and also expecting to vomit at any moment pretty much all the time, try these 10 handy hints.

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Aug 13, 2018

Revealed: How c-section scar defects can cause infertility

Defects are 'currently underdiagnosed and may consequently be left untreated at a staggering rate', says one of a number of experts calling for more information to be provided to women.

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Aug 13, 2018

Caesarean scar defects and fertility: what you need to know

The key questions and answers around c-sections, scarring and the fertility impact.

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The Best Of
Aug 13, 2018

C-sections can cause infertility. Mine did

For a select few women, this could be the difference between a baby, and not. I'll say it again: c-sections can cause infertility.

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