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BooksMarch 17, 2017

The Friday Poem by Carin Smeaton


New verse by Auckland writer Carin Smeaton.


Rēkohu, he got his eye on you


he’s from the chathams

you dont meet many people from there do u

he says he keeping his name top secret cos it’s a small world out there

all he’ll say is she’s opening up to the point

of taking the extra care

of what she wears

taking the time to look nice

the makeup the hair the slip off the shoulder

they just love he says

the attention he says

they goes out of their ways to get noticed & it’s working

a treat

she’s warming she’s talking

she’s blossoming out

he picks petals to throw in her shadow

he’s had his eye on her waiting for her after church to talk to her

bout her ex

(that cunt) he been trouble

heard he been dishing it up

in her garden of moonlights and blackjacks

making her shrink

in and out

of his fandango dipped deeds

(but u never the same after a nervous breakdown are you)

tho she’ll be okay he’d take her far away on a plane

to the chathams he says

if he had the chance

if it didnt cost him an arm & a leg

he’d take the kids too



Carin Smeaton

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