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John Keats, now dead
John Keats, now dead

BooksOctober 26, 2018

The Friday Poem: ‘A new song of allegiance’ by Murray Edmond

John Keats, now dead
John Keats, now dead

New verse by Auckland writer Murray Edmond.


A new song of allegiance

(apologies to R.A.K. Mason)


Curnow Glover Brasch have fled

(Stead’s still trying to get in bed)


Manhire is my kind of guy

It’s hard to say exactly why


I bunked with Hunt now he’s drunk

Come on mate don’t pull that stunt


Baxter does not seem to care

If my plait’s behind my ear


None are left can raise a woody

Just two shoes and both are goody


Come on scribblers see me here

I offer up my lovely rear


You’ll find I’m not too hard to please

Waiting here upon my knees


Look my arse is smooth and warm

Perfect content in a form


My song is viral everywhere

Fuck me boldly in the rear


Murray Edmond, 2018

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