How to talk to your children about Logan Paul’s suicide video

Many parents are wondering how to talk to their children about YouTuber Logan Paul's video which showed a man who had died by suicide. High school teacher and counsellor Louisa Woods has some tips for parents.

Summer reissue: I’m not babysitting – a father on gender roles in parenting

After being told I'm incredibly lucky that my husband watches our children when I have to travel for work, this post by Brannavan Gnanalingam was like the first pinot gris after a very long day. I too long for a day when we are all allowed to be incompetent as parents. Bring it on! - Emily Writes, Spinoff Parents editor.

Summer reissue: Science experiments to teach children about the awful futility of life

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the interminable summer holidays, Thom Adams has some science experiments designed to teach your children about the cold and heartless reality of the terrible world we're stuck in.

Summer reissue: Crowdsourced hacks to make you feel better about your adequate parenting

Need a parenting hack? Spinoff Parents has got your back – sort of. Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes shares the best (*mostly* best) reader brainwaves.

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Summer reissue: We are family: The characters you’ll encounter at Christmas lunch

Is Christmas Day the best or worst day of the year? Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes has crowd-sourced a list of the characters you'll break bread with today. Tis the night before Christmas, …

Summer reissue: Mothers are allowed to say no

Because you are more than a mother. Because you're doing enough. Because you just don't feel like it – you're allowed to say no to your kids, says Spinoff Parents …

To the exhausted mothers at Christmas, from Emily Writes

At this time of year the inbox of our editor Emily Writes fills up with messages from despairing mothers who are struggling through the holiday period. They feel alone and overwhelmed and exhausted. This is her Christmas message for them.

Let’s talk about screen time but not in a shitty way

Lily Emerson, a classification advisor at the Office of Film & Literature Classification, has some advice about screen time. And before you run screaming - it's not what you think.

Think of parenting small children like running a B&B? Challenge accepted.

Anna Gowan heard something on the radio and she decided to run with it. It turned into quite a day. 

No funeral, no burial, no eulogy: The pain of miscarriage

This Christmas many are struggling to come to terms with miscarriage and infant loss. In this personal essay, Lucy Kelly, a student midwife, shares her own story of the heartache of pregnancy loss.

Breeder’s Digest: A very merry breeder’s Christmas

Everything you need to know about surviving Christmas in one handy pod.

Things to do in Wellington (and around) with kids

We have a beautiful summer upon us. The school and kindy holidays are very long. Here's your crowd-sourced by real parents guide to Wellington with little ones.

Being kind to your kids at Christmas when you’re exhausted

School holidays have begun and everyone is tired. Here are some tips from Nicola Bond on supporting your kids when their behaviour is challenging you over the Christmas period. 

Why are so few women compensated for lost earnings after a split?

Last week, a Supreme Court decision awarded the wife of a lawyer $520,000 to make up for the fact that she gave up her career and potential income to look after the children and home.

Two parents, two cultures, two languages: raising an Asian-Pākehā under-five

Rebecca Inoue-Palmer writes about raising her daughter in a Japanese-Pākehā family, and why she and her husband are dedicated to maintaining their child's link to her Asian heritage.

No, charities don’t want your inedible food items

There's a widespread belief that charities and people living in poverty should just 'be grateful' for any food donations they receive. That's a dangerous and damaging idea, argues Rebekah Graham.