Is it Normal: Help! Does parenting get easier?

Is it Normal? is the Spinoff Parents' advice column. Today we have the amazing Pinky McKay talking to a mum who asked: does it get easier?

‘How do you settle when your loved ones are in danger?’

Refugee advocates are celebrating a win with a promised increase of the quota, but those refugees who get here are still facing years-long waits for family to join them

Where are all the baby changing rooms for dads?

Men are increasingly the primary caregivers for kids, but public facilities for them to change nappies in remain woefully inadequate.

Emily Writes: How we’re handling school

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes on her son's adventures at school and how she's learning to adjust to having a school kid.

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There’s no tougher audience in theatre than children

When your audience is children, and their attention spans are shorter than their tempers, how do you keep them entertained at a theatre show? Thomas LaHood talks about his approach.

The parent pay chasm: how the gender pay gap widens among those with kids

New research reveals the penalty women pay after becoming mothers.

The day I lost my shit

Stay at home dad of three Cameron Lecky had a fight with an automated checkout machine last week. We've all been there, right?

I’m a single mum living in poverty

What is it like to be a mother living in poverty? Carissa Allen shares her story.

Babies in a theatre audience? Get out the pitchforks!

A theatre show written by parents and for parents is welcoming mums to see the show with their babies. It might be a first in New Zealand. Producer Rachel Millar outlines why they've made the decision to be accessible.

Surrogacy in the age of The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale portrays surrogacy as an act of violent exploitation. Surrogacy researcher Hannah Gibson considers how the show affects our understanding of surrogacy in New Zealand and asks: are women here being exploited?

Where the Wild Things Aren’t: on the exclusion of children from public places

Every parent has probably felt the disapproving eyes of others at some point when out with their offspring. Linda Jane Keegan challenges that undeniable feeling that kids just aren’t welcome anywhere.

Zoe’s legacy: The friendship seat and a hope for an end to bullying

Today is Pink Shirt Day an international initiative aimed at ending bullying. Here, Kiri Speirs shares her daughter Zoe's story.

Rejoice, for ‘Lydia’ by Fur Patrol is finally on Spotify!

In 2000, Fur Patrol dominated the New Zealand singles chart with 'Lydia'. 18 years later, 'Lydia' is finally streaming on Spotify. We pay tribute to this New Zealand classic.

Parents of teens: Here’s what you need to know about 13 Reasons Why season 2

The second season of the teen series 13 Reasons Why will be online tomorrow night. Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes outlines what you need to know – because your teen will be watching this show.

My child is a biter

What is it like to be the mum of a prolific biter and hair-puller? Anya Whitlock details the pain, the frustration, and what's secretly the worst part of all.