Tomorrow, you are seven

On the eve of her child turning seven, Emily Writes shares a personal essay on birthdays and parenthood. 

What ‘suicide awareness’ means to the parent of a suicidal child

A harrowing account of what it's like trying to save your child from suicide, and the toll it takes on everyone involved.

Art and Matilda’s home birth was safe and critics need to back off

A patronising, snide and all-round awful opinion column tried to guilt the celebrity couple for giving birth at home, and Emily Writes is not having it.

Why hungry kids make for hungry parents

Within households grappling with food insecurity, parents will often choose to go without essentials long before their children do, writes Dr Rebekah Graham. 

Parents Archive

A message to my late father

This Father's Day, broadcaster Nadine Higgins reckons with her complex relationship with her Dad who passed away last year. 

Ward One

Emily Writes on love and fear and hope at her son's hospital bed.

Coroner says breastfeeding mums should never drink alcohol. 400 doctors disagree

Over 400 doctors, most specialising in child health, have signed an open letter to the coroner expressing concerns about a judgement which blamed alcohol in breast milk for the death of an infant.

A love letter to my toy library

It's like Christmas every fortnight, and an antidote to the great plastic pile-up.

Why you should trust your children with calculated risk

A coroner's comments about the death of Carla Neems have the potential to plunge New Zealand into a moral panic. But having freedom and responsibility is an essential part of child development, argues a mother of two.

Emily Writes: There’s no war on fun and cotton wool culture is bullshit

We keep hearing that Kids These Days are mollycoddled and risk-averse, but is that really true? And guess who gets blamed when kids do take risks and things go wrong?

Emily Writes: My top 5 parenting worry trends of 2019

It's a scary world out there, and there's a lot for you as a parent to be frightened of. But what are the things you should be most freaked out …

Kids playing sport is great. But how much is too much?

New research shows there's been a dramatic increase in the number of New Zealand children getting injured playing sport. It's a timely reminder that kids don't need competition to be active, writes ACC's Isaac Carlson.

Emily Writes: How childbirth works, according to a man

It's 'important for mothers and midwives to plan well ahead of their delivery', according to the head of the Southern DHB. Intrigued, Emily Writes decided to find out more.

Incompetent dads aren’t funny. They’re just shitty partners

If you're a man who isn't sure that you're a good partner to the mother of your children, then you're probably not.

Emily Writes: Another Royal Baby has arrived*

Emily Writes heads over to Harry and Meghan's whare to discuss the impending (or maybe it's happening right now) birth of the next royal child.

Stop taking your kindergarten for granted and get them some bloody funding

Longer hours have some parents up in arms, but Emily Writes argues that kindergartens are only doing what they have to in order to survive.