A blur of vomit, shit, sleeplessness, and unrequited love

Nothing can prepare you for the first weeks of parenthood.

Enduring the unendurable: The podcast shining a light on a silent tragedy

It’s a podcast almost four years in the making on a topic 'shrouded in silence'. Emily Writes speaks to Susie Ferguson about The Unthinkable.

After the longest school term in history, now is the time to reset

Arihia Latham reflects on the life lessons her daughters will take into a new future. 

It’s time New Zealand takes post-birth care seriously

A group of mothers, personal trainers, and physiotherapists have joined together to try to address New Zealand's lack of post-birth care. Here's why.

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Whānau like ours: Listening to the podcast about NZ’s immigrant families

In the podcast Conversations With My Immigrant Parents, immigrant whānau across New Zealand have frank conversations about ancestry, love, expectation, acceptance – and food.

For young children, playing is learning. So why does Playcentre keep losing out?

Of the huge funding boost coming for early childhood education, Playcentre has been left with just the crumbs.

Emily Writes: On coming ‘home’ to school and our community

'Standing on the hopscotch with the sun shining down, it felt like everything was right. And it hasn’t felt like that for a long time.'

Ten tips from 12 weeks as a brand new parent

Simon Day shares some lessons from his first three months as a dad.

You can teach your children without knowing the answers to their homework

In the fourth part of a new series sharing the stories of families learning from home during lockdown, Tamsyn Matchett discovers a new importance in being kind. 

Emily Writes: The complete Mother’s Day gift guide for every kind of mum there is

Mother's Day is just around the corner and this year it will be different – no, not because of the pandemic.

Children don’t need to be in a classroom to learn

In our new series sharing the stories of families learning from home during lockdown, Jessie Moss observes her daughters learning at each step of their lockdown journey. 

Covid-19 has only made it harder to be a midwife

On International Day of the Midwife, New Zealand midwives share what it’s like working through a pandemic.

The reality of routine at home

Charles Anderson tries to impose some order on his household and learns that disorder is ok too.

My daughter, on the other side of the screen

Separated from her nine year old daughter in Hungary, Daisy Coles is finding solace in video calling – and Disney gifs.

Together, apart: Keeping kids connected under rāhui

Emily Writes watches her sons hold on to connections in isolation. 

In their own words: Children talk about level four lockdown

At the beginning of lockdown Emily Writes spoke to children across the country about how they were feeling. Almost four weeks on, she checked in on them again.