The 'Māori' episode of Justin Time is really, really messed up

If you've seen the 'Māori' episode of kids show Justin Time Go, you'll know how batshit it is. Steph Matuku breaks down the mess that is 'Let's Haka Dance!'

Elliot has a brain tumour

Inside the oncology day ward at Wellington Children's Hospital, a little girl has her final round of chemotherapy. Her family allowed The Spinoff Parents to come to the session and share some of their story with readers. Photos by Danny Rood. Words by Emily Writes.

'School has been reduced to child care': A principal speaks out

Jai Breitnauer speaks to her sons’ primary school principal Riki Teteina about teaching in New Zealand and the teacher shortage Bill English says doesn't exist.

A kindergarten begs for help for its special needs children

Last week a kindergarten in Wellington wrote an open letter to the Minister for Education, pleading for their children with special needs to get the support they need. As part of a Spinoff Parents series on early childhood education in New Zealand, Michaela Harris went to the kindergarten to talk to teachers and parents.