An open letter from Penny Bright to The Spinoff

We recently received this open letter from Her Warship Penny Bright. It details her thoughts about Auckland Council, Phil Goff, the Property Council, Chlöe Swarbrick, Generation Zero, Spinoff hack Hayden Donnell, and The Spinoff dot co, dot, NZ.

Subject: Time to quit the SPIN Hayden and try some SUBSTANCE?

Open Letter

When are you going to do an article of substance instead of spin Hayden?

Like on the ‘widespread culture of corruption’ that exists at Auckland Council and is being exposed in the Auckland HIgh Court now?

Seen this?

Also – who died and made Generation Zero & The Spinoff the last word in giving voting guidelines to electors?

In my view, you are both effectively mouthpieces for the NZ Property Council.

And if you support PPPs for key infrastructure, as does your protégée, Chloe Swarbrick – you are also a mouthpiece for multi-nationals.

How  ‘establishment’ and ‘old hat’ is THAT?

The Spinoff – cool?


Yeah/ nah –  in my opinion, just more young fresh-faced wolf cubs  spouting more stale, disproven Neo- liberal pro-corporate 1% bollocks.

(Yawn …..)

Penny Bright

2016 Auckland Mayoral candidate

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