The 10 Best Kiwis of Snapchat in the year 2017 AD

The 10 best Kiwis of Snapchat as brought to you by auteur and comedian Tom Sainsbury.


Let’s be honest, 2017 was a pretty shit year for a lot of us. There was one demographic however who did really bloody well out of the clusterfuck that was Auckland city: landlords. And nobody captured just how far they’d push the limits of credulity as Tom Sainsbury. Or, is this in fact just a regular landlord? Hard to say.


“They asked, ‘how do you deal with aggro people?’ and I said, ‘Well, I’ve gotta be honest with you, I throw the first punch.'”


The life of a list MP is a tough one. Just ask Green Party hopeful Robin McCandless, on a mission to meet every single person in his notoriously blue electorate.


In the space of a few short months, fishing host guy Clarke Gayford went from a sort-of celebrity to the First Man of New Zealand. But how does he feel about losing his partner to service to the country? There’s a fishing metaphor for that.


God have mercy on the poor intern tasked with making the notoriously boring Bill English a hit with the youth. They did their best, I guess?


Performance-based pay for teachers is a contentious issue in New Zealand. Helpfully, New Zealand’s most famous beneficiary David Seymour has a few easy questions to determine your worth as a teacher. Things like, can you inspire a classroom full of thugs to appreciate Shakespeare? Top points if you can!


Labour, Greens, National – so many choices once you’re in the booth. Ahead of the election this year Tom Sainsbury asked Kiwi voters which way they were gonna vote on the big day.


Plastic blags cop a lot of blame for being such visible signs of late capitalism in all its single-use excess. But for one man they’re about as good as it gets.



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Nobody in any medium covered the 2017 election in all its fucked up glory as Tom Sainsbury. This compilation will be studied in PolSci classes from the UoA to Vic and…that’s about it.


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