(Gif: FIRST / Tina Tiller)
(Gif: FIRST / Tina Tiller)

MusicJune 29, 2022

What Mazbou Q’s sleep paralysis demon said to him

(Gif: FIRST / Tina Tiller)
(Gif: FIRST / Tina Tiller)

The rapper and producer tells FIRST about a chilling childhood encounter with a sleep demon, his love for the classic website stickdeath.com and more.

First celebrity crush

“Sarah Michelle Gellar! But it was because my friend was obsessed with her and I was like, ‘I feel like I need to be cool and obsessed with someone, so sure,  Sarah Michelle Gellar, I guess she’s kind of good looking. Yep. She’s my crush’.”

First favourite website

“There were a few – there was this one called Stick Death! I don’t know if any of you know it but it was literally a bunch of animated stick figures, like killing each other in very strange ways. I don’t know why I loved that site, but it was fantastic.”

First paranormal experience

“I just woke up in the middle of the night, couldn’t move anything. Tried to move, couldn’t move. I heard this voice in the corner of the room. This is the creepiest part: I knew exactly what the voice was saying, but it was not speaking English. It was not speaking any kind of language I heard before, but I knew exactly what it was saying. It was mocking the way that I spoke and the way that I, you know, sometimes trip over my words when I talk, but it was in a language that I’ve never heard before. I just remember freaking the hell out and trying to move as much as I could. It went on for, it probably was only like 10 seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Finally I managed to wake up and turn on the light and I think got my Bible out and started reading. You know what I’m saying? That was crazy.”

First conscious fashion decision

“I was into metal in high school. So I was hardcore into my black clothes, jewellery, hair, I think I even dyed my hair “moonlight blue”, which makes no sense, because I’ve already got black hair, but it looked a little bit blacker. There were actually some more, very tragic fashion decisions along those lines, but I don’t think I’m going to disclose those. If you hunt the internet, MySpace, you’ll probably find them.”

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