NewsOctober 3, 2014

Weekend Watch: Sexy Sci-Fi, Survivor and Sloths


Can you even believe your life! It’s nearly the weekend again! And, like clockwork, there’s a whole bunch of telly out there waiting to be watched. It’s windy out there, so keep your wits about you and stay inside.

Caprica Team

For a binge-watch, why not check out Caprica on Lightbox. A prequel spin-off to Battlestar Galactica set 60 years before the original series, it follows two families in the 12 Colonies. Look at that picture though! It’s like Shortland Street in space! The network thought that Battlestar‘s “war in space” backdrop was a deterrent for all the lady viewers out there, so Caprica takes a more gentle and liberal approach to sci-fi life. For example, group marriage is legal – as are all recreational drugs. There’s your Saturday night party covered.

Do not be fooled by the dowdy exterior of network television, there are some great things lined up on the old transistor for your weekend. Tonight you could see how long you can watch Gwen Stefani and Pharrell spin around in their chairs for on The Voice premiere at 7.30pm on TV2. It’s two hours long and you are bound to feel sick. Tomorrow, catch the new kiwi show called Intrepid NZ at 3.55pm. The stars Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald travel the country, tracing the steps of past intrepid New Zealand explorers. This week they will recreate the famous kiwi “hungover walk BP to buy a pie”.

Sloth Sunday has a huge line-up. There is something called Meet the Sloths on TV1 at 5pm which needs no explanation. Later on Sunday, do us a solid over here and check out Survivor: San Juan Del Sur at 6.30pm on FOUR and My Kitchen Rules on TV1 at 7.30pm. We are recapping our butts off over here and we want you to share in the magic. Give a little. Have a nice weekend.

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