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PodcastsMarch 25, 2015

Podcast: The Spinoff’s TV Week, Episode One


The first episode proper of The Spinoff’s TV Week, a weekly (duh) podcast in which Duncan Greive and Alex Casey from talk about what they’re watching on television and how they feel about it.

This installment discusses the exceptional debut of TVNZ’s ‘iZombie’, SoHo’s amazing documentary series ‘The Jinx’ and Better Call Saul’s ‘Five-O’ episode, which tells the backstory of Mike Ehrmentraut. We also discuss the second week of The Xtra Factor and Prime’s three part censorship documentary, The Naughty Bits. Special thanks to Kiwi FM (RIP) for letting us record in their fancy studio, Dan Clist for all his help and Joseph Moore for the bangin’ theme tune.

The pod will be live on iTunes and all good podcast places soon, and may already be (we’re not the most technologically adept website in the world).

Keep going!