Jacinda Ardern and Todd Muller both revealed five point plans in the last few days

Quiz: Can you tell National’s five-point economic plan from Labour’s five-point economic plan?

Ten points, two plans. Which points are whose? 

With an election within spitting distance, Aotearoa’s two biggest political parties are all about the plans. “You don’t have a plan!” says one party to the other. “Yes we have a plan, or certainly a plan to have a plan, or a plan to say you have no plan,” says the other. It’s a good time all round.

At the Labour Party congress on Sunday afternoon, Jacinda Ardern, the leader of the Labour Party, delivered a speech in which she unveiled a five-point plan for economic recovery.

At the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Todd Muller, the leader of the National Party, delivered a speech in which he unveiled a five-point plan for economic recovery.

According to several sources, that’s a total of 10 points. The question is, can you guess which one is from which party, or is it just, as Winston Peters likes to say, a choice between Coke and Pepsi?

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