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Pop CultureMarch 9, 2017

Watch: Repressed Memories #2 – Were the mid 2000s the golden age of Sticky TV?


Please enjoy the second episode of our new online series Repressed Memories, wherein James Mustapic revisits weird local shows from his childhood (click here to watch episode one on Sensing Murder). 

As far as I was concerned, Sticky TV was the best show on TV when I was a kid. Drew Neemia, Erin Simpson, and Sam Wallace were absolutely central to my upbringing, they were my TRUE parents. I’m truly obsessed with them to this day, and I’m not really sure if it’s a joke or not.

The Sticky TV episode of Repressed Memories was the first I made and it helped come up with the premise for the series: revisiting TV shows I loved when I was younger (which may or may not have actually been good) and finding out what the stars of the show are doing now.

The Sticky TV presenters have actually gone on to be overall pretty successful. Sam Wallace went to One News and is now on The Hits, Kanoa Lloyd is on The Project, while Drew Neemia went on to be the host of Select Live, and also launched his EXTREMELY successful music career. Even 2016 Billy T Nominee Alice Brine was on Sticky TV. This show is a factory for successful people.

There may be a few haters who may not understand this love I have for this show, some may even claim that Studio 2 was the better after school kids’ show, but I would like to formally invite those people to try and name a more iconic trio than these three sex gods… I’ll wait.

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