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Pop CultureApril 10, 2017

Controversial: Is Better Call Saul actually better than Breaking Bad? (WATCH)


With the third season of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul arriving on Lightbox tomorrow, José Barbosa makes his case for why the prequel may well be even better than the original.

Remember around 2010, 2011 when everyone was talking about the continuing misadventures of Walter and Jesse? The show was so good people lost their shit, so much so that it became a recurring joke: fervent fans imploring you to watch Breaking Bad while clawing at your sleeve.

The ongoing drama of Jimmy (the soon-to-be-Saul), Kim, Chuck and Mike in prequel series Better Call Saul is must-watch TV in my mind. But I’m willing to go further in my estimation of its worth. As I watched Saul I thought “this could be better than Bad? Nah, couldn’t be. Bad was amazing, incredible, awesome.”

However, the more I considered the proposition, the more evidence I amassed in favour. It’s my pleasure to now present this evidence to you in video content form. Listen to my argument and then listen to your heart. And then join me in the light.

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