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Alice Snedden’s Bad News held a euthanasia debate dinner party

In this episode of Bad News, Alice Snedden is forced to confront her own mortality before hosting a very special dinner party to get to grips with the euthanasia debate.

Analysis: The online ad campaigns fought over the weed and euthanasia referendums

Which side spent more and why? Jihee Junn crunches the numbers and finds some misleading claims along the way. 

Yes votes prevail in assisted dying referendum

The End of Life Choice Act will be enforced in 12 months' time, with 65.2% voting yes in the referendum.

Three similarities in the fight for assisted dying and abortion rights

ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa president Terry Bellamak on the things she's noticed the two movements share.

Complaint laid after assisted dying ‘vote no’ flyers found in official EasyVote packs

Promotional material from a group opposing the End of Life Choice Bill included alongside some official voting information packs, according to Northland family.

A night in Gore with New Zealand’s most formidable conservative campaigners

Family First has been on tour over the election campaign, pounding out the message that voters should say no on both referendums.

Why are we considering assisted dying in a pandemic?

Disabled people have fought hard for the human rights protections this act erodes.

The End of Life Choice bill is safer than many of our current critical care laws

Uncertainty is an unavoidable part of healthcare at the edges of life.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: I held a dinner party to help decide which way to vote in the euthanasia referendum

In this episode of Bad News, Alice Snedden is forced to confront her own mortality before hosting a very special dinner party to get to grips with the euthanasia debate.

‘Very clever bit of misinformation’: Seymour attacks quiz about euthanasia referendum

A widely shared quiz on the End of Life Choice bill referendum is 'designed to create fear, uncertainty and doubt about the bill', says its leading proponent.

Everything you need to know about the 2020 assisted dying referendum

The bumper Spinoff guide to the vote on voluntary euthanasia.

Derailed by Covid-19, euthanasia and cannabis referendum campaigns gear up

Campaigners on how their plans have been affected by the recent crisis, and the risks of misinformation in a largely online battle

A collection of voices on the End of Life Choice bill

We have sought to treat different views with respect throughout this process, and as a likely referendum approaches in 2020, we will continue to do so. 

In an ideal world, euthanasia would make sense. We don’t live in an ideal world                          

Proponents of the End of Life Choice say that controls on euthanasia will make it safe for all. But the reality is that euthanasia is inherently uncontrollable, argues Jannah Dennison.

I never thought I would support this bill. But, then, there’s Mum

The End of Life Choice Bill passed its second reading last night by 70 to 50. Among a number of heartfelt speeches was this, from Willie Jackson.

Why we should be sceptical of David Seymour’s euthanasia bill

This week, Alex Penk found himself agreeing with David Seymour when he said that there’s been “a constant misinformation campaign” about the End of Life Choice Bill. It’s just that the chief culprit was Seymour himself, he argues.

Assisted dying devalues the disabled

At first look, it all seems so sensible: people who find no value in their lives should be allowed the choice to end them. Right? Wrong, says Dr John Fox – and here's why.

The lessons for NZ from Canada’s assisted dying bill

David Seymour has thrown his member's bill into the parliamentary hat. But the legislation currently being debated in Canada differs in some important ways, writes Andrew Geddis.