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Five everyday objects, five incredible stories.

The story of a mighty pen

Madeleine Chapman inspects a pen, and learns about the power of privilege.

The Single Object: How this pen was used to highlight police racism

Watch | One morning in 1978, a university lecturer walked into the police station and made a confession. His crime? Stealing a ballpoint pen.

Heavy metal afterlives: A sideways appreciation of the NZ Chinese Growers Monthly typeface

Kerry Ann Lee looks at the enduring appeal of Chinese typeface and letterpress design in the digital age.

The Single Object: The typeface that told the stories of Chinese New Zealanders

Watch | This set of heavy lead typeface has a fascinating story to tell about the history of Chinese New Zealanders.

What John Scott taught me about architecture

John Scott broke barriers for Māori architecture – and paved the way for future generations of Māori architects like Jade Kake.

The Single Object: The pou of Māori architect John Scott

Video | John Scott’s use of pou in his modernist designs helped bring two architectural worlds together.

The incredible life story behind this embroidery

Every stitch of Lema Shamamba's embroidery tells a part of her story – and brings her closer to her homeland.

The Single Object: The embroidery with a story to tell

Video | It’s embroidery, but not as you know it.

The rise and fall of the pine on One Tree Hill

The 1994 chainsaw attack on the pine wasn't a simple act of vandalism – it was an act of protest informed by centuries of history.

The Single Object: The chainsaw heard across Aotearoa

Video | 'You're in a dangerous place here,' Mike Smith warned a group of teenagers. 'I'm about to drop this tree, and it’s gonna fall on your car.'

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Five ordinary objects, five incredible stories.

The Single Object: The truth and beauty of the Christchurch Town Hall’s concrete

In her love for the Christchurch Town Hall, Jessica Halliday revels in the history, allure and power of its key material: concrete. 

The Single Object: The internet cable that connects us to the rest of the world

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith shares her obsession with the 30,000km long Southern Cross Cable and the effect it's had on our national identity. 

The Single Object: The back country record cutter putting New Zealand music on plastic

In a shed at the foothills of the Southern Alps, Peter King has made special lathe cuts of recordings by an eclectic array of musicians.

The Single Object: a quest for a set of heroic skis

James Dann explores Christchurch's ties to the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, and embarks on his own journey of discovery in pursuit of a pair of skis.

The Single Object: Lakiloko and the functional beauty of Tuvalu art

Madeleine Chapman explores the beauty and purpose of Tuvalu art, and meets one of its foremost creators, Lakiloko Keakea.

The Single Object: A metric tonne of Chinese-New Zealand history

Emma Ng examines the once lost Chinese typeface used to print the New Zealand Chinese Growers’ Monthly Journal. 

The Single Object: the water fountain that measures money

In the second part of our series about forgotten objects with outsize influence on New Zealand history, Danyl Mclauchlan visits the Reserve Bank to inspect Bill Phillip's MONIAC.

The Single Object: a mighty pen

Madeleine Chapman inspects a pen, and learns about the power of privilege.