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VideoJune 27, 2019

Watch: Two Sketches draws and chats with trans cartoonist Sam Orchard

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Two Sketches is a webseries featuring Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris chatting and drawing with a selection of New Zealand illustrators, artists, comic artists, cartoonists, sketchers and doodlers. In episode 3, Toby sits down with activist illustrator Sam Orchard.

The Spinoff’s chill-out, slow-form web series Two Sketches returns with another draw and a chat hosted by award winning illustrator Toby Morris. In this episode Toby is a guest in the home of outspoken queer and trans cartoonist Sam Orchard. The pair traverse the valleys and peaks of gender identity, how the media gets trans stories wrong, the systemic failures of Work and Income and whether or not following LEGO building instructions is truly creative. 

Settle into a great episode of Two Sketches below. We recommend a comfy couch and a cup of Milo.

Two Sketches is made with the support of NZ On Air. Watch the first episode, with Michel Mulipola, here and the follow-up with Sharon Murdoch. Subscribe to The Spinoff’s YouTube channel here to see all our video series.

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