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hurting-my-feelings (1)

BooksJanuary 21, 2022

The Friday Poem: so hot you’re hurting my feelings, by Sylvan Spring

hurting-my-feelings (1)

A new poem by Wellington poet Sylvan Spring.

so hot you’re hurting my feelings


you’re so hot i want to gouge out my eyes / and gift them to a food bank / so hot i want to shave my brows off / and dip my face in ice cream / pour out all the air trapped in my corners and fill me with yours

so hot i want to build an elaborate effigy of a sparrow / and then smash it with a hammer / so hot i want to ride a miniature train around a carpark / you’re so hot it’s embarrassing

look up at me with those eyes / both sacred and unclean / you’re so hot i want you to enter my bloodstream and make your home there / as a wholesome cottagecore lesbian / with sweet peas lining your front garden

you’re so hot i want to nuzzle you on a remote hilltop / so hot i want to break a window in the middle of an important speech / take the pieces and start making you a glass tapestry / right there, on the floor / you’re so hot i want to cry

you’re soo hot / i want to sing ronan keating’s life is a rollercoaster / alternatingly through each of my flatmates’ keyholes at midnight / to muffle your mouth with my hand and look into your eyes while you cum / so hot i want to throw a drink on someone / and blame it on someone else

you’re so hot i want to throw irreverent shade at the sun / for daring to think it could burn me with its wattage / when you’ve already singed me beyond return / and the sun can’t see me now / heimlich every drop of it from my body with your embrace / while i admire your sexy forearms

the sun will see you now / to politely request that you respect her copyright over / being the most wildly hot being / in this universe or the next

the sun is petty and insecure / but she is not violent / she will let you live / and keep being hot / because what else would you do?

This poem shares its title with Caroline Polachek’s song So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings from Pang (2019).

The Friday Poem is edited by Chris Tse. Submissions are currently closed and will open again soon.

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