Your taxes support artists, and that’s OK

Go on, imagine your lockdown without art. Just try.

The Pink Jumpsuit: An essay about the bubbles we live in

'It seems like someone else’s dream of my past.' For Emma Neale, the painting ‘Wanderlust’ by Dunedin artist Sharon Singer stirs memories of her childhood.

Come on in? NZ galleries and museums remain open despite coronavirus

New Zealand's museums and galleries are still open, despite similar spaces closing in cities across the world.

On queer pleasure: conversations between Imogen Taylor and Frances Hodgkins

Imogen Taylor's sumptuous exhibition Sapphic Fragments is informed by art historical understandings of queer pleasure, and in particular, women’s love for women.

Art Archive

West Coasters: the characters on the road between Westport and Greymouth

An extract from West Coast photographer Julia Johnston’s upcoming book Coast Roaders with an introduction by her for Spinoff readers.

My God, It’s Full of Stars! Two Auckland art shows on bodies colliding with space

Visiting the Audio Foundation and the Michael Lett Gallery, both just off Auckland’s K' Road, Tulia Thompson finds herself considering the galaxy and what it means to be human. 

The angry brown woman: My issue with art schools

Former student Anna McAllister recounts her fraught journey through art school.

The great contemporary art road trip

Yes, it’s still summer and still the season of the road trip. We run down some of the best North Island art stopovers, and the mavericks behind them.

The abiding legacy of a daring Parisian modernist who shook up the NZ art world

Serena Bentley writes on an illuminating survey in Auckland and Christchurch of the work of a daring modernist artist deserving of wider attention

On making art and disappearing in Florida

Florida-based New Zealand writer Chloe Lane talks to Wellington artist Andrew Beck about life among the Trump devotees and swamp manatees of America's strangest state.

‘My life is one big experiment’: Laurie Anderson on the power of art and terriers

Laurie Anderson on the power of art, the complexity of language, Buddhism and Burroughs, and their shared love of terriers.

On swampy ground: painter and printmaker Brent Harris returns home

Palmerston North-born Brent Harris’s considers himself an Australian artist, but his work is suffused with the unease and melancholia long associated with New Zealand art, cinema and music.

‘She can draw a ball-sack better than anyone alive’ – Hera Lindsay Bird on artist Hannah Salmon

Summer reissue: Poet Hera Lindsay Bird celebrates the work of New Zealand artist Hannah Salmon, aka Daily Secretion, and her portraits of angry 'alpha men'.

Summer binge watch: Two Sketches with Toby Morris

Catch up on Two Sketches, featuring Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris chatting and drawing with a selection of New Zealand artists.

The debate over Theo Schoon, who built his career on the backs of Māori artists

An exhibition of Dutch-New Zealand artist Theo Schoon at the City Gallery in Wellington has set off a debate about the place of racially problematic work in public spaces.

Art on a shelf: 2019 in review

A conversation between editors about what made an impression in New Zealand visual arts in 2019. We unpack the highs and lows, and the exhibitions both naughty and nice. Warning: includes light interference from Elf on a Shelf.