Bubble art: A socially distanced new show of videos from lockdown

From a Ronnie Van Hout take on The Breakfast Club to James Oram carving a rendition of his own face out of soap, Christchurch Art Gallery’s show of new video art in response to Covid-19 isolation is worth championing.

Courtney’s Place: Te Papa’s CEO on leading the national museum out of Covid

New Te Papa CEO Courtney Johnston on her vision for the museum, the impact of the pandemic, the return of taonga and making good on the Treaty. 

Art in the waiting room

There is art at the hospital, even in intensive care – but the price of seeing it is everything. 

The future of art is not on a screen, it’s with people

What makes Zoom so exhausting? And where to for art? For Auckland artist Cushla Donaldson it’s about work that embraces the social and physical in new ways. Increasingly in Zoom meetings, …

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Facial gash: The troubling self-portraiture of Meg Porteous

Mark Amery shares words and images with Auckland artist Meg Porteous across bubbles, via screens.

The conflict over conflict of interest: On the Walters Art Prize judging process

Questions are being asked about the judging process for New Zealand’s most prestigious art prize, the Walters Prize.

While the creative sector hurts, the power of making carries us through

Today, the best art is coming not from our museums or galleries, but from bedrooms, garages and kitchen tables.

The centre will not hold: Aotearoa at the Sydney Biennale before lockdown

Nirin, the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, remained open in March while many other exhibitions closed. Now one of Australasia’s most important art events is going online.

To queer or not to queer: What can galleries do to address homophobia?

Writer Samuel Te Kani tracks the issues and digs into the complications below the surface of the erasures of a queer NZ art history.

Your taxes support artists, and that’s OK

Go on, imagine your lockdown without art. Just try.

The Pink Jumpsuit: An essay about the bubbles we live in

'It seems like someone else’s dream of my past.' For Emma Neale, the painting ‘Wanderlust’ by Dunedin artist Sharon Singer stirs memories of her childhood.

Come on in? NZ galleries and museums remain open despite coronavirus

New Zealand's museums and galleries are still open, despite similar spaces closing in cities across the world.

On queer pleasure: conversations between Imogen Taylor and Frances Hodgkins

Imogen Taylor's sumptuous exhibition Sapphic Fragments is informed by art historical understandings of queer pleasure, and in particular, women’s love for women.

West Coasters: the characters on the road between Westport and Greymouth

An extract from West Coast photographer Julia Johnston’s upcoming book Coast Roaders with an introduction by her for Spinoff readers.

My God, It’s Full of Stars! Two Auckland art shows on bodies colliding with space

Visiting the Audio Foundation and the Michael Lett Gallery, both just off Auckland’s K' Road, Tulia Thompson finds herself considering the galaxy and what it means to be human. 

The angry brown woman: My issue with art schools

Former student Anna McAllister recounts her fraught journey through art school.