Waterdeep Mountain High: School’s Out… Forever? Part 3

Welcome back (for the final time!) to Waterdeep Mountain High, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in a below average school in the mystical land of Faerun.

Waterdeep Mountain High: School’s Out… Forever? Part 2

Welcome back to Waterdeep Mountain High, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in a below average school in the mystical land of Faerun.

Podcast: Andy Zaltzman can’t stop talking cricket

Podcast host, comedian and big-brained Brit Andy Zaltzman will be coming to New Zealand later this year for the comedy festival. He spoke to Alex Braae about politics, satire, and the game he can't get enough of.

If women aren’t funny, how come they took out all the awards at Last Laughs?

For years New Zealand comedy has – with some notable exceptions – had a reputation as something of a boys' club. Last night its three key awards were all won by women for the first time. Natasha Hoyland, a young comedian herself, describes how that moment felt.

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‘Performing to 50 women and 10 men is the ideal ratio’: Rose Matafeo on making award-winning comedy

Rose Matafeo won the Fred Award last night. It's New Zealand's most prestigious comedy award, along with the Billy T Award (which she has also won). Sam Brooks talks to her about her comedy, life overseas, and their shared passion for musical flop Nine.

Beyond the gumboot: The non-Dagg work of John Clarke

On the heels of today's Fred nominee announcements, comedian Jonny Potts digs deep into the non-Fred Dagg work of John Clarke, including a book, a podcast and some handy YouTube clips.

Comedy Festival reviews: Louise Beuvink and Joel Creasey impress, while two Billy T nominees fall short.

Sam Brooks roars into the third week with two of this year's Billy T nominees, an impressive hour from local comedian Louise Beuvink, and a great one from Australian Joel Creasy.

The Spinoff’s Comedy Fest Diary, Week 3: ‘My brain is broken’

Just as the biggest annual event in NZ comedy was getting underway, Spinoff Comedy co-editor Natasha Hoyland ended up in hospital. But now she's back and raring to go – in time for the festival to enter the home straight.

Raw Comedy finalist Uther Dean on why it’s a raw deal for comedy rookies

Uther Dean is a finalist in tonight's Raw Comedy Quest Grand Final at Q Theatre – and he's terrified. He explains why that is, and why there's a big problem with stand-up comedy that nobody talks about.

Comedy Festival: Alice Snedden comes out swinging, Paul Williams makes a mark, and Eli Matthewson gets deeper and darker

Comedy co-editor Sam Brooks starts week three of the festival with a three-show ripper. Alice Snedden kills her first hour, Paul Williams makes a name for himself, and Eli Matthewson only gets better.

Comedians tell us what they hate more than anything else in the world (WATCH)

The fourth instalment of our video series Comedians Answer Our Questions is here! From mushrooms, to murderers, to farms, to iPads, comedians tell us what they hate more than anything else in the world.

Sam Brooks on Dialogue: Identity and why you should absolutely come see it

Dialogue: Identity, proudly supported by The Spinoff, is a one-off storytelling event at Q Theatre this Friday, May 19. One of the performers, Sam Brooks (who also happens to be our Comedy co-editor), introduces the show here.

Should a comedy show actually make you feel things? Brendon Green says yes

Brendon Green's shows have a tendency to make people laugh, but also make them cry. He explains why that is, and why it's actually okay.

The Laugh-Off’s third episode, and we’re starting to lose our minds

For the third episode of our comedy festival podcast actor, writer and comedy expert Chelsea McEwan Millar is joined by comedy editor Sam Brooks and performer Jess Brien.

Comedy Festival reviews: Dead Dad’s Club brings humour into grief, Two Hearts burns this whole festival down

Sam Brooks reviews the two recipients of the Creative Comedy Project Grant - Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore's Two Hearts and Sarah Harpur's Dead Dad's Club - and dishes out our third Spinoff Comedy Badge of Honour.

‘Kids are like the drunkest crowd at a late night gig’: The comedians who perform stand-up, for kids

Stand-Up For Kids is the only show in the Comedy Festival aimed at one very specific and special audience: children. Sam Brooks talks to performers Tessa Waters and Chris Parker about performing for kids, and why young audiences love comedy.