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KaiDecember 1, 2018

The Spinoff Hot Take Advent Calendar: December 1


Every day in the leadup to Christmas, open the door to reveal a Spinoff writer’s short, sizzling commentary on a weighty subject. Our arbitrary and strictly enforced word limit: 365. Today: Sam Brooks with a hot tip for a hot meal on Christmas Day.

It was the morning of Christmas 2016, and being New Zealand, it was hot as hell. My good friend Dan and I were at a loose end for Christmas morning, and therefore Christmas breakfast, the most important foundation to set for all the Christmas drinking to come. Then we both thought: Denny’s.

Because, you guys, Denny’s is open all the time, including Christmas Day.

If you want pancakes on Christmas Day, Denny’s provides. If you want to watch old people getting the best bargain of their lives, Denny’s provides. If, like me and my friend, Dan, you want a vodka mudshake at 11AM in the morning, Denny’s will provide.

In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of Denny’s and other such establishments for big life events. It takes the stress away from you entirely, whether you’re playing host or guest. The focus becomes less on making the event a great day and more just having a good time – genuinely enjoying yourself and the company you choose to spend it with.

Which is also key – Denny’s is a great way to sort the cream from the milk. If somebody doesn’t want to spend your birthday with you at Denny’s, then that person isn’t worth your time. Your birthday, or your Christmas, is about you and the people you want to spend it with. If someone doesn’t want to deign to rest their laurels at Denny’s, they’re not worth your time. Cut the fat, scratch the record, move on.

If you go to Denny’s, you are setting the bar so low that any amount of enjoyment feels like an achievement. You don’t have to dress up, you don’t have to make a reservation and you don’t have to fork over that week’s rent just for an appetizer. And the best part, you don’t have to wonder what a piece of food looks like because the picture’s right there!

Ultimately, Denny’s puts the focus on what life events should be around – your life and the people you choose to spend it with. Denny’s is where the heart is.

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