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The Fold: The most eye-opening bits from NZ On Air’s latest report

In this edition of The Spinoff’s media podcast The Fold, Duncan Greive unpacks the most important data points from a seismic new report into audience behaviour.

NZ on Air’s biannual Where are the Audiences? report is unique in the way it attempts to measure the behaviour of a diverse set of audiences across all media consumption, from Spotify to magazines to YouTube to TVNZ 1.

This year’s report, released earlier this week, shows New Zealand at a media crossroads, with digital media overtaking traditional media in largest daily audiences for the first time. YouTube has now surpassed TVNZ 1 as the most popular media channel in the country.

The implications of this type of change in audience behaviour are obviously huge for New Zealand media. In this special monopod edition of The Fold, host Duncan Greive talks through what it might mean, and highlights all the most revealing data points from the report.

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