Tessa, Emily, Holly, and Ham.

Dear Mamas podcast episode 8: Disability and chronic illness

This is The Spinoff Parents podcast, Dear Mamas, a straight-talking parenting conversation with Holly Walker and Emily Writes.

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This episode includes discussion of the loss of a child, so please take care when listening if you need to.

Tessa, Emily, Holly, and Ham.

Tessa, Emily, Holly, and Ham.

In this episode we discuss parenting through disability and chronic illness – both when your child is unwell, and when one of the parents is. We are joined by Tessa Prebble of The One in a Million Baby blog and podcast who shares her story, and that of her daughter Eva. If you haven’t already, go and subscribe to her podcast right now. Tessa is also a columnist for The Spinoff Parents. You can read her columns here.

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