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SportsSeptember 20, 2019

Watch: a tarot card reading for the All Blacks’ first Rugby World Cup game

jo sees josie psychic

In this episode of our new tarot reading show Wild Card, The Spinoff’s resident psychic divines the outcome of the All Blacks’ opening match against the Springboks on Saturday.

In the first and potentially only episode of Wild Card, we have a focus on sport. The Spinoff’s psychic-in-residence, Jo Sees, specialises in divining breakups and theatre opening night reviews. Today, she uses her gifts in the service of our great nation by predicting the outcome of the All Black’s first game of the Rugby World Cup.

Other sporting events have their spiritual mascots: Flopsy the kangaroo, the Trump sharks and, of course, Paul the psychic octopus. In many ways, Jo Sees is not an octopus, but she is at least as smart as a house cat and is often covered in ink. From deep in a corner of The Spinoff’s podcasting room, she communes with the astral realm to learn the fates of our magnificent boys in black.

Our psychic prefers to tell the future using tea leaves, but that looks pretty gross on camera. Instead, today, she’s using tarot cards. Cards have been used to predict the future for almost a millennium. The Rider-Waite deck used here is currently the most-used deck in the world; you’ll probably recognise its bold lines, bright colours, and misleadingly gory designs.

Jo Sees’ no-nonsense predictions don’t faff around with that going-on-a-journey and meeting-a-handsome-stranger business. She gets to the point. Watch this jack-of-all-fates tell us who will win, what the score margin will be, and who to blame. Sidenote: the camera adds 10 pounds


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