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‘She knits her books of her bones and her blood.’ An appreciation of Marian Keyes

Novelist Marian Keyes is a stone-cold legend who deserves all the prizes. In lieu of that, here's a heartfelt piece by Scarlett Cayford, who grew up steeped in Keyes' stories and sensibilities. 

Failure to progress: The abortion clinic story, two years on

Two years after her essay about working in an abortion clinic, Lucy Kelly reflects on how the abortion debate has, and hasn't, moved on.

On the Rag: Celebrating women’s right to choose and also Fleabag

Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden, Michèle A’Court tackle the past month in women, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

The Side Eye: To Emily, re abortion

Unsure if he's the right person to write about abortion, Toby Morris seeks advice from Spinoff Parents editor and writer Emily Writes. Emily has some strong thoughts.

10 things Kiwi men can do in the wake of Alabama’s abortion ban

Men passing off abortion as too difficult to speak about is part of the problem, writes Zoe Deans. 

The Bulletin: Fight goes on for Pike River families

Major milestone reached in Pike River story, report paints damning picture of parliamentary bullying, and Alfred Ngaro builds profile with abortion comments.

Women don’t have to convince you they ‘deserve’ an abortion

The right question to ask is whether you think women should have rights to their own bodies without interference from the state.

The Bulletin: Has Hit and Run inquiry lost its way?

Judicial review action launched against Hit and Run inquiry, healthy new chunk for conservation estate, and changes to sex crime trial process recommended.

Three ways we can make life better for women on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on how far women have come, and how far we still have to go. Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond looks at what sexual and reproductive health barriers remain to be overcome.

The Bulletin: MPs take sides on student climate strikes

MPs weigh in on upcoming student climate strikes, backpackers speak out about NZ work conditions, and sex crime reports still not resulting in charges.

Abort the stigma: Why talking about your abortion helps make it safer for everyone

Today is Ash Wednesday, when the annual 40 Days for Life anti-abortion campaign kicks off. This year, explains ALRANZ president Terry Bellamak, the pro-choice counter-protest has a new focus: breaking the silence.

Why are doctors and their medical association fighting against reproductive rights?

A group of doctors are fighting as 'conscientious objectors' on abortion, and the NZ Medical Association is in their corner. Emily Writes is not impressed.

Four different perspectives on reproductive rights

Ahead of Wednesday's March for Reproductive Rights in Wellington, four people weigh in on why they’ll be supporting the march.

The Bulletin: Pandora’s box of Parliamentary bullying

Fallout begins immediately from review into parliamentary bullying, a phenomenal piece of mental health journalism featured, and National's polling bounces back.

Separating fact from fiction on abortion law reform

Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond debunks some of the myths and misinformation around abortion law reform in New Zealand and the changes proposed by the Law Commission.

The Bulletin: Crucial moment for abortion law reform

Report puts abortion law reform back on the agenda, housing shortage likely to worsen despite Kiwibuild, and are the Taxcinda attacks on Labour fair?

Explaining the Law Commission’s alternative approaches to abortion law

Which model for abortion law trusts pregnant people?

The Bulletin: Anger rises with petrol prices

Anger rises along with petrol prices, abortion rights group claims law discriminates against women, and fury at govt's encouragement of water bottling company.

New Zealand can’t congratulate itself on International Safe Abortion Day

With abortion still in the Crimes Act and other people getting to decide whether pregnant people can terminate, we really have no reason to feel safe.

The Bulletin: Competing cannabis bills spark confusion, cynicism

A new medical cannabis bill has hit the member's ballot, abortion on the agenda on Parliament's forecourt, and justice minister Andrew Little's message to Australia.

Emily Writes: Your anti-abortion protest was silent for a reason

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes popped over to Parliament with her fellow short-haired feminist contingent to see what a silent bootie protest looks like.

Anti-abortion protestors are using ‘free speech’ as a smokescreen for harassment

Yes, anti-abortionists should have the right to protest. No, they shouldn't be allowed to bully, intimidate or harass people accessing abortion services, writes Amy Pearl.

Life after Colin: Can the rebranded Conservatives rescue the NZ right?

They might have rebranded, they want us to know they've changed. And yet the party now known as New Conservative say they have the same values as when they were just the Conservatives. Is there any chance they’ll be taken seriously?

On the Rag: Period panic and a note for Simon Bridges

Listen to Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A’Court tackle the past month in women, news and popular culture, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

The Bulletin: Major changes proposed for high school assessment

Major changes recommended to NCEA system, new poll has bad news for almost everyone, and two significant announcements will be made today.

Ireland’s resounding Yes fills my heart with pride – and should inspire NZ to change, too

Irish New Zealander Noelle McCarthy on a landslide victory for the repeal of the amendment outlawing abortion.

How to make a submission to the Law Commission about abortion law reform

Many Spinoff Parents readers have asked how to make a submission on abortion law reform in New Zealand. We asked national president of ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa Terry Bellamak to write a guide for us.

It’s okay to be uncomfortable about abortion

With the announcement that Labour is moving towards abortion law reform, New Zealand is gearing up to talk about a topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So how can we move past the discomfort towards a law that works?