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Little’s inaction is absurd – New Zealand needs drug law reform now

If Andrew Little cannot bear to front this himself, he should be moved aside by his prime minister.

The time to decriminalise cannabis is now

One of the big challenges to the decriminalisation of cannabis is that no-one really knows what it means.

On the Rag: The need for weed

Summer reissue: Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden as they find out what exactly we’re voting on in the cannabis referendum, and discover how weed is a women’s issue.

Why our cannabis laws are racist

For two decades, the police have been allowed to turn a blind eye to low-level cannabis use and possession. The problem is they don’t always use the same approach for all cannabis users.

The cannabis vote was a disgrace. And the court case to overturn it is doomed

Sorry, but you can’t go in front of a court after an election (or referendum) and simply say, 'I don’t like how things were done – so let’s have another go'.

Drug law reform’s best hope? My grandma

Assuming the trend of the last decade continues, many thousands more New Zealanders will try cannabis in the coming years.

New Zealand’s cannabis referendum results were defined by age

The campaign for cannabis reform in NZ will outlive the generation that voted against it.

Five reasons the cannabis referendum ‘yes’ campaign floundered

Chlöe Swarbrick claimed victory in Auckland Central. But, despite her passion and dedication, cannabis remains illegal. What happened?

As NZ said no to cannabis, Americans voted in sweeping drug law reform

Every US state that attempted to legalise cannabis this election was successful. Why couldn't Aotearoa get there?

Analysis: The online ad campaigns fought over the weed and euthanasia referendums

Which side spent more and why? Jihee Junn crunches the numbers and finds some misleading claims along the way. 

One way or another, we’ve got to fix our broken drug law

There’s a world of opportunity now for a brave government to put together something transformative.

The cannabis vote is a defeat for health and justice. And a victory for political spinelessness

Labour is presenting the preliminary results in the referendum on legalisation as an endorsement of the status quo. It is no such thing.

When will we know the cannabis and assisted dying referendum results?

And what can the general election results tell us about how they might go?

A naive grower’s guide to great weed

An entirely hypothetical guide to cultivating your own cannabis plants.

Cannabis and psychosis: a referendum red herring

The connection between cannabis use and psychosis is far more murky than asserted by yesterday's article on The Spinoff, writes an expert in how psychoactive drugs modify brain and behaviour.

Cannabis is linked to a greater risk of schizophrenia. Why isn’t that part of the legalisation debate?

We've heard a lot about the social benefits a law change would bring, but precious little on the mental health risks it could also pose, writes Sophie Vreeburg.

The void in Labour’s justice policy

It is not too late for Jacinda Ardern to show real leadership on cannabis law reform.

I’m 80 years old. I’ve never touched cannabis. And I’ve changed my mind on legalisation

In 1967 I changed my mind on another referendum, about six o'clock closing.

New poll sparks hope for yes campaign in cannabis legalisation vote  

The new survey goes against months of recent polling on the referendum

Remembering The Daktory – West Auckland’s legendary cannabis club

What was the story behind New Zealand's first cannabis connoisseurs club?

A night in Gore with New Zealand’s most formidable conservative campaigners

Family First has been on tour over the election campaign, pounding out the message that voters should say no on both referendums.

Why our cannabis laws are racist

For two decades, the police have been allowed to turn a blind eye to low-level cannabis use and possession. The problem is they don’t always use the same approach for all cannabis users.

What does the cannabis referendum mean for your workplace?

Will you be able to blaze up at smoko? Probably not. What about at Friday night drinks? Well... it's complicated.

How to convince your grumpy uncle to vote yes in the cannabis referendum

Here are some effective strategies for convincing the sceptics in your life. 

‘Can my dog get high?’ and other questions about cannabis pet products

People aren’t the only ones who can partake in pot. Mirjam Guesgen delves into the world of weed for pets. 

The Side Eye: Weed versus Booze

On October 17 NZ will decide whether cannabis should be legalised and regulated. Toby Morris compares and contrasts weed with another popular drug: alcohol.

The green fairies at the forefront of New Zealand’s fight to legalise cannabis

On the Rag meets two women advocating for the legalisation of cannabis to hear why they're voting yes in this year's referendum.

Everything you need to know about the 2020 cannabis referendum

The bumper Spinoff guide to the vote on legalising cannabis.