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The art award that’s been annoying the Waikato (and Paul Henry) for 20 years

A bus stop, a soap dish, beer crates and a pile of rubbish: in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the National Contemporary Art award, we look at the media …

Eras don’t last forever: Clarkson, Hosking and the last days of the rude white dude

When Jeremy Clarkson left Top Gear in 2015, the show seemed doomed. Yet it soldiers on, boring but unbowed, while Clarkson's profile is much diminished. Duncan Greive asks whether the fading of Clarkson, Paul Henry and Bill O'Reilly means the end of an era for a particular species of male broadcaster.

Why is Duncan Garner wearing all Paul Henry’s old clothes?

A new promo video for The AM Show has unearthed a grisly revelation: Duncan Garner is not only replacing Paul Henry, he is... becoming him.  Everyone is talking about +HR=E this …

Christmas edition On the Rag: Who made the naughty and nice list for 2016?

For the final Christmas episode of On the Rag, the gang look at the highs and lows for women from 2016.

‘Hosking must have the squits’ – Paul Henry’s complete goodbye speech to MediaWorks

A speech from the "semi-retired" Paul Henry at the MediaWorks event today, following the media squit-storm of the past few weeks.

Another catastrophic week for Mediaworks could yet mark the start of its resurgence

The exit of Paul Henry and the dumping of Story make for another miserable glut of headlines. But the talent that does remain, Duncan Garner and Guy Williams especially, lends hope that the darkest hour is before the dawn, writes Duncan Greive.

On the Rag – Bono is the woman of the year and everything is a scary joke

Join us in our podcast locker room as we talk Paul Henry, pussy grabbing, and why it feels like the world is pranking women in 2016.

When Paul Henry let rip that obnoxious Herald rant he was already through with TV3

Former Mediaworks news chief Mark Jennings writes on the background to the departure of TV3's heaviest hitter, the huge hole it leaves, and the challenge ahead for heir apparent Duncan Garner.

What really gets on my titties? The idea that Paul Henry, Max Key and co are ‘just saying what all guys are thinking’

Men, it’s time to call a meeting. The agenda? Actually choosing not to mouth off about titties and pussies and riding women, writes Michele A’Court.

MediaWorks crushes again in the radio ratings – where to next for NZME?

The just-released commercial radio ratings show a continuation of the long-running swing to MediaWorks. Tim Murphy assesses the disturbing implications for a pre-merger NZME.

Weird: The Paul Henry show is actually great

A year ago today, New Zealand's most idiosyncratic broadcaster returned to our televisions (and airwaves) with his self-titled show. Tim Murphy explains how he became a reluctant fan.

What Mark Weldon and MediaWorks can learn from 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy

With MediaWorks continuing to spiral down a strange rabbit hole full of new shubs, Joanna McLeod discovers a hero that could help Mark Weldon rediscover his path to greatness: 30 Rock's fictional network boss Jack Donaghy.

Television: Does My Platform Look Big in This? The First MediaWorks Presenter Power Rankings

After the historic chaos of the year so far, we assess the post-blast landscape and rank MediaWorks' 20 biggest presenters in order of value to the company.

Experiential: Oh the Ponytail and Paul Henry-themed Places You’ll Go With Freeview Plus

Alex Casey spends an afternoon time travelling with Freeview Plus, catching up on all of the extraordinary TV she missed out on from The Real to Who's Doing the Dishes

News: “I Don’t Want Judy to be too Popular” – The Mother of the Nation Graces Paul Henry

Hilary Barry is taking a well-deserved break from Paul Henry this week, so eternal Mother of the Nation Judy Bailey has stepped into her shoes, seat and haircut.

The Spinoff’s TV Week: Breakfast Blunders, Background Burps and Budding Broadcasters

Bringing together the TV moments of the week, including a Tame week of Seven Sharp, bizarre breakfast moments and bold background talent.

News: Paul Henry gets Infuriated by Big Bird; Calmed by Maria Tutaia’s Undies

Paul Henry accused the wrong journalist for being a "man of evil words", but then forgets all about it because of Maria Tutaia's underpants.

My Life in TV: Hilary Barry on Early Starts and Paul Henry’s Second Banana

Alex Casey talks to Hilary Barry about juggling Paul Henry and 3 News, watching X Factor and playing Paul Henry's second banana.

The Desk: Paul Henry a Hilarious Pawn in One Man’s Whinge-Fest

Alex Casey went along to a preview screening of Paul Henry's secret feature film The Desk, and alarmingly found a character far more self-interested than Paul ever could be.

Exclusive: Paul Henry has a Secret Feature Film debuting in Florida.

Paul Henry, New Zealand's most entertainingly obnoxious talk show host, is starring in a film about to premiere in America. Tomorrow. Seriously. David Farrier brings us this exclusive report and interview.

Where Has Paul Henry Been? In Space, Apparently

Things have been a little quiet on the Paul Henry front of late. Since his final episode of the late night Paul Henry Show last year, there has been a serious shortage …

2014 in Review: The Year NZ TV ‘Did a Jesus’ and Came Back From The Dead

Duncan Greive looks back over a momentous year for the local television industry and catalogues its highs and lows via the timeless medium of a Births, Deaths and Marriages column. 2013 …

2014 in Review: The Paul Henry Show Hits Bottom, and Likes It There

Duncan Greive looks back at the bizarrely entertaining shambles that was Jesse Peach’s live cross from APRA Silver Scrolls on the Paul Henry Show. // In late October songwriting organisation APRA …

“It’s Not Now, It’s the Future!” – The Sublime Mania of the MediaWorks New Season Launch

On the night before Halloween, Duncan Greive went to the launch of MediaWorks' new season. To some it would have been a vision of pure terror. But not to him. // "A …

Six Terrible Pitches for the Paul Henry Show Replacement

MediaWorks is racing into the future right now, crowd-sourcing ideas for its forthcoming soap and going multi-media with its new Paul Henry breakfast show. We couldn't resist combining the two innovations and …

News: Prequels, Premieres and Plentiful Paul Platforms

The Most Important Paul of the Day On Monday, MediaWorks announced that Paul Henry will be hosting New Zealand's first cross-platform breakfast show in 2015. That's right, Paul Henry will be all …

The Paul Henry Fallout: Lush Futures?

Having already mercilessly extinguished one interesting and important broadcast outlet, Paul “Death Star” Henry has moved on to his next whimsical planetary demolition with the announcement of his new cross-platform …

But Wait, There’s More: Paul Henry Bonus Extras

Yesterday, MediaWorks announced that Paul Henry will be hosting New Zealand's first cross-platform live breakfast show in 2015. If having him on your TV, your radio and your computer is not going to …