The 15/3 inquiry: what questions will they need to ask?

An inquiry will seek to find out whether the Christchurch attacks have been prevented if the security services were looking in the right direction

Ardern makes big call on offshore oil. Is this her nuclear free moment?

Jacinda Ardern sprung a surprise this morning in announcing an end to offshore oil exploration. So what's the catch?

Hard cases make bad law: Why we shouldn’t rush to lower the age of consent

There are calls for New Zealand's age of consent to be lowered. Madeleine Holden argues impulsive law-making is a bad idea.

A tellingly short power ranking of all CERA’s major achievements

CERA will close its doors on April 18th, 2016. James Dann carries out the not-so-Herculean task of ranking all the "anchor projects" that have been completed during its five-year reign.

News Archive

Books: It’s… Booktober!!!! Countdown to the Man Booker Award, and the US National Book Awards

The literary sensation of the year, A Little Life by novelist Hanya Yanagihara, is a finalist in the world's two most prestigious book prizes this month - the Man Booker awards, and the US National Book Awards.

Television: News – Mr Robot Hacks Into New Zealand Screens Exclusively on Lightbox

Arguably one of the most talked-about new shows of 2015, Mr Robot has arrived exclusively in New Zealand on Lightbox today.

News: Meet the Brave Pita Pit-Fueled Warriors Entering The Block NZ Villa Wars For 2015

"I simply can't wait to hear the teams repeatedly butcher the order for a 'Chick'n Fala' and get a solid consensus on the pronunciation of 'pita' once and for all." – an introduction to The Block NZ for 2015.

The Spinoff’s TV Week: Sister Wives, Struggle Street and My Big Fat Ferndale Wedding

Bringing together the TV moments of the week, including the launch of an essential reality channel, Masterchef's big mistake and Ferndale's mid-week marriage.

News: Jono and Ben Are Crossing Lake Taupo on a Bouncy Castle – And We’ve Got Eyes on the Ground

We've heard and seen a lot of crazy things during the radio survey period – break ups, benders and bird-themed hip hop tracks. But the pinnacle of the madness is here: Jono and Ben are sailing Lake Taupo in a giant inflatable bouncy castle.

News: Report From the Land of Television Opportunity – What Are the Big New US Shows?

Most of America is still at the beach, so must-see TV is thin on the ground. Luckily, our US correspondent Catherine McGregor sat inside with the curtains drawn to bring you this run down of new shows.

Announcement: The Spinoff Wants to Grow

11 months ago today, The Spinoff went live. The very same day, I flew out on a long-planned, month-long, un-delay-able trip overseas. So Alex Casey, who I barely knew at …

News: Ten Key Moments in Max Key’s Homage-Filled Holiday Video

Max Key debuted his much-anticipated Hawaiian holiday video last night. Alex Casey breaks down the key moments from a Sopranos homage to some very grubby feet.

News: Ticker Tape Farewells and Triumphant Debuts in Our 2015 Emmy Picks

Duncan Greive and Alex Casey run through the Emmy nominations for 2015, picking their favourites to take home the dangerously spiky golden awards.

News: Talking Animals and Forgotten Streams in TVNZ OnDemand’s Loading Docs

The Loading Docs initiative gives local filmmakers the chance to create a three-minute documentary based on any subject. Alex Casey watches five of the incredible 2015 shorts on TVNZ Ondemand.

News: “I Don’t Want Judy to be too Popular” – The Mother of the Nation Graces Paul Henry

Hilary Barry is taking a well-deserved break from Paul Henry this week, so eternal Mother of the Nation Judy Bailey has stepped into her shoes, seat and haircut.

Teaser: Sharyn Casey Meets a Velociraptor in Jono and Ben’s Pranking With the Stars

A teaser video for tonight's episode of Jono and Ben combines The Spinoff's two favourite things: sick pranks and the innocent stars of Dancing With the Stars NZ.