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InterviewsDecember 12, 2014

Street Week: Real Talk with Dave, Cam and Ben – #8 ‘Outtakes’

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Real Talk’ is a series of interviews conducted exclusively for The Spinoff’s ‘Street Week’ by David Farrier with Shortland Street‘s Cam Jones and Ben Mitchell. The eighth and final episode features outtakes from the interview – the best strong strange opinions that didn’t make the cut in other clips.

Mitchell on Shortland Street: “It fulfils a lot of my needs. Emotionally. Spiritually. Not physically.”

Jones and Mitchell are Shortland Street’s biggest stars and hunkiest hunks. Mitchell plays TK Samuels, the sculpted head of the Emergency Department, while Jones is ripped ambo Dallas Adams.

The Herald has published two dynamite interviews with Mitchell, while Jones has staked out a strong position on climate change through his position as ambassador for Generation Zero. With that in mind Dave decided to head out to Ferndale and sit the pair down to run through The Big Issues: women, men, cyclists, conspiracy theories and more. They’ll arrive twice a day from Monday through Thursday throughout Street Week – our tribute to Shortland Street.

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