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The capital’s Covid scare that wasn’t

A Wellington restaurant was told a confirmed case had dined there. So why did Ashley Bloomfield and Chris Hipkins know nothing about it?

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the strange week ending August 14

The books you're making a beeline for as we head back into lockdown.

What next? The factors that will determine today’s alert level decision

It's not a simple matter of case numbers – here's what will be weighed up to determine our fate for the next few weeks.

‘Everyone knows what’s coming’: Business makes the case for another wage subsidy

How are Auckland businesses coping with the new restrictions?

How schools and students are coping with (and planning for) a return to lockdown

How are schools inside and outside Auckland preparing for the chance of a longer lockdown?

The ruthless electoral politics behind National’s Covid conspiracy-baiting

The public hated National’s politicisation of the coronavirus crisis the first time around. So why is the party doubling down on it now?

Covid-19: New Zealand cases mapped and charted, August 13

The Covid resurgence cluster is now at 17 people. Chris McDowall presents the latest information in visual form.

How to talk to whānau about conspiracies

If we're going to protect whānau who believe in dangerous conspiracies from Covid-19, we need to engage, not block.

Gerry Brownlee just thinks it’s interesting

What the deputy leader of the opposition has been implying lately is more than 'nonsense' – it represents a threat to one of New Zealand’s most powerful and undervalued assets.

INSiDE: the lockdown TV drama that Prime wants to keep locked away

A new Kiwi drama about life in lockdown was dropped from Prime's schedule, just days before it was due to start. What's going on?

Why the forecasters got it so wrong on the Covid unemployment rate

Matt Nippert and Keith Ng pick through economic forecasts and wage subsidy and company administration data to find an economy that's doing better than anyone predicted.

Here we go again: Looking after your mental health during the resurgence

Feeling like you can't face it? It's totally understandable – here's some advice from the experts.

The Bulletin: National wants a delayed election. Might they have a point?

Collins calls for a delay in the election, an update on community transmission and testing, and businesses fearing the fallout of another lockdown.

Why mathematical modelling matters so much in fighting Covid-19

Right now teams of mathematicians are running scenarios to figure out exactly what needs to be done, and how bad things could get. 

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: How genome sequencing could crack the case of the NZ Covid comeback

By sequencing the genome, we can try to work out which case is linked with another.

The day it came back: how 26 hours of Covid resurgence derailed a campaign

Just as campaigning was getting properly under way, news from Auckland turned Ardern's plans, and an entire election campaign, on its head.

Covid-19: New Zealand cases mapped and charted, August 12

With the resurgence of Covid-19 comes the return of our series of charts, graphics and data visualisations of the pandemic by Chris McDowall.

Second time around, South Aucklanders feel anxious but much more ready

Justin Latif takes the temperature of his community in South Auckland, ground zero for the latest Covid-19 outbreak.

How to wear your mask without your glasses fogging up

Eyeglasses + face mask = fog city. But there are some solutions.

Emily Writes: Tackling all the terrible new Covid-19 takes in one go

Within minutes, the online community transmission of dumb takes was going like wildfire.

Everything you need to know about buying and making face masks

The Spinoff’s guide to masking up to help crush Covid-19 once and for all. 

Covid-19 outbreak: All the latest developments

As the country enters a heightened state of alert here's what you need to know about the situation so far.

Andrew Geddis: Parliament’s dissolution has been delayed. What about the election?

Parliament is scheduled to be dissolved today for an election on September 19. University of Otago law professor Andrew Geddis runs through how and under what circumstances the election will happen – or be delayed.

The Bulletin: Resurgence plan triggered by Covid-19 community transmission

Resurgence plan triggered by Covid-19 community transmission, questions about what it will mean for the election, and Christchurch rest home lockdown appears to be unrelated.

What the Covid resurgence means for the election campaign

Beyond the direct and practical implications, more significant for the eventual outcome is the effect on the electorate’s psyche, writes Ben Thomas.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Don’t panic. We can do this. Together

The sneaky bastard called Covid-19 has got back into New Zealand. Here's why we're going hard.

Auckland is going back into Covid level three lockdown. Here’s what that means

A list of questions about Auckland's move to alert level three, answered.

The experts on the return of Covid-19 in the NZ community and the move to lockdown

What it means for health, psychology, and contact tracing.