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Why do Africa’s Covid-19 numbers look so good?

And why it matters if they're not as they seem.

Five ways NZ can meet 2021’s big Covid challenges (and there’s going to be a lot)

With new strains of Covid-19 bearing down on our shores, Pattrick Smellie of BusinessDesk looks at the challenges 2021 has in store, and what can be done to prepare.

Siouxsie Wiles: The Plan B implosion – what Brazil teaches us about the herd immunity hogwash

The experience in the Brazilian city of Manaus reveals how mistaken, and dangerous, the herd-immunity-by-infection theory really is. 

Some advice for ‘long Covid’ sufferers, from the chronic fatigue community

Understanding the connection between chronic fatigue and ‘long Covid’ might be helpful in treating symptoms that medicine will find all too easy to dismiss.

Why is it so hard to find lemons right now?

Supermarket shoppers looking for citrus are seeing a sour trend at the moment – some stores are entirely tapped out of lemons.

The Bulletin: Summer news stories you might have missed

Good morning and welcome to this one-off edition of The Bulletin.

Pressure mounts on government to accelerate Covid vaccine roll-out

Covid-19 minister Chris Hipkins says when we finish vaccinating the country is more important than when we start. Health experts don't agree.

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: We must urgently boost border controls in the face of the Covid peril

As more virulent Covid-19 strains threaten to breach our borders, the Māori Party co-leader calls on the government to take more drastic measures.

Gone By Luncthime: Mervmania hits the 2020 election campaign

Summer reissue: Merv Manhire, Merv Lee-Mather and Merv Thomas on Auckland Central, the Labour launch, the plight of NZ First, and Merv.

Covid-19 in New Zealand: our status in numbers

What's the latest Covid-19 data? And how does it fit into the bigger picture?

Motorsport great Hayden Paddon on bouncing back from the toughest years of his life

After the toughest years of his career, Hayden Paddon is taking on the world again. In a garage in Cromwell he’s building the world’s first electric rally car.

New Zealand tightens border as Covid-19 wildfires burn out of control in 2021

While NZ has been on holiday, Covid-19 has gotten much worse beyond our borders. What we can expect in the year to come?

Do no harm: Dr Shane Reti on leading National’s changed Covid-19 response

Summer reissue: Shane Reti has emerged in recent weeks as the opposition's most capable communicator in the age of Covid-19. Justin Giovannetti speaks with 'Dr Shane' about the changes he's …

The Side Eye: The tunnel, the lights

Summer reissue: Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris travels to Waitomo to see first hand the impact of Covid-19 on one of New Zealand's oldest tourist destinations.

Bloomfield of dreams: watching Saint Ashley on the rugby field

He want hard and he went early. Watching the director general dot down in Wainuiomata.

Gone By Lunchtime: The National Party after Todd Muller

Summer reissue: Relive the 53-day reign of Todd Muller as National Party leader.

‘Let them starve’: The lockdown of 1913 and its lessons for today

History warns that we should be wary of the misuse of power in the name of public health.

An interview with Heta Gardiner: A lonely Māori voice at the Covid-19 briefings

Heta Gardiner's questions offered a glimpse of a media world with different incentives, priorities and cultural values during the daily Covid-19 briefings.

The Side Eye: Essential

Summer reissue: Toby Morris reconnects with Tasia, essential worker, following level four lockdown.

Angry, eloquent and 17, Fili has something to say to you

She's head girl, a viral star, a poet. But none of those credentials can ever capture the force of nature that is Aigagalefili ‘Fili’ Fepulea’i-Tapua’i. 

Our Covid-19 response proves politicians can take radical action when they want to

If there's one lesson to take from our widely praised Covid-19 response, it's that real societal change is possible – as long as the political will is there.

The Bulletin’s 2020 Year in News Quiz

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by going head to head with your loved ones to test your recall of the year in news?

We wish you a merry quarantine: How NZ’s border facilities are celebrating Christmas

Keeping up festive traditions in managed-isolation will be a bit weird

Eight extraordinary money moments in this heart attack of a year

Recapping the highs and lows of 12 turbulent months. 

Happy new year? The oddly rosy economic outlook for 2021 and beyond

New Zealand is in recession, so why are so many in the finance industry so confident about the future?

A retrospective look at the ‘mind-blowing’ economic experiment of 2020

It was forecast to be the Great Depression of the 21st century. So what happened?

‘You notice what makes New Zealand special’: Coming home in 2020

Simon Day spoke to Charlotte Ward, chief people officer at Kiwibank, about what it was like to return to New Zealand in 2020.

NZ needs to step up its care in the Pacific – before other countries do

New Zealand cannot afford to be seen to be silent in the Pacific simply to keep selling milk powder to China.