The three principles to start investing in the global market

Duncan Greive shares his three philosophies on buying shares in global giants for people who are curious but terrified about investing.

‘I was on the disaster curve’: Frances Cook on life as a reformed money mess

Cooking the Books host France Cook on why it's so hard for people to be open about money, finding new ways to channel her spending habits, and why more young women should look to invest.   

The fascinating life of a permanent house sitter

For nearly six years, Laura Giddey has been a permanent housesitter in Auckland. Here, she explains why she does it and how it has changed her life. 

Money Archive

Mind over money: an extract from Tales from a Financial Hot Mess

In this chapter from journalist Frances Cook's guide to getting your finances sorted, she finally comes to terms with her attitudes and behaviour around money. 

Understanding KiwiSaver, part one: The basics

How to stop procrastinating and actually (finally) get on top of KiwiSaver.

Announcing The Spinoff Money

After years of trying The Spinoff today launches Money – its newest section, one aimed at demystifying and making accessible the world of money.

‘Feast or Famine’, and the other ways students are gambling their student loans

How are university students gambling, and is it possible to actually make a success out of it?

How to save for (and spend on) an OE: Travel tips and tricks from a tight-arse

Dreamed of traveling long term, but at a loss about how to afford it? Here's how Kristin Hall and her partner managed it (spoiler: involves a lot of brown rice and cabbage).

Beset by debt: What happens when you have a student loan and leave NZ

Moving overseas post-graduation? Be prepared for your friendly interest-free student loan to become an out-of-control debt monster, writes Chelle Fitzgerald.

So you’re about to lose money on the Melbourne Cup – where does it go?

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost by punters at the TAB every year. Where does it go, asks Don Rowe.

How a new programme is helping school students avoid payday lenders

A new programme being rolled out in 111 schools teaches students how to manage money – and the difference between good and bad debt.

Managing your money and mental health

The relationship between your financial health and your mental health is inseparable. 

Show me the money: Four home owners open their bank statements

The increasingly bonkers housing market is a key driver behind the current surge in renting. We talk to four people about how they made the leap from renter to home owner.

Investment legend Brian Gaynor on stepping back, the housing crisis and why Bill English is a born number two

After a clear decade running one of the country’s best-performing investment funds, and two writing one of its best-read business columns, Brian Gaynor is stepping back from day-to-day fund management. Duncan Greive asks him why.