What it’s like to field your KiwiSaver concerns during Covid-19

Answering hundreds of calls a day from anxious KiwiSaver investors, Kiwi Wealth’s head of customer services paints a picture of how some New Zealanders are handling the downturn.

Unemployment is way up. So why is the sharemarket rising too?

Those lines tracking up means the economy is doing better, right? Sadly, it's not so simple.

Who will pay the big lockdown bill?

The government’s support for the economy has had extraordinary public support, but the decisions around who pays for it will be far less popular.

Five ways the Covid-19 crisis could change our tax system

Terry Baucher looks at a number of implications the coronavirus pandemic could have on the tax system. 

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Beyond Netflix: Where to watch TV and movies without spending a cent

Libraries might be closed right now, but their free streaming portals are open 24/7.

The Covid crisis is coming for first home buyers with mountains of mortgage debt

We needed a reasonable period of time to allow the recent surging wave of highly geared first home buyers to get financially comfortable. We didn't get it.

The best things you can get for free online while the country’s in lockdown

Some online brands have begun to make their products temporarily free to help with lockdown boredom, stress and... children.

What it’s like to make billion-dollar investment decisions during Covid-19

Kiwi Wealth’s head of fixed interest shares her thoughts and experience on how to get through these challenging times.

Covid-19: How to keep New Zealanders in jobs? Buy local

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc on New Zealand's economy, shopping with local businesses has become more important than ever.

Freelancers and sole traders: How to apply for the Covid-19 wage subsidy

You don't have to be a business with employees to apply for the government's wage subsidy. That's good news for more than 380,000 of you. 

A crash course in money, trading and why Covid-19 is smashing our economy

RNZ business editor Gyles Beckford explains why Covid-19 has had such a huge impact on the global economy and where we go from here.

Covid-19 economic rescue package: The experts weigh in

Does the $12.1 billion rescue plan go far enough?

What the whopping Covid-cut to the Official Cash Rate means

In a surprise move this morning, the Reserve Bank has slashed the Official Cash Rate to just 0.25%, down from 1%

Risk-averse and big on houses: Our long-running attitudes towards investing

How history and culture have shaped our approach to investing and why, despite our 'rockstar economy', many are feeling left out. 

People are trying to make crazy money off Covid-19

Covid-19 price gouging? It's happening. Here are just a few things people are trying to sell for crazy prices off the back of coronavirus.

Is NZ Super sustainable? The truth is, economists don’t know

Why you shouldn't ask an economist whether NZ Super needs to change.