The last night of the Kings Arms: in photos

The Kings Arms, legendary Auckland music venue, closed forever on Wednesday night. Joel Thomas was there with his camera.

Twilight at The Kings Arms

A dance-off held by bFM for a City Limits Ticket

95bFM moving gear


A dog, loving it

Hidden Heinies

Queen Neptune

Graffiti in the Garden Bar

Wax Chattels

The smoking section

Ashlin White, bartender/manager

The garden bar full of smoke

Commemorative prints for sale

Men’s toilet

King Kapisi


Eating’s cheating

An over-full garden bar covered in empty bottles

Bartender Eliot Witters dealing with customers wanting the last of the stock

Men’s toilet

Crowd surfer at Voom

Dancers, Voom

The last chord to be played at The King Arms

Kings Arms staff huddle as the shift closes

Kings Arms staff smoking in the toilet during the afterparty

Kings Arms staff dancing at the staff afterparty

RIP The Kings Arms

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