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What history can teach us about the future of gossip 

Alex Casey chats to Jennifer Frost, who has spent decades studying the function of gossip from Hedda Hopper to Donald Trump. 

Confessions of a gossip super-spreader

The hospitality industry is driven by gossip, but one bar owner says there are strict rules.

‘The glamour is gone’: NZ’s greatest gossip on celebrities then and now

Legendary New Zealand gossip writer David Hartnell MNZM talks celebrity friends, men in makeup, and the importance of reinvention. 

A force so powerful we may have learned to talk to be able to do it

Did humans develop language so we could gossip about each other?

Celebrities reveal the best gossip they’ve heard about themselves

VIDEO | In this special episode of FIRST, we asked our celebrities to share their favourite pieces of completely unfounded gossip about themselves.

Exclusive: We found out what nature is gossiping about

What's the forest goss? We have our ear to the ground (and the skies).

The best and very, very worst schoolyard gossip, ranked

Po from the Teletubbies and Steve from Blue's Clues were just the tip of the school gossip iceberg.

How New Zealand plugged the leak on insider trading

Insider trading is not all that common in New Zealand. But has this always been the case?

Remembering New Zealand’s gossipiest newspaper

Redmer Yska remembers when the government banished divorce-court gossip from New Zealand's newspapers.

What does ‘off the record’ actually mean?

The use of off the record conversations is a staple of journalism, but what does it actually involve? Alex Braae asks around.

Jamboree is back! The triumphant return of The Spinoff’s gossip column

Six years ago, The Spinoff launched its gossip column. A few weeks later The Spinoff buried its gossip column forever. And now ...

How a year of lockdown in London turned me into a gossip fiend

After spending a year padding around her London flat and communicating only through screens, Elle Hunt is more than ready for a good gossip. 

Gossip found a new power in the #MeToo era. Here’s what needs to happen next

Three years ago, Zoe Lawton started a blog for people in the legal profession to share their stories of sexual harassment. And she isn't finished yet.

The greatest early-noughties hits of Metro’s Felicity Ferret

It's been over 10 years since Metro's iconic gossip columnist Felicity Ferret got the chop. We revisit some of her greatest gossip from the celeb scene of the early 2000s. . 

Why some people get name suppression – and others don’t

A lawyer who knows a thing or two about media law explains how our name suppression laws work.

Ali Mau on being harassed and outed by the gossip pages

Ali Mau talks to The Spinoff about the impact gossip mags have had on her life, and how they've helped her career

10 x 100: What do followers of celebrity culture think about the world of gossip?

We ask a hundred people how they gossip, what they hear, and whether gossip is good or evil.

A glossary of New Zealand gossip

Need a refresher on the who, what and why of local gossip? We're here to help.

Why we’re talking about gossip all week on The Spinoff

Alex Casey introduces Gossip Week, a week-long series exploring the role of gossip in Aotearoa’s past, present and future. 

Gossip Girl trapped me on the Upper East Side for two terrible months

For about two months in 2014, Elle Hunt watched nothing but Gossip Girl. On the 10th anniversary of the show's premiere, she reflects on the legacy of the Upper East Side snark-fest – and why sometimes it's OK to give up on a mediocre TV show.

MediaWorks has closed SCOUT: Remember the glory days with a selection of its finest headlines

Today marked the last day for MediaWorks gossip site SCOUT. If you didn't have time to say your goodbyes, Alex Casey has assembled a shrine to the greatest headlines the site ever published.

Summer Reissue: Anatomy of a Corporate Disaster – Inside Weldon and Glucina’s Gossip Site Scout

Duncan Greive spoke with a number of former Scout staff members and MediaWorks employees to create this portrait of a modern media debacle.

Our Gossip Section, Jamboree #2 – Oysters, Greens and Medal-Gifters at the Zoo

The Spinoff presents Jamboree, all the tittle-tattle and scuttlebutt you can handle. This week: the Greens' heating solutions exposed; Sonny Bill – uncaged and canapé largesse at a media party!

A Tribute to Scout’s Saucy ‘Mile High Diaries’

Here at The Spinoff there's no Scout feature we anticipate more than 'Mile High Diaries' – but we were shocked to receive an anonymous submission of our own.

From Hosking’s Vacuum to Influential Avocados – Power Ranking Scout’s Launch Stories

"History will remember this. Hosking’s blurry butt waggling out of his Ferrari is Glucina’s Zapruder film" – Alex Casey on the launch of Scout

Scout’s Honour – First look at Glucina’s New Hub for Homegrown Goss

Scout, a new “Entertainment + Celebrity News” website by Rachel Glucina and MediaWorks goes live on Monday. They’ve posted a teaser video: so what can we expect?