All photos: Winston Peters' Twitter and Facebook accounts

Just seven heartwarming pictures of Winston Peters and his dog, Beau

If you are a politician and you have a dog, please send us your pictures for consideration. 

It’s January, there’s an election year stretching ahead, and coverage of politicians’ social media activity will focus very heavily on attack-memes, misinformation and flame wars, and not nearly so much on dogs.

So if it’s hard hitting political commentary you’re after, please try elsewhere. We say: enjoy the wholesome, soft-hitting content while you can. We will not be apologising.

Presenting, the second in our series of entertaining social media content from the deputy prime minister and leader of the NZ First Party, Pictures of Winston Peters with his chocolate labrador, Beau.


This is the post that sparked the Spinoff politics desk into action. Herewith the deputy prime minister of New Zealand, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, with Beau the Serious Controller, and a boat directly out of a watercolour jigsaw puzzle, and if this doesn’t send a wave of summer goodness cascading through your soul then there’s nothing we can do for you.


A classic of the Beau genre. The grainy image (Winston Peters taking a photograph of his computer screen?) only enhances the raw emotional authenticity.


Beau’s biggest moment in the public spotlight came during the 2015 Northland byelection. Was Winston Peters’ triumph largely down the chocolate lab? We say yes.


Shot, Beau, you outrageous bloody influencer! #ad


Where is the Winston Peters emoji please?


Forget all your troubles for a moment and look at this adorable beast, pictured here with his doggo Beau.


Apologies, that’s not Winston Peters’ dog Beau, it’s Ben Boyce’s dog Beau.


Yes you are. And aren’t we all in a very real sense Beau? Aren’t we all out for a walk, getting fit and enjoying the fresh air?

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